Author Topic: Lost 7 pounds this week on a new personal diet program!  (Read 1453 times)


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Lost 7 pounds this week on a new personal diet program!
« on: July 17, 2011, 09:37:41 AM »
I have discovered the secret to losing weight fast. Please note I am still a young lad at 25 compared to a lot of you. And my personal program is only a week long, my normal life will resume next week I hope. I will break down these simple steps that don't require you to buy anything, join any gym, or buy any fitness dvd. Actually you can save money.

Step 1: Send your family away for a week. My fiance has been out of town and it is much easier to focus on this diet without her around.

Step 2: Start with a half empty fridge and cabinets. Leave just enough food that you would want to go to the grocery store in two days.

Step 3: Take all of your money, and get rid of it. I'm talkin about digging in your couch for change to put gas in your car poor. (It will help you from cheating and buying more food)

Step 4: Eat only what's left in your house for the entire week. Mostly canned vegetables, soup, an old bag of chips

Step 5: Work 2 jobs. Keeping your self busy 60 hours a week will help you lose weight and not think about big fat juicy steaks!

Step 6: Stay active on your day off. Mow the lawn with a push mower, not a self propelled one either...thats cheating, in the 95+ degree heat and you will watch the weight melt off.

These simple steps helped me go down from 212.4 to 205.2 Since last Sunday. Your results will vary. Seek medical help before starting any diet program. Be wary of heat stroke when mowing lawn in heat. When attempting step 3, you can send it my way.
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