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General Discussion / Re: Any thoughts on this Kings 14' board?
« Last post by Night Wing on Today at 12:44:19 PM »
That is a really nice 14'er.
General Discussion / Re: A "Guest" Sup: 3 Main Choices
« Last post by Night Wing on Today at 12:34:06 PM »
@ 1tuberider

When it came to my 8'11' Hammer, for the first hour, both of my friends spent more time "in" the water than riding my Hammer. The wind was blowing on shore from the southeast with a steady 18-20 mph, gusting to 28-30 mph. The wind gusts were the worst for my two friends.

Everytime they would stand up from a kneeling position to catch try a wave on my 31" wide Hammer, the wind and choppy water would make them lose their balance and in the water they would go. I also suspected, their different weights and the Hammer's 140 liters weren't meshing well. I kept telling them once they stood up, immediately go into a small crouch with a surf stance to negate the effects of the high wind.

Both of my friends did much better on my One World with it's 30" in width. The length of my 11'1" One World came into play here along with it's 173 letters. "A" finally got the hang of riding my Hammer, but he had to get into the smallest waves out from the beach, say 100 yards out where the waves were around 2' in height.

I spent more time riding my Hammer since it was just "A" and me riding it. "B" liked my One World. So "A" and "B" shared riding time on my One World. When "B" was riding my One World, "A" was content to ride my Hammer while I cooled my heals on the beach keeping an eye on both of them. When "B" got a little tired, "A" rode my One World.

There were other prone surfers out there, but their low liter and short in length surfboards weren't getting the rides like we were. My 11'1" One World easily got 75 yard rides just about anytime there was a 2' wave. With the choppy waves being driven by the high wind speed, I didn't want my friends going out where the bigger waves of 3.5'-4.5" were. My gut feeling was not to push our luck. When I first saw the choppy waves and felt the high wind speed, "safety" was the primary factor and having "fun" was the secondary factor.

There really isn't any sup places to looks at a sup in my area. Prone surfers rule the roost on the Texas coastline and there are quite a few surf shops carrying lots of surfboards, not sups. I'm not a fan of inflatable sups or pedal boards. These two just don't appeal to me.

I did find out one thing about my two friends. They, like me, love the "glide" of a sup. Especially the glide of my 11'1" One World. As for my friends' balance, they can both roller skate quite well so I knew they had balance. Just getting their balance used to the dynamic lift of a wave underneath a sup was something their balance never encountered before. But they caught on quick in not optimum wind and water conditions.

When both of my friends left for their homes this morning, they both told me they would keep in touch with me when it comes to a guest board because they want to "pick my brain" on what I like and dislike when it comes to purchasing a sup.

General Discussion / Re: Surfboard Leash String - what to use?
« Last post by spirit4earth on Today at 11:31:15 AM »
Iím happy to see another NCíer on here, though youíre lucky enough to be at the OBX.  Iím in WNC.
Gear Talk / Re: Jimmy Lewis Cruise Control 11í
« Last post by spirit4earth on Today at 11:28:24 AM »
So funny, you guys!  Maybe one day Iíll making calculations about fins, rocker, etc, too!   Yeah, I just have to laugh.
Wetstuff, do you want a picture of the hair??  Haha.  I did email pics of the board on the roof.

Gear Talk / Re: Jimmy Lewis Cruise Control 11í
« Last post by Dusk Patrol on Today at 11:09:04 AM »
Think of that hair as the imperfection thatís purposefully woven into oriental rugs, so as not to purport to be perfect in the eyes of god...
Hey Iím just repeating what I heard  8)
Gear Talk / Re: Jimmy Lewis Cruise Control 11í
« Last post by Wetstuff on Today at 11:08:22 AM »
s4e,  You shudda lernt by now this place is full of X-perts who can tell you which <.5" trailer fin will improve their off-the-lips 80% and loosen up their bottom turns 27%  ...but, without photos, it's all Wizards of SUP talk.   Let's see it!

Little off topic but.. do you wear waist harness for surfing or for flatwater/oper water paddle?  I used waist PDF as a waist harness and found it convenient not sure if I would like in surf conditions.

For flat water I wear a waist PDF and connect the ankle strap from a coiled 8' leash around the belt.

For small surf, e.g. up to 4' faces, I guess that would be 1' Hawaiian, I use a calf harness.   When I fall I immediately fold my leg so by calf touches the back of my thigh to absorb impact of leash tug, this works well so far to date.

In bigger surf I use the waist harness.  It's basically a velcroed webbing belt that you attach to a regular surf leash by removing the alien head bolt that connects the cuff to the swivel and replacing with the waist harness.   When you fall the tug folds your body in half, but doesn't pull you under water.  It's very easy to recover from a fall and as someone who has had 5 knee operations, 4 on the left knee and 1 on the right knee it will hopefully allow me a few more years of snowboarding before I get the mechanical hinge installed.    I don't wear it all the time because it's a pain to have to clear the lease off the deck before remounting the board.   With the calf leash you can position the cord perpendicular to the board and it mostly stays there, if it rotates in line with your butt it's easy to rotate it back.   With the waist harness every fall will pull the leash directly behind you and it's a rash guard twisting mess to try and rotate it off to the side.  So when remounting the board the leash is usually lying in between your feet.   Best to push it off to the side before remounting, rather than standing a trying to kick it over or bend and move it over. 

I don't think I would trust the snap in buckle of a waist PDF to hold the force of a decent sized wave and wouldn't recommend that setup for large surf.   You could try it in the small stuff to see how the pull differs when centered at the waist.

Gear Talk / Jimmy Lewis Cruise Control 11í
« Last post by spirit4earth on Today at 10:32:08 AM »
I donĎt have an on-the-water report yet, but I did get the rail tape on my new board.  No big deal, I know, but for me it is!  😄😄. We had a blackberry winter, then I had to work, so it took a week for me to have time to do it.  Itís not a perfect job, which bothers me, BUT no one else will notice u less theyíre really looking.  The worst thing is that I couldnít get out a smal black hair (darn cat) thatís pretty close to the ďJĒ in Jimmy Lewis.  Aaarrrgghh!  I, of course, will see it EVERY time I look at the board!  Maybe the little hair personalizes the board?  Although the tape isnít on there perfectly, I know it will provide some bit of protection so I can take it out now.  Probably tomorrow.  If it paddles as good as it looks, Iíll be stoked!
Technique / Re: Pivot Turn Tips
« Last post by blueplanetsurf on Today at 10:28:12 AM »
Thanks for the comments. 
Quickbeam, I have not tried to pivot turn in goofy foot stance but I should try and practice that.  Going behind the tail can throw off your balance but is also good to practice and can help you turn 180 degrees with just one stroke.
Talldude, good point, finding a good balance point and using front to back balance is absolutely key to a good pivot turn.  On a short low volume surf SUP that balance point is often just inches behind the center of volume while on a 14' board it can be several steps back and close to the tail, especially on boards with fat, wide blocky tails.
General Discussion / Re: Any thoughts on this Kings 14' board?
« Last post by supdiscobay on Today at 10:10:17 AM »
How can you go wrong for $200!
Get it before I do.
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