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Sessions / Re: JL Superfrank St. Patty Day Ankle Slappers Ch.2
« Last post by Wetstuff on Today at 06:31:00 AM »
Nice that you are Frank with us, LB.  I could use some ankle slapping about now. 


It's long read but, eye-opening.  My takeaway: if things ramp up - perhaps have a 3rd party* review your records.  My wife is a retired RN, daughter runs a large clinic at UCSF, so I feel comfortable we're all pretty 'medical' aware but I pity people who are not so.


*tho' not having privileges at our local hospital, I would want my Primary to have access.
Wonderfull! What a day 8)
I would not mind a performance/fast light touring board. A kind of Glide Light or Javelin de-tuned. Pretty much a SIC RS with a tad less volume but without the race moniker to it, so it becomes available on the second hand market :-)
And that is something that could work well with the hollow construction of Nelo. They just have to go wider and make some nicer, cleaner lines. Simple is best.

Pure physics limitations will make it extremely difficult to create a hollow board that's: light, strong - but also LOW VOLUME.

That's a pile of rubbish. They've been selling those for years. Hollow, light, low volume & very strong
ukgm- yes of course. But it’s not a “phenomenon”. That’s what most people have wanted out of sport since... forever. It’s just that, traditionally, event organisers and the loudest voices are nearly always highly competitive people, who can’t see any point in exercising unless it’s to compare yourself against another. IMO that “race face” mentality puts off far more people than it attracts. If we are going to solve the obesity crisis, there has to be recognition of what most people want from their sporting activities. The park run type events are indeed a great example. I could imagine some inland waterways being used for paddling equivalents.
...lots of people would find a rather gunny low-volume 12ft do-everything-but-especially surf board appealing right now...

Unfortunately, it seems Naish will follow pack and introduce a dugout for the next season.

How do you figure that ? My understanding is that are reducing or pulling out of the more niche aspects of the sport. If they aren't willing to even maintain their flatwater board range from an existing blank design, they are not going to create a new board for a market that is as small (if not smaller) surely ?
That's the word I got. I guess it remains to be seen.
I finally got another vid finished!

There are a lot in the works... I hope to catch up in the next few weeks.
This place is so much fun to explore that my hard drive is filling up with pics and vids.

I realized I hadn't surfed in the Sagres area from Feb 20th till March 15th... it's been really big or windy, no one has been out at the ocean facing breaks till this week.... and now it's packed with surfers!

Anyway..... here's another look at surf and life in Portugal.
I had to drive 4 hours north to hide from the full ocean swells.... and it still showed some size.
Just the drive alone is fun  ;D

Inflatables getting cheaper; hard boards getting more expensive; inflatables outnumbering hard boards in races. Hmm...

I've just sold all of my boards, ordered a new ski and ordered an inflatable starboard Allstar so I can race the odd event in the inflatable class if I feel the urge.  :o

The key thing about that Dart statistic isn't that there are more inflatable than hard though - it's not the technology we should be focused on. When you look at the trends, its more interesting to note that hardboard open class has grown by a considerably smaller rate than the 'challenge/leisure' class (which is mainly made up of inflatables). At that race in particular, it's because for every new paddler the hardboard class attracts, the class loses some of its more longstanding paddlers who are bored or want something else. Most of the regular top 10 paddlers from the last 4-5 years still paddle SUP but don't travel to races any more.
Hmm... the majority of people want cheap, hassle-free fun, and care less about winning than the overall experience. Who’d have thunk it? :)

It's merely another example of the parkrun/sportif participation ongoing phenomenon. i.e. people wanting a shared social experience, not a hardcore competitive event that merely exposes everyone's shortcomings (be it physical, financial, technical, etc).
Two weeks and counting till your back stateside Creeker!  I know you'll be coming home with thousands of pics and many hours of video.......look forward to hearing your thoughts on what you'll do with it all.  I'm sure it'll be no easy task unless of course you're gonna vault it (hope not) for future generations(?)   :o

Until then standing by for a another report or two of Portugal, surf, and the peeps.

 8) 8) 8)

Too much stuff.... I may never even see it all  ;)
I'm stoked I actually got another video finished!
The day after I get home, I head south.... so see you in May!
Great stuff, Rick! Really compliments our Youtube channel. Always stoked to see how friendly the locals are.

Thanks Oki! What's your You Tube Channel? I'd like to check it out!

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