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Vu..  I like this guy.  He somewhat reminds me of Robert at BluePlanet in that he is a nice person and always adding good content to U-tube.  Other than his design gig with INDIANA, there seems no money to be made on 98% of the people who watch his input. (Buy a coffee - is a token but a good idea.)

I got the patch material out to pad my wing after watching this. I also made a 'coffin' bag - it's silly to spend the time to stuff it into a fancy, small backpack to carry it to/from the car?!  Rollup/slide-in/Zip - Done.

I didn't watch the GONG video.  They are either really not interested ..or unable to get a handle on exports.   I asked weeks ago about the anticipated cost of shipping a blowup board to the States.  No reply ..but, I did see it was something in the order of U$200+ to send one to OZ.  I think Patrice does a great job of running the frontend of his business.


Random / Re: Coolest of grid house ever
« on: July 01, 2020, 05:40:27 AM »
"Simplicity is difficult"...' few things more true.  I wish I was 30% as smart ...and, like him, had more pages on my calendar.


These people put some effort into it.  Kudos... 


General Discussion / Re: Dogs onboard
« on: June 26, 2020, 10:10:02 AM »
 Nice, Winger...   As a heavy bird feeder, I am a 98% cat-hater, but this one is a sweetheart.  And then, throw on a goat, no less.  We thought about goats to keep weeds down - but they can be RANK.  Yeeech.


General Discussion / Dogs onboard
« on: June 26, 2020, 05:20:33 AM »
This is the second evening in a row someone has been on our creek! (after years of only me) The first was a visitor on an interesting cruising shape of unkn origin. Coming home I cross a small bridge so you can see a bit of the creek.  This time, it was a lady down the road with her two rescue 'Mutes or Huskies.  She's smart, she runs them in the morning and evening both.  I had to quickly pull over and get these shots. The board is from DICKS sports store. She also has kayaks but likes this better.  She said the dogs are OK with it until they get about 10' from home.


Random / I need to get serious about the mask again.
« on: June 25, 2020, 05:52:14 AM »
It was easy to start wearing a mask.  My wife was a surgical RN and I know the drill.  It was/is however too easy to slack when you visit people you know are not sick.  Some don't wear masks for political reasons.  I may nearly out of calendar days but I am healthy. I could possibly beat COVID.  But, I need to print this and keep it in the car.



Nightly’s Myah Ward asked: What have we learned about recovery rates and the long-term health effects of Covid-19?

“What we're seeing is that many of them, at least at one month of follow up, are still having significant pulmonary complaints, they're short of breath. They're still having chest pain. A lot of them still have abnormal X-rays. Many of them, up to 40 to 50 percent of them, still have abnormalities in their breathing that we can measure. A lot of them are having symptoms of post traumatic stress. Some of them have anxiety. Some of them are showing signs of depression. And the lung is not the only organ that was involved in this pandemic. Many of the patients have had neurologic abnormalities. A lot of them have kidney abnormalities. We're going to see that there is a significant health care burden that's going to be associated with the Covid pandemic for a very long time.” — Rany Condos, pulmonologist and director of the advanced lung disease program at NYU Langone Health

“One of my colleagues is exactly my age, healthy. He got Covid. He came within a couple hours of being intubated. He was hospitalized for seven days, lost 15 pounds, had to go home on oxygen, and hasn't been able to work for two months. He is so weak. This is a healthy 64-year-old man. We have seen issues with pulmonary compromise. We've seen issues with Myocarditis, with acute kidney injury. There's beginning to be and this will likely be a longer term understanding of what effect has Covid infection on the brain. We know it can cause loss of taste. We know it can cause loss of smell. Does it do other things to the brain? And there’s been some initial suggestions that yes, there is. What about long term effects on the fetus? No one knows yet. Remember that everything we know about this virus is what, 22, 23 weeks old.” — Gregory Poland, professor of medicine and infectious diseases at The Mayo Clinic, director of the Mayo vaccine research group

