Author Topic: Investigations into Trump - obstruction, campaign, taxes, business, etc  (Read 11809 times)


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you cant even hew to what you yourself have written-

Hew can say that again... ;D


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What Pono wrote.
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Hue and Cry. Hopefully this one is finished. I prefer the Breeze way.

General for non board stuff.

Let it come to you..
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I recommend you visit Switzerland and spend some time in remote places speaking with simple uneducated and not-so-smart people. A local café is a good place to start but you could also go further than the last village and stop and talk with locals. You’ll be shocked how informed they are on issues. With borders never far away you’ll be surprised how many can speak a foreign language so you can actually talk with many of them. If you give the people the power to vote they actually will go out and get informed. Which actually is the first step to un-dumb them.

Here’s the history and the theory
but, as said above, it is the effect it has on how informed Mr&Mrs DumbF#ck are as a result that is pleasantly refreshing.

A “democracy” with representatives that are paid into position by the big and powerful companies and lobbies drifts very quickly from being a true democracy. I heard Chomsky talking about that when I was 18 but now it is becoming even more extreme.

I've spent a few months in Switzerland over the years, pleasant place, but calling it a true democracy is a gross oversimplification of probably the most complicated government structure I've ever failed to understand.

Anything with a Nordic feel is currently fashionable to quote as the "most somethingorother" way to govern, live, vote, etc.. This too shall pass. I recommend Michael Booth's "The Almost Nearly Perfect People" as an antidote. It's not a slam, just a more realistic view of cultures and governments that are both praiseworthy, and flawed. Homogeneous societies have an easy time of it, and it's easy to point to isolated aspects of their existence as examples of how we all should work and live.

The US is not a huge country in terms of population, but in land mass, resources, economy, and cultural and racial complexity there isn't really anything to compare it to, and so there isn't any easy example to follow. As a bad example, the casual racism of the Scandinavian countries would be a wet dream for any US White Supremacist.
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it was painful and it is finished, biggie--but, in fairness, the title of this thread shd indicate contents such as this
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