Author Topic: Ever Overlap Rail Saver Pro?  (Read 839 times)


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Ever Overlap Rail Saver Pro?
« on: August 04, 2016, 12:46:52 PM »
I recently bought an older Blair 10'2 in excellent condition except that it had lots of paint chips on the rails from paddle wacks of the previous owner.  Numerous, big and ugly.  I bought red, opaque, RS Pro to protect from further damage and to hide the chips. 

Problem turned out to be that some of the chips were way far up on the rail near the nose, toward the deck and and couldn't get the RS to cover that spot without major wrinkling.   If I tried to get it up that high on the rail and up on the deck, it would have to bend on two axis and would buckle.  Messed with it quite a bit with no success.  Finally resigned to cut the tape about where the nose rocker gets steep and overlap two pieces.  This acted as a relief cut, and the RS Pro went down without a wrinkle.  Now there is a seam, but the tape is otherwise really nice. 
My question:  Anybody else face this kind of thing?   I think it's cool, but I'm worried about issues with  the tape coming loose in the future.

Board looks really nice now, as you can see in the second pic.  Almost all the chips are covered by the RS Pro and the color match is pretty good. 
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