Author Topic: Board advice for a guy in progress  (Read 1879 times)

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Board advice for a guy in progress
« on: August 13, 2007, 08:08:42 AM »
Hi all,
Very nice Rand, starting this forum. My first question: Learning the basics (hm, what are the basics..) on Maui this last winter, and trying to continue over here in my home country Sweden, I start to feel the need for a second board.

I'm now using a SOS 10'10'' (Big Blue). I love it but it is growing under me. I would like something at least a foot smaller. Something turnier and something you can pump up speed on in mushy small waves, more short board style. I can get a SOS 10' (Big Green) shipped over here pretty easy, but it would be fun to hear what you all recommend. Any pop-out out there, or should I go custom? What are your thoughts? I'm a mid sized guy with OK balance and with a long wave sailing and a somewhat shorter (mostly longbord) surfing background (Maui several month every second year since late 80:s).

OK, what is the best little ripper for me (and why)?