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SUP General / Re: Are cracks in PVC fairly common ?
« Last post by Kip on Today at 09:36:22 AM »

Thanks for sharing man!

So Iíve seen the diagrams, but help me understand this construction. Is it:

Thin layer of paint
Thin layer of carbon
Then layer of PVC
Then foam

Kickin myself about the drill slip, but what are ya gonna do ? Stuff happens.

I'm really liking what I see out of the FCD grasshopper as a next board (the 5'6" specifically).  I'm sure some will scoff at the length and volume, but I'm all about getting into soft waves early - and I'm pumping a big old SUP board right now, so pumping this will still be super easy in comparison.  For me prone board should be all about paddle speed for getting into the wave.

Did you ever get an FCD and if so, how is it?   I am looking for my first prone foil board.  70kg but a very inexperienced prone paddler.  I was looking at the 6 ft FCD (60 L) to make my life a bit easier in the beginning.
Random / Re: Photo test ignore me :D
« Last post by deepmud on Today at 09:24:40 AM »
Thanks! One of my fav's  - that was last November at Portage Lake/Glacier.

Covid rearranged things last spring and I ended up staying/not taking a new position in Seattle. In a way, a lucky break - I'm in telcom, and we are busy. Like often 60-70 hours a week or more, and somehow I've ended up the senior member of the team - I guess sticking 20 years in a job does that :D .  My unlimited boards are, however, still in WA on Bainbridge Island. I should have arranged for at least the Bark to immediately get shipped up cause it's a huge pain now. Bainbridge, while great for free storage in my friend's barn, is terrible for getting stuff OFF island - and Covid has killed off any casual shipping options. It will have to be a freight forwarder, likely in a container. Not going to "pay gas money" on top of a RV -that is all but ended. Not much getting through Canada.

So, while I haven't GONE anywhere, no trips/camping (ok I did get in a day trip to the Kenai River - 12 Red Salmon! :D )  I've paddled my new Starboard a ton - I need to find time to post up some of the places - I found a beautiful stream called Rabbit Slough and it's like it was designed for flatwater paddleboarding. Almost ALL our rivers and streams are gravely/fast-running - this is limpid, glassy and clear. It's like a cross-country ski trail, groomed and smooth :D It runs like this about 5 miles before getting into tidal zone where it begins to matter if you run upstream against tide. On one of my runs I managed to catch up to and pass this canoe w/trolling motor! ha! take that, electric power! :D I mean, they had 4 people lol but it's tough to compete with constant thrust like that.

Whoever sees the Curve-T show up on the website first, please post the link. Iíve checked several times and donít see it. Sometimes they put stuff where you wouldnít expect.

Wish I could commit to bringing back a load but the way things are over here (Deutschlandia) I couldnít say when Iíll be able to go anywhere, much less the US. Enjoy your relative freedom.
SUP General / Re: Are cracks in PVC fairly common ?
« Last post by SupSimcoe on Today at 07:13:28 AM »
Now that I see the brand I have some feedback.
For the first issue this board is made in the Kinetic factory with roughly the same PVC construction as Jimmy Lewis boards. I had a few JL boards but my last one was a JL Rail. That one was amazingly light but any time I hit it hard it would dent or dent and crack. I dented and cracked the top with my paddle blade. Which was like your first issue and that fix with epoxy and sticker should be fine but keep in mind another hit may go into the second layer and require a much better fix. That JL Rail board eventually got a huge crack on the side from a large wave that hit the board and pushed it into the paddle. That needed a full rebuild of the inner layer and PVC and outer layer. The second puncture may have issues in the future, as you definitely went into the EPS, so I would keep an eye on that one.

I also had a 2018 Inifinity Whiplash dugout and that was made in the same Kinetic factory but single layer construction. That was not light but was very durable. I fell on the deck a few times and barely dented that one and hits to the side were no issue. These definitely would have cracked the Rail. Personally I think that putting all of the weight into a thicker single layer has its benefits for durability but if the outside is hit and cracks then the EPS is exposed and will start sucking in water so that is where the PVC sandwich has some other benefits other than added stiffness with less weight.
I only saw it in video and wing foil group on Facebook. We need a damn French logistics person (I may take this on, actually) thereís got to be a better way to get this stuff. What part of the country you guys in? We might need a Gong Buyers Club.

I sent you a PM on combined purchase possibility.
SUP General / Re: Are cracks in PVC fairly common ?
« Last post by Kip on Today at 06:51:30 AM »
There's the drive home test on the roof racks and not in a bag. As long as it's sunny, the board will get warm enough for the gas inside to expand. Listen and look for bubbles all around your board. Always works for me. ;)

Itíll be sunny again up here in about 5 months so I guess Iíll find out then !
Classifieds / Re: Axis S 102 for sale
« Last post by wingking on Today at 03:59:33 AM »
The foil has been sold
Wingsurfing, Windfoiling, Wingfoiling, Wing SUP / Re: New F One Swing?
« Last post by Admin on Today at 01:39:35 AM »
On the online magazine WIND there is a complete 3 pages article with pictures of the new F One wing : THE STRIKE.
Does anyone has access on this magazine?
A detail on the new Strike wing that I gleamed is the handles seem to be much improved and I think they are movable/removable

That would be fantastic.  A few refinements and this should be outstanding. 

I scored a little solo session on the 3.5 yesterday.  Pretty great but very gusty.  Made me think how good these wings already are and how well they deal with whatever you throw at them.  Ours are over a year old, used by both of us (a lot) and they are in great shape.  The 3.5 and 4.2 are almost a full quiver for me.  They cover 14 to 30 really well and they are useable outside of that range.  It is too easy and consistent just to use those two so I never end up rigging anything else.  My 5.0 is gathering dust.  If all they do is extend the handles I will buy them again.  If they do stiffen the handles, make them movable / removable, or stiffen the wing, that will be gravy.
SUP General / Re: Are cracks in PVC fairly common ?
« Last post by TallDude on October 27, 2020, 11:10:34 PM »
There's the drive home test on the roof racks and not in a bag. As long as it's sunny, the board will get warm enough for the gas inside to expand. Listen and look for bubbles all around your board. Always works for me. ;)
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