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Classifieds / Re: Armstrong Equipment
« on: October 08, 2021, 10:54:40 AM »
I bought the HA925 and CF1200. The packing job and quality of the foils describe was excellent. Thanks @Velasco

The new FG Armstrong boards look amazing …do you feel there is more stability in a given volume when compared to a more standard shape? IOW does the shape contribute to added stability and the possibility of riding a lower volume board ?

From my experience, no, there is not more stability. I went from a 95L Naish S26 5'7" to the 88L FG 5'5". I am 80 KG when I wake up, with gear probably 85/86. It may be the extra 7L, but the Naish 95L is easier to stand on, turn with my feet, and balance in low wind. In strong wind and chop I am managing well on the 88L but don't have the comfort/stability I had with the Naish.  If I stand a little too forward,  the front of the board can sink into the water.

I only have five sessions on the 88L FG board. It is significantly lighter. I am still trying to figure the board out. Mast position matters. I am winging with the 1550v1 foil and 300 tail with the 70 fuselage and 85 cm mast—the more forward the mast, indeed, the more lift. I am still trying to get the position dialed. The board design encourages a shorter stance, which I think is good, but I am also getting used to it.

Last week,  I started on a S26 95L 5'7" Naish Hover board from a S25 110L 5'10 Hover. 6' 81KG dry. First session, 10 to 15 Knots was a seamless transition, but my second session out in the Channel of the San Francisco Bay with strong swell and plus 20 Knots. I kept getting knocked off the board before I could get my wing up. Then I remembered this video, and it was awesome! Saved my session. Lower inner thighs were sore the next day, but locking the board, getting the wing up in the air, then using the wing to help stand on the board with your front leg planted first is a valuable technique when conditions get rough.

I think now I could have gone down to the 85L 5'2" board, but I want to stay married, so I will not be buying another board for a while...

I've been adding rotator cuff exercises to the routine especially external rotation.


and doing scapular and thoracic spine mobility:


Wingsurfing, Windfoiling, Wingfoiling, Wing SUP / Re: Armstrong wing
« on: February 24, 2021, 11:58:25 PM »
I have an Armstrong 5.5. I bought it last year on impulse because I could not find any retailer at the time with a Naish S25 5.3.  I had decided I needed a 5.3 because I had a couple of sessions where I felt overpowered with my S25 6.0 but underpowered with my S25 4.6.

When I started using the Armstrong 5.5, I immediately felt that it provided more power than my 6.0. I sold the S25 6.0 because for my skill level, they were too similar, and the 6.0 was slightly older. I honestly felt the Armstrong wing was arbitrary/mislabeled. However, people advise getting the same brand for your wing quiver so one can switch sizes and still feel comfortable with the sail's characteristics.  I only Stand Paddle Boarded before March 2020, no sailing, wind-surfing, kiting experience.

The more I used the Armstrong 5.5; I love the Y handles. When I feel overpowered on the strut, switching to the lower Y handle causes significantly less stress on my front arm/elbow. When I am underpowered and just slogging with the wing, the Y handles allow more hand/arm positions. You don't need the Y handles for winging, but I believe they expand the wing's usable wind range. 

For me on when up on the foil, the Armstrong 5.5 windows are useless. I really can only see out the windows when slogging.  My closest water access point is the Port of RWC, where I  always have to slog to get out to the wind and slog back in. When slogging back-in, I sometimes have the wing held directly in front of me and the wind on my back, which is one reason why I rule out buying non-window wings,  as one would need to raise/lower the wing continually. When up on the foil windows provide some safety and simple viewing pleasure, it's a negative that the Armstrong 5.5 windows are so poorly placed. Supposedly they are correctly positioned on the 4.5 and 3.5 and useable when up on the foil.

The valve of the Armstrong wing sucks compared to the Naish valve. Deflation is excellent, but inflation can be frustrating. The handles are great.

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