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Re: Sunova or Infinity
« Reply #30 on: June 11, 2019, 06:28:47 AM »
Can you share some links to unlimited boards? I'll take a look, just not sure something so long as to require a rudder steering system is something I'll like. I enjoy moving around on the board and doing the kick turns, occasionally surfing a wave in to shore.

With a 16 footer you can still do this stuff but that's usually a custom job like mine. The cost was under what brand new Starboard or Naish 14 footer would cost and it was made to my specs which is why I like it so much
but you have to know exactly what you want. I'm sure infinity can make you a custom 16 whiplash.

Another custom alternative is as gcs mentioned, a Florida local brand Flying fish that allows you to get a custom up to 14'6" at a reasonable price with a lot of personalized configurations:

If all of the above sounds too complicated, for simplicity sake I would definitely take a close look at the SIC Okeanos or the Sunova Expedition, Both good shapes with a very attractive price point.
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