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Re: New Blue Planet 'All Good'
« Reply #15 on: July 01, 2019, 01:04:52 AM »
I think I’d be trying the FCS MR TFX PC Carbon Twin + Stabilizer Fin in X Large.

But the right set of fins is such a personal thing, and sometimes people transitioning from surf to SUP tend to try to turn the board from the middle too much at first. Once you get used to a full-on traditional 2+1 setup, it can do a lot of things for you in a SUP. But you may need to start getting your rear foot further back. You may be wanting to bring the focus of the fins forwards because you are trying to turn the board more from the middle than the board was intended to do.

The biggest clue to amount and type of finage you’ll need is the thickness of the board in the rear half, and the amount of hard rail on the board, throughout (although obviously, most important in the rear half).


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Re: New Blue Planet 'All Good'
« Reply #16 on: July 01, 2019, 03:21:28 PM »
Well, the results are in, and I think that I have found the ideal fin combo for me on this board, for waves from one foot up to hollow three feet overhead. As mentioned in my last post, I was going to try keeping the Coln McPhillips 5.16" front fins, and changing the rear fin to a 5" cutaway in order to gain a little more depth for holding on steep hollow overhead walls, while keeping about the same surface area and rake as the 4" center that had been working well in small surf.
I spent four hours today trying this combo in everything from overhead fast hollow walls, to mellow thigh high, and it worked amazingly well. I had good hold, speed, and tracking on the steep overhead walls; and the turning on the playful waist to shoulder high waves was at a whole new level. The board turned so tight on the first few waves, that my bottom turns almost turned into kickouts, since I was back up to the lip so much faster than I was used to. The roundhouses were so quick and tight that I was 10 feet back up the line rebounding off the white water in the time that it would have previously taken me just to get the board through the turn.
This combo has opened up whole new levels of surfing for me on the All Good, making me appreciate the board even more

Here are my thoughts on the All Good after getting it into some good sized surf with juice.
The rocker is working out fine in steep hollow drops; I just have to be sure to use my rear foot to adjust the nose angle when coming down with a pitching lip.
As soon as I was on waves with any speed, I no longer have any concerns about the thin rails; they are easy to engage, and do not overbury as along as I have decent speed.
I have come to love the arch bar for locating my rear foot. Most rear stomp pads to not give enough tactile feedback to reliably nail the rear foot position, and the kick in the back of the pad is too far back much of the time to be useful as a tactile reference. The arch bar is an easy to find, useful reference, that I have quickly become addicted to; no more inconsistencies in my rear foot positioning during rushed last second takeoffs.
The speed down the line on steep fast waves has turned out to be awesome, once I got the fins dialed in, and figured out how to use the boards rocker line to optimize speed. I made a number of super fast walls the past two days, that on takeoff I never thought I had a prayer of making.
The stability has worked out perfect for what I was looking for; enough extra stability to make a difference when it gets windy and choppy, without hurting the performance. 
Its 'All Good".
(The attached image showed the cutaway fin I am loving, but the camera is really distorting the size. This cutaway is 5" (4.75 measured off the deck), so it is roughly the same depth as the Colin front fins.
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Re: New Blue Planet 'All Good'
« Reply #17 on: July 01, 2019, 08:11:59 PM »
I wish all write-ups and reviews had this kind of depth. Thanks nalu.