Author Topic: 2016 study identified medical errors 3rd cause of death ..add computer records  (Read 3009 times)


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It's long read but, eye-opening.  My takeaway: if things ramp up - perhaps have a 3rd party* review your records.  My wife is a retired RN, daughter runs a large clinic at UCSF, so I feel comfortable we're all pretty 'medical' aware but I pity people who are not so.


*tho' not having privileges at our local hospital, I would want my Primary to have access.
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"errors happen regularly"  EHR

interesting piece--my sis in law just died after a horrible run with melanoma, my dad is in serious decline and my father in law recently had a tough ride with lewy body, so ive been deep in the kafkaesque rabbit hole of modern medicine recently--and we have some money, and our sick folk have seriously invested advocacy by me and my sibs--but  the whole thing is scary, nonetheless---numerous times we have caught mistakes that, had we not inquired, might have been deadly--and had we not been involved, and had the patient died, might not have raised any flags at all.....

now for very sick poor folk, with no family or friends advocating, who cant advocate for themselves?--hospital can often be a death trap
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My oldest daughter is a nurse. She extended her terminally ill grandfather's life by two years.....two good years for him. At one point he wasn't eating, lost all kinds of weight. His Dr had basically given up. She ripped him a new asshole one day and told him what meds "the family" wanted him on. He got his appetite back and recovered almost immediately and went home a month later.

I've lost a lot of faith in the medical system as I've been more exposed to it. I've seen mistakes made in my care and in the care of loved ones. You need to be vigilant for sure.

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