Author Topic: Comparison between C4 Waterman Boardworks 10' and 10'6  (Read 2160 times)


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Comparison between C4 Waterman Boardworks 10' and 10'6
« on: September 19, 2007, 06:10:26 PM »
  Here is a  homemade video comparison of the C4 Waterman Boardworks 10' and 10'-6'' SUBs.  The Laird SUB is also in shown too.  This video may shed some light for that person who is contemplating obtaining a C4 SUB. Again, interesting to view...   
 I did see these  boards and the new smaller SUB's C4 is producing.  All were displayed at the  Surf Expo in Orlando last week. Was able to demo the 10-6 yesterday and was impressed. Floated me well (185 #'s). The board seemed stable in the choppy conditions. I was able to catch a few waves and I feel the 2+1 set up needed some fin experimentation. The board was stiff and not too loose. But I'm sure in time as with all boards you can get it wired. The board did pretty well on paddle impacts. A few paint chips here and there. Seems pretty tough.     Overall, I liked the board a lot.   I still like my SOS Blue for wave riding.     Enjoy...

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