Author Topic: Go Foil Install on Starboard Tiki  (Read 1391 times)


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Go Foil Install on Starboard Tiki
« on: July 09, 2017, 04:09:42 PM »
I've been at it for a couple several weeks now..

Using the Starboard Tiki, New Old Stock 8'5" X 28".  ~120L

First version was for a customer, he is 200# so we put the foil box 24" from the inside of the Swallow Tail Vee.
Rode it one session and got my # handed to solid 4' Swell..

Then did one for me/demo. I am 165-170# box placement 20" from the inside of the Swallow Tail Vee.
First session it seemed to have an unusual amount of drag resulting in late take offs..
Upon analysis I realized this board has pretty good tail rocker.
The installer (Brian Syzmanski) put the box in perpendicular to the bottom.
So the Foil was shoveling (down) by 1".
I laid it out In Autocad and saw that I would need the tuttle insert to be
1/10" higher in the back to have a parallel pane with the board.
I put some epoxy putty in the tuttle box an each end and walked the Foil down into the box leaving the back
1/10" higher than the front.

Did the trick..

I Go right out in the line up..

My 6-7' Straight Leashes were sometimes getting wrapped around the mast making it too short for getting back on the board
I now have 7' Thick Coil Leashes (In Stock $30.00) that makes it more manageable. although it does sometimes wrap.
Incidentally the leash puts a gentle pull on me backwards..kinda counter balancing..with the waist leash..

Way more choosy now with the waves and people of Summer with the Foil Board.
I usually ride it Dawn Patrol and then switch out to my 6'0" or 6'6" Stando when it starts to get packed.
Although I have gone full 3 hour sessions with it..

Had some solid surf, 4' Swell Beach Break..overhead...

Have had some wrap in and go vertical..pulled high and zip lined...

Tricky on the big drops..nose down and then light lift to bottom turn and then to foil down the line..

No problem riding whitewater..

Have some new techniques in getting the Foil into deeper water so I can paddle it.

Not convinced that shorter lighter is going to beneficial..
But I did make a couple boards to convert after I ride them regular..if I decide to.

Will post when I get some shots/video...Newps got some Video, couple weeks ago, of me riding the Foil that I have yet to see..
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Re: Go Foil Install on Starboard Tiki
« Reply #1 on: July 09, 2017, 04:40:56 PM »
Looks good Ralph, I will get one of the coiled leashes from you. 

You forgot to give the internet foiler credit for adjusting your foil..... :D
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