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I love the rigid handles of my duotone unit.  It flys great and goes upwind quite well.  But damn it if it doesn't flip over every single time its in the water.  Super super annoying.  I feel like something about the leading edge shape combined with exactly where the leash attachment point is placed is unstable.  At this point, I'm looking for Duotone to figure out making a wing stable in the water and it'll be the complete package.

It's called the Duotone flip! Been an issue on many of their wings.

Wow! that was a master class on hydrofoils! I usually listen to the podcast on my drives to work. This one I had to come home and watch it again on video. I think I only understood 20% of what he was talking about, will have to rewatch.

Wingsurfing, Windfoiling, Wingfoiling, Wing SUP / Re: protection gear
« on: February 27, 2022, 09:52:05 PM »
I wear a Bern helmet. They make great multi-sport helmets for about half the price as others. Got to "test it out" two days ago on a really bad crash where the board flipped onto my head with the foil going into the wing.

Being new to windsport, I had no bias or loyalty to any brand coming into winging so I asked a lot of questions. When I asked about Naish, it was the one brand I consistently heard negative feedback. So I held off on buying anything Naish until I had more experience.

What I noticed over the last two years is that, every time they released anything new, it was completely different than the last model. To me this kind of "revolutionary" changes tells me that they are admitting the last model was junk and they had to start over. This does not engender trust that they know what they are doing or the direction they are headed.

400-550 seams fair. At least that is what I've seen.

Wingsurfing, Windfoiling, Wingfoiling, Wing SUP / Re: Knee pads
« on: January 24, 2022, 10:35:57 AM »
I just use the cheap ones from lowes. They are called "over/unders" cost $10. Neoprene with closed cell foam on the knees..

P.S. I think the web site is redirecting all links to spam sites, so I won't post a link.

Is it doable on a 5'2" 90L wing foil board? Or do I need something bigger

Been at it for over a year now. I love how I revert to a complete kook whenever I have to learn a new skill or trick. It's like being a kid all over again!

Not going to happen! The joy of winging is the simplicity. I don't want more gear to complicate things. Also I havre arms and hands and can hold an inflated wing.  ;D

Yeah I was there when this happened. There were three folks actually. One guy on a windsurfer who went all the way out. He was Dutch, second day on the island, no clue as to the rules of the harbor. He got a good yelling at, then quickly left the beach. Another was a Canadian winger, moved here recently, he though he was ok staying with in the buoys but was too far out. He got a yelling too. Third guy was the "look at me guy" that thought we were all there to watch him. Also a tourist, driving a rental car pulling his gear out of a suit case.

Trying to teach all the visitors the rules is a challenge. If you visit any beach on Maui, please pay attention! if all the locals are on the beach, get your butt out of the water! It's easy to make friends here on Maui, but you have to try real hard to make enemies, being stupid will do it.

The problem is both a Crazy Eddie and a Crazy Betty. The tourist from hood river (per his report) directly hurts our usage of the harbor. But the problem started when a crazy Betty decided that she didn't like the look of wingers in the harbor. Pulling on her political connections got it banned with no input from anyone.

Please check facebook to see if you know who this person is. Their picture and a name and email written on their board has been posted.

59 88kg, 54 90L board. 1850 foil 232 tail.

3m Airush in 16kts+

Props to you OP for leading the Wing Foiling charge in you area. The boards you are looking at are a bit too big. At 80kg you can start on something more in the 115l range especially if you have a 2000+ foil. I, 510 88kg. Started on a Starboard 67 115L, 2000 foil. Out grew that within months. Now on a 90L (54) and 1550 foil, which is about right to not sink when the wind dips.

If you can rent a windsurf board with a dagger board (135L range), you can get going on learning wing control. Try to launch and return to the same spot. No need to worry about foil boards until you learn to come upwind. (There is also a product that allows you to add a daggerboard to a SUP.) Learning wing control is vital to the sport. All those lessons on the windsurf board will pay off when on the foil board. Its much easier learning to sort yourself, all the gear and leashes out, when you try to get back up after a fall on a windsurf board with not sharp foil hiding under the water.

Good luck and remember to have fun!

P.s. 60 is not old! I got two guys, 72 and 74 in our crew that literally foil circles around me. At 52, Im the youngest in the group. Most are 60+

There's no "backroom deal" and it's no a matter of someone deciding there's something they don't like.  Read what the DOT actually wrote: "DOT Harbors intentions to still prohibit any type of foil surfing in Kahului Harbor, including Kahului Bay."
The key word here is "still."  In other words, the prohibition was already in place; someone got tired of seeing people violate it, and wanted the DOT to enforce existing rules.  You were getting away with it and now you're busted.  That's sad in a way, but it's strange that a rule-breaker should get so morally outraged because some citizen wants to see the rules enforced.

You might have a point on this. People much smarter than me are looking into the legalities of foiling in the harbor. So far, they find no restrictions against foiling. The part of the harbor that Wing Foiling takes place has two canoe clubs that paddle there throughout the year, it is also the terminal destination of down-wind trips, which includes SUP, OC1 & 2, surf skis, and foilers. There are also groups that do water aerobics there on the weekends. Sailing classes for children take place there. Its also a place where many novice paddlers practice their skills. A hula halau practices on the grass. On the other end, when the swell in right, is a well known surf break.

Thus, lots of watersports take place in the harbor, and we all follow the same rules, which is to stay within the red markers when commercial shipping  activities are taking place. Wing foilers have been sticking to a self-imposed stricter rule, which is to leave the water when shipping is happening and to not foil when the canoe clubs are practicing.

Im hoping for civil discussion and it seems folks are trying to get a sit-down with all the stake holders. The current events are taking place with none of the stake holders involved.

Agree on the emails, how do I edit them out?

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