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« on: August 30, 2016, 02:19:38 PM »
This past weekend we packed up some gear and paddled to Campbell Island in the mouth of the Cape Fear River. Although it was calm you have to cross the shipping lane where enormous cargo ships travel which is quite nerve wracking for me. Anyway, we set up camp and finally ate dinner around 1am. Of course dinner included our catch which consisted only of shrimp (which is just fine with me!). We had a great night. We had the entire island to ourselves. In the morning we decided to freshen up in the river...until we saw what we believed to be about a 6-8 foot gator swimming towards us! He was a ways away by the time I made it back to camp to get my camera but I'm posting a pic. Also posting some other pics from the weekend. If you have the chance to go there it's a pretty awesome island. In the 1700's it was used for growing rice and you can find all sorts of stuff there.


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Re: Gators!
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Sounds like a fun trip!