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SMIK Hipster Twin
« on: August 10, 2018, 08:23:53 AM »
Not much on here about this board. Does anyone have one?

Im a bit confused about where it sits in truth......

Being a twinny i thought it would be a more traditional alternative to a tommo board. Good volume, short and suited to weaker or smaller onshore waves.

However- looking at its shape- it has quite a narrow tail. And the video the guys are in some very solid sized waves.

So- where does this board sit i wonder?

Opinions and experience appreciated. Thanks


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Re: SMIK Hipster Twin
« Reply #1 on: August 10, 2018, 10:39:31 AM »
General SMIK and some specific Hipster info here:

"here ,,, i found a great review for you from SUP International.. on the Smik 8,0 x 30.5.. dont get too hung up on going narrower,, its a hoax.. why do you think so many guys end up selling mint pro boards after a few months? they cant ride them in anything but low wind no chop/backwash conditons.. duh not the real world unless you are cruising the island reefs..

The 8'0 Hipster didn't really feel that small in the water at all, in fact it felt comfortably stable for my 85 kg frame,(I normally ride a 100L size board). Its wide, soft railed nose pops over the white water and feels very amiable in choppy conditions. Paddling into a chunky, choppy Atlantic wave on a wide twin fin I thought would be a bit of a challenge, but the Hipster seemed to slide into the waves easily and has a ton of grip for a full compressed bottom turn. The surprising ace up its sleeve was the immediate controlled change of direction you could drive out of this board. The Twin just grips and spins around in such a tight radius it surprised us. It rebounded easily over white water sections which you quickly catch up to - be prepared to go faster than you maybe have on a sup before. So yes, we really enjoyed this board. It's more stable than the dimensions suggest, slippery across the wave and turns beautifully and doesn't get hung up in the mush after your final manoeuvre. This 8'0 feels more stable than many bigger 'Pro' style boards but proved to be tons of fun in a range of conditions. A cracking board and great value for a carbon build too.

im currently on the Starboard Airborn 8'8" x 31.5. im 6'1" 85kg.. this board rips.. looking to step down to Smik 8.0 or even 7'10" looks doable.."

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Re: SMIK Hipster Twin
« Reply #2 on: August 10, 2018, 04:50:46 PM »
I am the lucky and proud owner of a SMIK Short Mac Freo 8'8".

Scotty was great to work with.

This board works from one foot to head and a half (Thanks Chris).

Not a hipster twin , but there are some common design elements from the House of SMIK!
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Let it come to you..
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