Author Topic: GoFoil 29" mast upgrade  (Read 6310 times)


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Re: GoFoil 29" mast upgrade
« Reply #30 on: March 18, 2019, 11:54:18 PM »
Yeah, the boards I've had made, we made sure that the bottom was exactly parallel to the deck, and thusly, haven't found any need to shim to adjust the pitch (assuming you're talking about the angle of attack).The only board I ever needed to shim was one I borrowed that had excessive rocker for a foil board, but that was as easy as putting a couple washers under each of the rear holes of the adapter to level things all out.

I am also struggling with a board with too much rocker in the plate area.
I made a shim 0->6 mm shim but it is still not enough...Perhaps I should put some washers between the shim and the plate.
No custom Supfoilbuilders where I live so I am considering getting a Jimmy Lewis Flying V 5'11x28,5 @105 liter
But I have to be sure that The bottom of the Flying V is parallel to the deck..

My non foil sup is a Starboard Hypernut 7'2x28 @106 liter I didn't last very long on it when choppy, now I am foiling this board is too difficult!

My present foil sup is 7'0x28 @115 liter no problem even when it is choppy..

I weigh 85kg / 185 lbs  and wonder if the 5'11 @105 liter will be big enough
1'1 shorter. 10 liter less, 0,5" wider than my present Foilsup.

85 kg + 3 kg wetsuit + 7 kg board + 4 kg foil + 0,5 kg paddle = 99,5 kg ...
Yeah, from the sounds of it the 105 liters will probably be little volume for you to make it fun in all conditions.

I'm 200 lbs (not figuring in wetsuit, board, foil, or paddle weight), and have a 5'11"x28.5"x4.5" @ 105 liters which is fine in glass through a little light chop to stand on and paddle, but is a little to shy on volume when it comes to paddling into a wave unless I time my first paddle stroke perfectly. Because when I lean forward to reach for it, the lack of volume causes the nose to push under water, and I have to pull back above it with that first stroke to get going, in order to then make my first paddle and pump on the second, and subsequent strokes to paddle/pump into the wave.

However, once there's any kind of wind chop on it that's starting any kind of whitecaping at all...the board becomes too much of a handful to stand and paddle to make it any fun any longer.

I then went to 6'0"x29"x4.75" @ 115 liters, and it's fun in all conditions, and pumps much easier into the wave, as the nose doesn't submarine nearly as much as the other. We also changed outlines to take foam out of the tail and put it in the nose of the second board to help sink the tail, and float the nose better/higher when I reach forward on first paddle stroke....

(Yes, I don't have 'em shaped for looks, but rather for how they go. :) )
Me: 6'1"/185...5'1" Kings Foil Board...5'7" Kings Foil Board...9'6" Bob Pearson "Laird Noserider"...14' Lahui Kai "Manta"...8'0" WaveStorm if/when the proning urges still hit.


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