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Technique / Re: Quad Issues on new board
« Last post by OkiWild on Today at 06:21:45 PM »
Me on a new board: First set up as a quad "This sucks, it won't even turn." Second out as a thruster "This is way better," and surf it like that for a while. Then start thinking about quad again, switch it out "This board is magic as a quad." LOL

Turns out the problem is usually me getting used to the board.

But different boards are different in their tail shape, and more importantly, the fin placement. First thing I notice about your board is the trailers look to be placed pretty far back. Like farther back than the center box? That's going to make a quad really, really tight. In addition to that, your trailing fins are set back in their tabs.  Inserting  a picture of three of my performance boards, and notice how far forward the trailers are in relation to the center box. 

With the fins like mine, the boards turn almost like a thruster, but won't slide, and actually feels like there's acceleration when on a rail (because there is). The only drawback is that when flat (not really on a rail) and accelerating (like dropping in) in powerful, hollow surf, which is 95% of what we have here, the tail can feel really skatey, which is pretty unnerving. Many people like the nubster or guitar pick center, I like the Mink Systems diffuses (black tabs on the tail). They're all the way at the back, which works well to keep the tail from squirming, especially when there's some chop, and air moving under the board.

My problem with thruster on SUP hasn't been one of speed, but one of "hook." With the wide tail and increased volume when compared to a normal short board, once put hard on a rail, I can feel the board wanting to "cork out," and it's really easy for me to push through the hold of the fins, especially when coming out of the turn and the board is transitioning back to flat. Some people like this sliding feel. I don't, and the quad cured this. One of my Tokoro 6' short boards measures 12" leading edge to leading edge of the forward fins, where my SUP boards measure closer to 17". So in a turn with the thruster on SUP, it ends up feeling more like a twin short board, and the quad brings back to more of what I like.

But again...fin placement is everything, and on some boards, some things aren't going to work.

General Discussion / Re: SUP Sports
« Last post by NorthJerzSurfer on Today at 05:40:18 PM »
Bummer to see Wardog go.....I'm sure Admin isnt too upset with his 20 picture responses  ;D ;D

He was a great poster and provider of advice to experienced guys and newbies alike.  Alas. SUP has certainly thinned, especially sup surfing.  and those with the right conditions have now moved to foiling.

Bummer- I had hoped to one day get to CA to visit his shop.

The Shape Shack / Re: WANTED: Laser scan sup and save to Shape 3D file
« Last post by TallDude on Today at 05:30:09 PM »
There are a bunch of them. Here's a list. Look down to US Shape3d companies and it will list (scanner) next to their company names.

I can get it really close with a level and tape measure. Then plug it into Shape3d.
The Shape Shack / Re: So, how will it affect....
« Last post by Biggreen on Today at 05:12:54 PM »
Heres the pattern.
The Shape Shack / Re: So, how will it affect....
« Last post by Biggreen on Today at 05:10:18 PM »
Thanks burchas, that was one of the benefits I was thinking of. And, shit rolls they say! 8) Just today we had some good offshores and I would step forward and really drive the nose of the board down on the wave. But this board was 92. I could see the extra foam on the shorter board being handy for that.

Yeah, supmmm, the board is probably going to be around 90 liters for my 84kg. Thanks! Good to hear. Ill be anxious to feel the difference.

Ha! No Surfside. He gets the slasher boards. This will be my Geezer Pleaser. ;D
Flatter rocker, carries its width, low tail rocker. Gonna put in channels. Been reading of the benefits of channels in low tail rockers. And Ive liked channels in boards Ive done before.....just hate glassing them!
Technique / Re: Quad Issues on new board
« Last post by Night Wing on Today at 04:59:25 PM »
I welcome some more quad fin suggestions as well as the possibility of a nubster.  I have a few nubsters kicking around I may try out.  It has been a fun experiment playing with different fins.  One I'd like to continue and keep learning from!  Appreciate all the feedback!

If you play around with a nubster fin, they come in different heights. And where you place the nubster in the long single box for a 5 fin setup makes a big difference in how the board performs in conjunction with the type and height of the waves as well as the length of the board along with your physical weight.

If you look at the photo of my orange colored One World with my 2.25" nubster fin attached, notice my nubster is not installed at the far end of the box. Their is a little gap of space between the nubster and the end of the box.

This small space makes a BIG difference in my board. As they say, "sometimes the smallest detail makes the biggest difference".
General Discussion / Re: SUP Sports
« Last post by Night Wing on Today at 04:42:28 PM »
Night Wing, I know the folks who cut and glassed (built) that board. Im sure you could contact them and theyd get you a cut and glass it. (And pay WD for his design as well.)

I really like my 5 fin box One World. I call it my "mini gun" since it is only 11'1" in length.

If you don't mind and I hope I wouldn't be stepping on anyone's toes, could you provide me with the company name, address and phone number to the people who cut and glassed WarDog's boards? And I do hope if they would be willing to do a job like this, they would pay WarDog for his design.

You can send the info to me in a private message. And the info would be much appreciated by me.

Technique / Re: Quad Issues on new board
« Last post by StarboardSUPMan on Today at 04:41:58 PM »

I had my board out today in chest high waves and gave the quads another go.  I could turn a bit better and continue to get better each day I have them in.  As the tide dropped I went in for lunch and decided to switch back to thruster for another session. 

This was the first day I was able to try quad and thruster setups back to back, same swell same wave.  The first wave on the thruster and I knew I wasn't getting the performance I was looking for on the quads.  The thrusters had that immediate snap to turn the board.  On the first wave I turned so hard I dumped myself off the board.  My turns were instantly sharper, I was able to really hit the lip and turn back down where as the quads I felt like I got hung up on top of the wave for a moment.  I was throwing more spray and I didn't realize how much I enjoyed pumping the board down the line.  It was like I turned the performance button on in the board.

My board does have a fairly narrow tail.  17.5" wide 12" up from the tail.  Also would be interested in quad fin box placement.  My measurements put my side fix boxes at 17" off the tail and 1.5" in from the rail.  My rear fin boxes are 7" off the tail and 1.5" off the rail.  Finally my center fin box is 7" off the tail.  Here are a few pics of the setup.  Been doing a little glassing had to reinforce the fin boxes.

I took the last pic to show the size of the rear quads I was using.  I never ran it with 5 fins in it.

I welcome some more quad fin suggestions as well as the possibility of a nubster.  I have a few nubsters kicking around I may try out.  It has been a fun experiment playing with different fins.  One I'd like to continue and keep learning from!  Appreciate all the feedback!
Classifieds / SUPSports 8'11" carbon Hammer with windsurfing track
« Last post by AGK on Today at 03:29:27 PM »
Great All-around Standup paddle board with windsurf abliity 811 148 liter US-made carbon SUPSports Hammer.  Works paddling into waves up to shoulder-high, paddles well in flat water, and has a US box for attaching a windsurf sail that is perfectly placed (and appropriate carbon reinforcement to protect against boom/mast dings) .  Board is in excellent shape.  Wardog has closed down SUPSPorts, but you can see (an 85, not an 811 like mine) on the water at

Photos at:

Asking $525.  Located in Manteo, NC (northern Outer Banks)
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