Author Topic: C4 Waterman Rapid Rider Inflatable SUP 10' x 34" x 4" ($400 and $500)  (Read 2258 times)


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C4 Waterman Rapid Rider Inflatable SUP 10' x 34" x 4" (iSup)

Located in San Diego, CA.  Please txt 734 747 3308 for more info or to get first dibs on a board!

We have two identical boards for sale. A red one and a blue one. They roll up and fit into a large backpack (included and pictured).

We purchased them 5 years ago. C4 Waterman is still making this model. That's a rare thing, and speaks well of the board's design.

These sell new for $1149. Here is a link to the current model which is slightly bigger:

The red one is well used. There are two small patches where I had mishaps with fishing hooks, but it's air tight. My wife's, the blue one, was rarely used. Neither of them look new as the adhesive around the pads is discolored and there are some stains on the white part of the board. They have never been left in the sun or elements.

Price is $500 for the blue one and $400 for the red one (pumps, bags, & repair kits included).

The Rapid Rider was designed for whitewater rivers and wave riding. It's built super tough. We've never used them on whitewater rivers, but the red one was used extensively in ocean waves, including well overhead. The fact that it's inflatable gave me more confidence to take late drops and challenge critical sections. The extreme rocker makes it easy to pop over the whitewater on the way out, and the best feature of the board is it's ability to pivot turn. I caught so many waves on the way out, when someone else blew a takeoff. Turn and burn.

There are lots of crap inflatables on the market. This isn't one of them. Even if you don't buy mine, if you intend to iSUP in the surf or whitewater, buy a quality inflatable SUP from C4 Waterman, Uli, Red, or Starboard.
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