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Re: Removing glued paddle handle
« Reply #15 on: May 20, 2019, 09:35:55 PM »
This is probably old hat to most, but I just removed my old QB Kahana Handle and replaced
it with a new one.  So, I thought I would add my experience to this thread.

Below is a pic of the 9 year old handle - you may be able to see the cracks.

I'd purchased the paddle back in 2010.  I would turn the paddle upside down to use the handle
for support walking over tricky reef parts but after about seven years the handle developed a leak
in the seam.  For a couple of years I just used crazy glue to patch it - that would keep it from leaking
for a couple of months and then the leak would start again.  At some point, the cracks got bigger
so I switched to two part 30 minute epoxy.  That worked pretty well, but then that peeled off.
Finally, I noticed the handle was starting to twist a bit and that there was now a horizontal crack
in addition to the vertical ones.  I was concerned it handle would break off, maybe cut me,
the paddle could sink (not too likely), and it would be even tougher to fix/replace if it broke off.

That is the UGLIEST handle I've ever seen. It looks like you could get MRSA just touching it. I'd whack that off, remove with rubber gloves, and add a new one that doesn't look like ET with a bad case of psoriasis.
I saw that photo without reading the thread and thought maybe Subber had found Strand Leper's finger.


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