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Not in the area but both these groups will receive boards shipped in and mail them back:

Inflatable Technologies - Raft Repair - Colorado
Zach Sack

Sealed Air Repairs - Orlando
Stephen Norman
Thank you so much for this, I will check them out!

You'll have to autograph them for me next time you're in LA. That'll for sure increase their value  8)  ;D
BTW last time I was in Costco they were selling Uli-branded SUPs. In fact, I just checked the google and it looks like there is an Uli website... ulilife dot com.  ...appears to be barely a shadow of the old product...wonder what the story is there? 

I bought these new from Uli about 10 yrs ago. Probably shelled out over $3,500 for everything. If you were here back then, then you know Uli was the pioneer of inflatable SUPs, and their boards were built very well and used very high PSI compared to other inflatables. This made for a very rigid and superior board compared to its competition. I absolutely loved these and took them on several family vacations to Florida and Catalina in addition to paddling around off PVE. Kids have grown now and I need the space, so….

I have a 10-footer and an 11-footer, both the Steamroller models. They have always been stored inflated and in my garage except for when I used them. They roll up and travel well…I’ve taken them to Florida and also Catalina several times. Super buoyant, each will carry an adult and a child and that’s how we rolled quite a few times thru the mangroves of SW Florida.

Condition is used with some scuffs, but no holes, tears, or leaks. However, the 10-footer DOES HAVE what appears to be second-layer delamination that shows itself as several large bubbles on the bottom, after I loaned it out and the person left it in the sun that day. I have looked in to repairing this but don’t want to undertake it myself. There is a web page out there that goes over how to repair the delam by injecting adhesive in the bubble at one end and working it through to the other end but I just don’t have the time nor space to tackle this. I assume that without repair the delam will only get worse on that board, and of course there is no guarantee that repairing won’t prevent further delam.

Located in Los Angeles area (if you know anyone in the area who can fix the delam please let me know).

Price includes:
Two ULI Steamroller SUPs (10-fotter and 11-footer).
A couple of manual air pumps
Two long leashes
Two large, wheeled duffle bags to store and transport them in when traveling/flying.
I think there's patch kits for the boards, too.

SUP General / Re: Did Uli Boards go out of business?
« on: March 05, 2020, 06:15:04 PM »
Thanks for the feedback guys, very much appreciated!

Is this THE Steamroller?!  8)
I appreciate the detailed repair methodology.
Unfortunately my dilemma is not as simple as a hole/air leak. What I have is what looks like a few areas of delamination of the very top layer of rubber of my 10' Steamroller, so it looks like there's a couple of bubbles, one at each of the two front fins. This one was stored in my garage up close to the roof, so maybe the heat did this? The board otherwise looks to be in really good overall shape so it was kind of a bummer to see this.
Not sure what the fix is for that, other than to cut off the bubble and re-apply new rubber per your technique, but that seems sketchy to the novice Uli repairer (me).
Any ideas?

yes i think they did a couple years ago actually...the company was bought and sold at least three times...then i think maybe 2 years ago they went was right about the time that foilsurfing took off... went to them wanting a inflatable foilboard and they said....maybe...then nothing i guess maybe not...

if you get one of those patch kits from ....nrs.....that glue is suuuuuper strong if you do it right...its basically like contact coat the board and coat the patch....let them dry to the touch while separate apart...then heat both surfaces simultaneously with a hair dryer and smash them together...keep heating with the hair dryer while pressing together with you hands inch by inch  for about 3 min...then let cure over day the patch will be permanently  bonded...can't get them apart no matter what... gotta apply the coats smoothly no ripples in the glue surface as it dries otherwise it'll cure with bumps and ridges under the patch and air will find a way to leak  out...ive only done it a couple of times with success...i usually took all my repairs to them to fix

SUP General / Did Uli Boards go out of business?
« on: March 04, 2020, 12:24:56 PM »
Need my Uli board repaired.
No one answers the phone there and it just hangs up after is says to leave a message, so one can't leave a message...nice!  ::).
Their web sight is dark as well as their social media activity.

Doesn't look good for me! Anyone know for sure, and any advice on where to go next to get one of their product supported?


Classifieds / Re: fs: Fanatic Fly Race Carbon 12’6″
« on: February 28, 2020, 11:39:32 PM »

Classifieds / Re: fs: Fanatic Fly Race Carbon 12’6″ - reduced to $640
« on: February 19, 2020, 11:45:28 AM »
Reduced to $640.
If there's a way to edit the OP then let me know 'cause I don't see it  :D

Classifieds / Powerex SUP paddle - Sean Ordonez 78"
« on: February 19, 2020, 11:40:43 AM »
Bought used, didn't use much as I have other paddles and didn't SUP surf.
78". Wrapped.
Decent overall condition, some scratches and nicks.
Located in Torrance/Redondo Beach CA


Classifieds / Re: fs: Fanatic Fly Race Carbon 12’6″
« on: January 15, 2020, 04:06:03 PM »
Price reduced to $700.

Classifieds / fs: Fanatic Fly Race Carbon 12’6″
« on: December 06, 2019, 07:19:18 PM »
Bought this from Jill45 quite a few yrs ago. It's been up in my garage the past few yrs as I've been using my Uli the few times I've been getting wet.

