Author Topic: Ke Nalu Hydrofoil  (Read 23980 times)


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Re: Ke Nalu Hydrofoil
« Reply #60 on: November 22, 2018, 10:26:24 PM »
You're the only brand pointing out that you're using a longer fuselage for stability.
Could you work out this point some more?
How does the length of the fuselage, resp. the total lenght of the foil wing to wing the stbility when flying.

In Windfoiling the fuselage length ís THE most discussed issue atm besides frontwing area since it is one of the main parts that defines a foils riding character.


I don't think we're the only brand, it seems I've heard it mentioned elsewhere.
Basically it's pitch sensitivity we're talking about. I think the fulcrum principle can help explain: This is kind of oversimplified but basically If you put a long lever on a fulcrum it'll be more stable than a short lever...or perhaps better; if you have a balancing board with a long board, it would be more stable (require less "balance" or less twitchy) than a shorter board. How it relates to the rest of the foil would have to do with overall wing size, etc. A longer fuselage would allow you more leverage over a larger wing than a shorter fuse. which would help toward pitch sensitivity.