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That’s fantastic! Just enough to stay afloat.
Did you shape that one yourself?

Oh right …. Checking in at 175
I suppose in the dead of winter I might find a deal….

General Discussion / Re: Is new members registration is working?
« on: September 27, 2023, 10:30:23 AM »
After several tries, I used a obvious topic related name....seems to have worked

Well after many an attempt, I have finally registered!
This thread is of particular interest to me as I have yet buy a proper foil board. I have been educating myself on the evolution of the gear as I make attempts to use the wind on my 12' SUP with SUP-Winder attached. So far I have gotten a feel for the wing, subjected myself to very adverse conditions and managed to get upwind.

My foray into the recent hurricane leftovers here in the Atlantic NorthEast showed me a few things, that's for sure. I regard to getting a downwind board for my first one, I'm thinking yeah. I do not have a problem with balance, having attempted to wing on my SUP in the ocean in swell, chop and sub par wind conditions. Furthermore, given my location I will not get high winds often and it would be great to have more and shorter sessions in lighter winds. I'm also not what would be considered young, although in decent shape.

Something like a Naish Hover DW 125-L seems like a decent idea to me... I realize it will be tipper than the more rectangular boards meant for dedicated winging, but I'm willing to hike up that learning curve because I think the rewards will be worth it.
Open to critique on this...

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