Carbon fiber SUP board. Great all around board, fast and very stable at 30.5” wide, versus the typical rocky 27.5” wide race board. 254 liters. Domed nose with water-cutting bow and flat-angled deck disperses chop and releases water for maximum speed. In good overall condition, a few nicks but no leaks or patches. Storage net on deck. Very light weight board and easy to handle! Has always been stored in garage. Located in South Torrance/S Redondo area.

SoCal / Tarsan II on Harbor Drive at King Harbor
« on: January 14, 2014, 08:24:37 PM »
Where'd they go?!  ???  About a month ago they just completed an awesome tenant improvement build-out at the old marina hardware store and had a killer little rental operation going, fueled I'm sure by the awesome weather we've been having. I was really stoked for them. Looked like they really hit the nail right on the head there.

Then today when I drove by, I noticed they appeared closed down, not even a month later.

Did they get screwed by The Man and his bureaucracy?  I know they still have their operation on Hermosa Ave in Hermosa Beach a few blocks north of there.

SUP General / Re: America's Cup
« on: September 07, 2013, 03:07:56 PM »
48-50MPH for a huge sailboat...incredible! Whoever came up with the idea of a catamaran that goes up on foils was really thinking out the box. The AC72 is like something out of a sci-fi movie.

Random / Re: Quadcopter 101... where to start?
« on: September 02, 2013, 02:20:19 PM »
I'm happy to share my very limited multi-rotor newbie experience...
I  bought and built a DJI F450 with my son a month ago. We had zero RC experience other than his little micro RC Heli toy that we'd fly in the house.

The F450 is probably one of the cheapest quadcopter entry points that can carry a camera, due in part to having to build it out (a simple process that takes a few hours and requires about 5-10 minutes of minimal soldering skills).  Figuring out the micro-controller ("MC") and the transmitter ("Tx") and receiver ("Rx") was a different story. Fortunately there is a guy here in Venice that sells and offers an informal  build/support class on most Sunday's. For me and my son, having zero real RC experience, it was a lifesaver and we otherwise probably would not have ever gotten off the ground. We would probably never have figured out the Tx and Rx, especially since it came from China with no manual. That said, there's a ton of RC/quad forums than you can get some advice from.

The F450 is a quad (4-rotor), and it shares most of the same components as the F550 (a hex/6-rotor), which is a plus if you eventually want to go bigger. DJI also sells a complete turn-key copter solution called the Phantom.   The prospect of a turn-key system was at first appealing, but now knowing what I've learned so far, the Phantom would have probably turned out to be more expensive due to the trial & error (i.e. crashing) that a newcomer to multi-rotors will have.

I would highly recommend you find a place/club/etc. in your area that can provide you with support and ideally service, too. The last thing you want to experience is a flyaway of an expensive multi-rotor equipped w/camera gear.  Multi-rotors seem like cool toys, but in my experience they can get expensive real fast, they are complex and technical and you have to want to be someone that likes to tinker with things.  Also, these things can be dangerous to surrounding people, pets, cars, etc., and the Li-Po batteries can be a fire hazard if crashed in an area with lots of dry brush.

I think I've got $600 invested so far. This includes the F450 with motors and ESC's, a Naza-Lite MC with the GPS/compass, Turnigy TX/Rx, Li-Pro battery and charger. From there I can upgrade to the F550 by getting new top/bottom plates and two more arms/motors/ESC'c. If you want to add a GoPro, you'll want a decent camera mount that will dampen vibrations, maybe a gimble system  for the camera, maybe additional receivers, telemetry stuff, etc. There's even FPV stuff so you can stream live video from the copter to a pair of goggles or laptop, offering a "pilot's view" perspective. It can get expensive pretty fast. Unless you're really into RC or committed to adding the camera, etc., I'd seriously consider starting off with a more toy-like micro RC path first to make sure it's your cup of tea. Had I know all this beforehand, I probably would not have jumped into it.

Hopefully someone with more experience than a newbie can post up their experiences  :)

Gear Talk / Re: downside to inflatables?
« on: September 01, 2013, 02:03:23 PM »
I bought a BP12 electric pump at West Marine last week. $100, and I already had adapters from an old Bravo hand pump to use with it.  Will inflate my Uli's to 14-15 lbs in just a few minutes, and from there its an easy 50-or-so pump regimen with the hand pump.  When I first got the Uli's back in June '11, I actually fried my elbow pumping them up (I probably aggravated an unknown elbow injury).  $3k in PRP and PT later, the hand-pumping turned into a time-consuming family affair.

Now if I could just find a decent 110V AC adapter solution for the BP12, right now its alligator-clips on the 12V battery. I  believe the BP12 is a turbine-style pump, which will inflate faster than a piston-type compressor pump and should heat up the air much less. This is based on my use of a piston-type pump I use on my 4Runner to air-up after 4-wheeling.

Random / Re: The space shuttle
« on: September 23, 2012, 07:44:09 PM »
I don't think any bystanders got closer than the ones on Aviation Blvd. when she came in for her landing...(not my photos)

Random / Re: The space shuttle
« on: September 23, 2012, 10:13:24 AM »
Here's the "South Bay Pass" taken with a relatively mediocre camera from Highland and 20th.  Wish I was a mile north or a mile south...

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