Author Topic: Fanatic Allwave vs. Triton Foote  (Read 1361 times)


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Fanatic Allwave vs. Triton Foote
« on: May 20, 2018, 09:47:30 PM »
Was searching the zone on "big guy" SUS boards and became curious how these two boards compare.  I too have been dropping board size and have been looking at a variety of boards and types of boards  to get more performance (hard not to be enticed by the Creek) but I keep going back to a Simmons type for stability, speed and east coast and size drop.  I do continue to demo but Southwesterly's recent post on 10+ boards has me rethinking the Triton and was curious how these boards compare in the water. The AllWave is a great frame of reference for me because I have worked my way from the 9'10 to the 9'4 to the 9'0 all HRS models. Just seems by reading the reviews that one would get all of the stability and wave catching ease of the Allwave and the performance of some of the more popular reviewed boards on the zone that would work for larger surfers. For frame of reference I am 56, 6'2 252 and still have all three Allwaves.

Obviously, a lot more goes into stability then volume but the 10'4 by 34 Triton at 34 wide in the middle and 174L seems like it would be more stable then any of the Allwaves with thinner rails and more performance in the rocker.

10 x 32 Triton 152L   
10'4 x 34 Triton 174L   
9'0 x 32   Allwave 159L
9'4 x 33  Allwave 173l   
9'10 x 33 Allwave 190L                                   


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Re: Fanatic Allwave vs. Triton Foote
« Reply #1 on: May 20, 2018, 10:54:54 PM »
The Triton is leaps and bounds a better board than the Allwave!  Way more fun to ride!  Even though it's big, it turns on a dime.  It's super stable and just an amazing board.  Can't recommend it enough. 

I had Bill shape me a custom with a bit more volume as I'm bigger and taller than you, and even with the extra size, it's still a lot of fun to ride.  I've only ridden my 9'10 Allwave once in two years since I got my 10'4 Triton.  No comparison. 

Last I heard from Bill, you'll need to buy it from Flight boards on Oahu.  He didn't have any himself.       
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Fanatic Allwave 9'10 x 33
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Re: Fanatic Allwave vs. Triton Foote
« Reply #2 on: May 21, 2018, 01:53:23 AM »
I had 9'6 Allwave, and loved it, so I traded my Cabrinah 10'8 for a 9'10 Allwave.
I surfed the 9'10 Allwave 1 time only. It was huge compared to the 9'6, and provided no useful advantage, so it became my flat-water board.

I have surfed Stoney's 10'4 x 34" Foote Triton and found it to be a really fun board.
Turns easily, and fast down the line..... and of course, very stable.
BUT.... I wouldn't consider a comp to the 9'10 Allwave a fair fight..... two very different boards.
The Triton has foiled, lower rails compared to the 9'10 Allwave's super thick rails..... so the Triton wins easily.

If you are trying to raise your performance by moving from the 9'0 Allwave to the 10'4 Foote, it would be a hard sell for me to say the 10'4 had more performance than the 9'0.... it's just a different style surfing.

A good direction might be to pick up the Triton or a board like it and keep your smallest Allwave.
Sell your other two Allwaves and search for a performance board that is somewhere between the two sizes.

That way you have covered all bases as you search for the "right" high performance board.
When you find that.... sell the remaining Allwave and have the perfect 2 board quiver  :)

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Re: Fanatic Allwave vs. Triton Foote
« Reply #3 on: May 21, 2018, 05:26:52 AM »
Can't speak for the All-wave, I've never been on one but my love for the Triton goes deep. I don't even think of it as a "bigger" board. It surfs smaller than it's size, at least for me. I think the bigger you are the smaller it surfs.  I'd try that 10-0 by 32 if I was you. I have a few pounds on you (6-4 280 for reference) so you might go smaller than the 10-4 which is what I ride and Pono has a 9-10 custom that I absolutely fell in love with.

Like Creek mentioned, the foiled rails on the Triton make a big difference. I can bury the rails on it better than I could on my 9-0 South County and turns almost as fast as my 8-4 Vec...though in a different way. If I could have only one board it would be it.

All that said though like you I find myself enticed by the Creek....I'll be demoing his once he gets back from his world journeys....or maybe I should wait until the end of the summer when so I can lose a few lbs..... :)
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Re: Fanatic Allwave vs. Triton Foote
« Reply #4 on: May 23, 2018, 05:56:01 AM »

I canít speak to the triton but for a big guy performance SUP itís hard (like I canít find a better one) than the AW particularly in EAst Coast surf As creek said you can ride the AW shorter than you might think Lots of folks Creek included have bought multiple AWís they are that good in everyday surf

That said The Sunova CREEK shouldnít be over looked higher performance but seems (at this early juncture) to need a bit more wave power than the AW but when it has it WOW, Also the CREEK carves better than the AW but that is Creekís style

Price wise it is hard to get more bang for your buck (performance & durability vs cost) add your ZONER pricing and you canít go wrong
PM, email or call me for more specifics

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