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Maliko 280 WING ONLY
« on: April 08, 2019, 08:38:56 PM »

Selling a never-used Maliko 280 wing and case. Literally has never touched water. (If the post is still up, its still available.)


Description from site:

The largest wing in the collection! The larger surface area of the Maliko 280 makes it best suited for slower speeds which translates to added confidence and safety. It is the ideal choice for learning to foil using slow speeds and riders wanting to learn to downwind foil.

Bought this back in November. Word on the street is that Go Foil has gotten a bit more modular and this SHOULD fit most recent masts and fuselages. You can also sand or add shims apparently. Obviously you are welcome to test the fit before purchase.

Doing advanced math on the go foil site leads me to believe that, brand new, this wing is worth $750. Im knocking $150 off that and holding FIRM at $600. Again, never touched water.

Located in west La but Im also at San O, and Mondos a lot.