Author Topic: Traveling to Fiji with SUP and paddle  (Read 3039 times)


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Re: Traveling to Fiji with SUP and paddle
« Reply #15 on: February 14, 2018, 07:55:52 AM »
I've flown Fiji Air and used foam guards on the noses and tails of my board(s)...made a foam rail wrap for the mid-section using paper so the tape adhesive didn't get all over the board or pad...I designed the padded paddle bag that holds two paddles with a blade separator...and, just placed it in the travel bags that I also designed...haven't had any issues flying with that combo anywhere yet...

Yeah, I used the Riviera bag which help up well, and it was the exact size of my board (actually 2" shorter) so it fit snug, but with enough room to get pool noodles around the nose/tail. I did make the mistake (because pool noodles were not in stock) of using pipe covers around the rails. I know have adhesive/pipe cover material on my board in spots, I'll take some time and work it off at some point. The bag worked though, and I also carried 2 paddles and a kite/5'3 surfboard.
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