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Race Fins galore
« on: August 31, 2016, 06:58:12 PM »

SIC Flow Weed, 7.5".  Supposedly a good DW fin, but I found it too loose.  There's a small repaired chip in tip and I had to sand the fin near the base to fit a Starboard box.  The construction is a bit oddball, it's some kind of Poly plastic over a glass body.  Because of this I just Sharpie'd the green glass showing through after the fit and chip work.  The fin is functionally fine and it looks ok at first glance, but horrible close up.  Buy it if you're not picky.  $25.

FCS Eric Terrien 38si, 8.5".  One of the most popular races fins on the circuit.  I wouldn't sell it except I prefer the FCS II style.  A small repaired chip at the tip, but other then that, very clean, $80.

Futures Jamie Mitchell 40si, 9.25".  A quick turning BOP race pivot style fin.  Tried it once, it's like new, $55.

Futures California Downwind 43.5si, 9.5".  Another great all around fin.  My preferred Cali ocean fin.  9.5/10, $80.

Futures Keel Fin, 44.4si, 6.45".  A classic fin and a must have for glassy inland and flat waters.  The low draft is fast and great for the shallows.  Like new, $75.

Futures Byron Kurt, 43.2si, 9".  An all around ocean race dolphin fin.  Might have been a keeper, but I prefer the smaller, but similar Karen Wrenn.  9.5/10, $65.

FCS Fat Boy, 9".  Supposedly a great downwind fin.  I tried it once in a long board.  Like new, $30.

Fanatic Race, 26cm / 10.25".  If you're looking for stability and tracking, this is your fin.  G10 construction and a narrow foil for a quick feel.  This is a US Windsurf Box fin; aka Starboard, Naish, Fanatic, etc.  Do not get it if you have a standard longboard box.  9/10, $30.

All fins are standard US Fins Unlimited Bahne longboard box except the Fanatic.  All fins come with a cover except the ET and Fat Boy.  All shed seaweed except the Fat Boy.  Shipping is extra.  Pick up in San Diego or will ship USPS, USA only.