Author Topic: Cheap Electric fatbike  (Read 49488 times)


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Re: Cheap Electric fatbike
« Reply #225 on: April 30, 2019, 11:52:40 AM »
The Bafeng kit comes with cutoff-equipped brake levers for mechanical brakes. Those disks are probably mechanical, if that's so you don't need them. The color display is nice. I have it on my HR el-cheapo fat tire. Spacers for sure, and I prefer the 120mm for flexibility though it spaces the pedals an extra 20mm wide. Not a huge deal, but noticeable if you're an experienced bicyclist.

I'd go for the Luna chain ring. You might find 36t a little low geared, but it's a reasonable size and will work better than the stock.

As far as the bike goes, it looks fine from the pictures. I like the idea of an aluminum frame. My Maui Mongoose is rusty in places where I've bashed it. I've done my best to break this thing without success, but the Maui air might dissolve it.
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