General Discussion / Re: Getting cuts to heal quickly
« on: June 25, 2020, 05:39:42 AM »
Ya, Dave.... It's spooky to cut your feet around us. (same petri dish conditions/couple hundred miles north)  'Poor bugger in Ocean City was cleaning his boat at the end of the season a few years ago on Thurs. prior to departure for wintering in AZ ...was dead by Tues. Vibrio.
My feet get nicked by clams and other debris that is certainly hosting some kind of 'nasty'. I find booties/water shoes hindering.  My wife, the retired RN gave me the usual kit, but I also almost always spritz my feet with Vetericyn if I sense anything.  It's an acid I head about having been used in Iraq relating to IED injuries.   Here's some research...


This past fall before winter and COVID interrupted things.. I got a WASP 4.2.  Knowing I could not jump directly to a foil, I figg'rd; 'Hell, this is a hand-kite so I need a large kiteboard.  I had lotsa fun with speedy 'directionals' in the old, kite days, so it seemed a natural fit.  FAIL - big time!

C'hit, this ain't a kite, it's a wing. Half to a third the size of a kite and without a turbo-charged initial impulse on tap. So, I decided to try a couple of SUPs. Oddly enough my 28" x 12 'Bigwave' (Ya, right..) went upwind better than a 10' nose rider.  BUT, I was lead to believe nervana was accessible atop a windsurf board with a daggerboard. 

I had a nice fellow meet me halfway to Norfolk and for $250. I am the new owner of this BIC.  I did not have wind over 10kts until (naturally) I was tired of a couple of hours slogging around on it.  Mistake #1 was thinking the sand non-skid was non-skid.  #2 was using a coil leash with that bigass rear fin. There was no location for a leash, but I made a simple webbing bridge near where the rear foot straps went.

It was a lot more corky than I expected. It has so much nose kick the actual, useable waterline seems a lot smaller than the length and weight of this sucker would indicate.  I am also finding the 'sweetspot' difficult to find. Where the previous footstraps are located had me sinking the tail.  Straddling the daggerboard didn't seem to be exactly right either?  I clearly need more time on it.  It was less intuitive than expected.

What was cool, was I was able to jibe it a few times ..given that I was not hauling-ass upwind I figured I would get something out of the afternoon. I am mimicking Robert at BluePlanet doing one-handed overheads. 

If one of you had tried this 'sailboard' route, I'd appreciate some tips.  There are not a lot of pages left on my calendar.


Ooooh!  And wait till you see Federal Parks - they look like Jacksonville Beach or Coco.  Holy c'hit, they're packed in tight. I can't blame them for getting the rugrats down there to wear them out, but shoulder to shoulder with little protection beyond sunscreen is scary for me.  I walked through tickland to find an isolated spot to launch.

Zo... if you use a 'foothook' - can I assume it is centered?  Assumptions are mostly wrong - that's why I ask.

BUT, if a pair - you could see them angled like the straps Patrice put on that little blimp he recently introduced. 'Maybe getting the front foot properly on C/L?  Thanks.


 No offense to Indiana, Manta, or even F-One... but, my instinct says Patrice has put a fair bit more effort and content in this inflato.  Based on the silence (from what I have seen here) about the F-One, you wonder how deep the market is?  I am still waiting to hear back about an estimate to ship a GONG bouncy to the States.


It looks a sharp little charger...  You'll be 'Phils with skills' in short order.


Nice video, Runner...   ' Reminds me of the old days; I enjoyed light air and shallows. 


Aside from the specifics, I think Patrice does a spectacularly good marketing job.  He not only has great personal athletic and shaping skills, but he also presents a neutrality that allows him to explain his concept and products without needing to talk fast or down as if he is 'selling' something. I even turn the sound up to listen for inflection. I understand a few words, but mostly tone.  He's also smart enough to not focus much on travel.  It seems a great idea, but...' until a vaccine. 

Given I have pretty much always had some sort of quiver, whether in boards or power tools, this looks like it would make a great addition. I like the 'soft crash' idea the most. I like the thought of 'pumping it up' the least. I just might have to add a little tugboat to the fleet.


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