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Go Foil V1.5 29.5Ē mast, V1.5 pedestal tail W/ 18W rear wing, Go Foil track adapter, V1 Iwa front wing, for sale as a package only. Includes oem mast and wing covers. A great chance to pick up V1.5 parts at a discount.

Mast has been used 6X now, hard to tell it from new, tail parts not much more than that. The Iwa and track adapter were left overs from my prior package but show little use, just a little paint loss on the tips of the IWA. Everything works superbly together, probably I will regret this moveÖ One of our most experienced wing foilers here still prefers to use an Iwa despite owning a new GL, I think itís arguably their best all around wing. Located in Oregon 97031. I have this listed in numerous venues thus this listing may end without notice.

Everything pictured EXCEPT the board is included in this sale for $1090. I will split shipping and any payment fees.

Very rarely will you see a 29.5" mast Go Foil package come up for sale, much less so with a genuine Go Foil Carbon/Titanium track adapter plate (W/ the proper M8 mounting screws and nuts). Basically everything you see pictured included.
29.5" Mast that IS V1.5 compatible (I checked)
M200 front wing (near perfect top surface and LE, some scratches bottom that have no effect, you'll make more)
Maliko tail wing
Mast cover
Tail cover
All screws pictured.

This would be a perfect package for learning Wingfoiling, downwind or SUP foiling, and I learned to kitefoil on it. At approximately 2000 cm2 it gets up on foil instantly and stays there with great stability.
Many more pics available in one of my other listings here;

Guaranteed virus free

Shipping only to the US for now. Send me your zip and I'll get you a quote, I have a UPS account.

Classifieds / Gong Large Pro front wing & 40cm surf stab
« on: February 29, 2020, 12:00:18 AM »
I  have A Gong L Pro front wing in very good condition for sale $179usd + ship. I also have a 40 cm surf rear stabilizer separately for $69.

Pics shortly.

If youíre not familiar with the French company Gong, do a little googling and watch the videos. Iíve used a lot of brands and this stuff is awesome.

Payment is via PayPal, shipping can be either from Germany between March 5-15 or USA after March 15. All sales fees PayPal and shipping split 50/50.

Classifieds / Gong XL Pro front wing, 55cm Surf stabilizer
« on: February 20, 2020, 02:17:26 AM »
I have a brand new Gong XL Pro front wing for sale $239. OBO. Thought I would need it but the large is fine for me. I also have a 55 cm surf rear stabilizer separately for $79.

If youíre not familiar with the French company Gong, do a little googling and watch the videos. Iíve used a lot of brands and this stuff is awesome.

Payment is via PayPal, shipping can be either from Germany or USA after March 15. All sales fees PayPal and shipping split 50/50.

Reducing the size of the pics seems beyond me on my phone, so see them here;

Classifieds / Go Foil Maliko 280 Foil Wing, Gofoil M280 front wing only
« on: September 09, 2019, 12:26:08 PM »
One Go Foil Maliko 280 front wing only. Perfect for heavier folks and/or lighter conditions.
Little use, just some light scuffs and scratches to the paint and one tip is modestly scraped. You will likely make the other one match on your first session. These things seem to be indestructible, you could probably chop wood with it in an emergency. $20 flat shipping in the Conus, cost to AK, HI.

Trade for an Iwa front + a little cash depending on condition or a V1.5 29.5" mast with cash from me

Click on a pic for more pics on my Flickr page
IMG_9558 by Thatspec1, on Flickr

IMG_9559 by Thatspec1, on Flickr

IMG_9562 by Thatspec1, on Flickr

Regional / Gorge treadmill wave workout anyone?
« on: June 08, 2011, 08:13:51 AM »
Guys I have been having a blast using this outrageous runoff on the Columbia to (I think) it's best advantage. The only thing that would improve it might be some company. Yesterday I parked at the white Salmon rivermouth and played for a few hours and got many of the best rides I've had to date (on the river at least). It was rolling clean 3-4', current is maybe 3.5-4 mph there so you can just sit down and be back upwind in no time, take another run. It was 8'+ two days ago and blowing 40+. Something about the combination of currents there is causing extremely clean waves, the Hatchery has been garbage by comparison. All this with That perfect windless rest area 100 yards away under the bridge.

Looks pretty good again today but I'm wiped out and have to go to PDX anyway. Tomorrow might hit 20 late, then Friday should be back on.

Anybody else want to play confused salmon? shoot me a PM or see you there.

More current info here;


Downwind and Racing / Remember the Gorge flood of 2011?
« on: June 06, 2011, 12:07:58 PM »
Guess that's what we'll be saying ten years from now. The runoff shows no signs of letting up anytime soon making downwinding a bit... strenuous (Downwind is into a 5mph current in places). It's back up almost to it's max flow as of yesterday;


That being said I've been having a blast paddling my surfski over by the White Salmon river mouth on some 20-25mph days, it's like class 3+ whitewater with big smooth waves (sometimes). I'm tempted to try my Bark Exp. just for fun but suspect I wouldn't last very long. Any one wants to give it a go I'd be game though, send me a PM. Too windy to not go kiting today though, looks like were in for a long stretch of westerlies so there should be many opportunities.

There is a current forecast graph about halfway down here;


If this is true it may be early July before the sandbar surfaces again...

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