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I think light weight in a wing matters a lot.

In lulls when slogging because you dont have to hold it up ,in pumping because it will allow quicker rate with less effort, in maneuvers & downwind because it will flag nicely even in wind drops and the low inertia will make it easier to throw around out of the way or back into hands,in getting in and out of the water,in keeping it high and safe in the shorebreak...

And Aluula does not absorb water like Dacron,so the weight difference will be even more noticeable unless you never fall :)

Expensive but less than i feared, if an Aluula 5m gets me up on foil like a grunty "normal" 6m and stays usable and fun when overpowered it would be very tempting.
Would make for a great upwind/downwind wing.

The canopy and bladders will become all Aluula based tech too in later versions, at least that was the plan i heard in an interview.

The Aluula material will also be made available to other manufacturers, as production permits.

Anyway,it is a bold move by Ocean Rodeo.Hoping it performs really well.

OK folks and brother RobM below is a video clip of me showcasing the winging Quickstart, Stinkbug, La Cucaracha or Deadman start. Name still to be determined. I am riding my 110 L board. I don't have a small board yet but it is ordered.

Great, looks super quick!

I have to try this, and Stinkbug sounds great IMHO , La Cucaracha would also be legit :).

I have a Gong Matata EPS 5 foot (40l) that is really hard to knee start.
It floats too little but too much for my 75kg... it is a lot of stress on my worn knees and if i screw up the balancing bit it shoots up into the wing.

Once  up it rides super sweet as it is very light,this technique may be just what i needed.
Thx for posting!.

Foil SUP / Re: Kujira!
« on: February 26, 2021, 01:34:45 PM »
I have been told that the new masts do not require shimming of the mast plate.
And that he old masts ride much better with 6 to 9mm shim on the aft part of the plate.
This whole shim business gets kinda confusing :)

-So you are riding old or new mast?
-Carbon or Alu?.
-You shimmed with Takuma shims or DIY?

I have a Kujira 980+OldCarbon mast, i have not used it yet due to Covid travel restrictions enforced lately.
 But i would like to get it in the ballpark angles wise before paddling out :)

For the price we pay they should offer ALL OPTIONS of inserts.. Costs them nothing, weight gain is minimal.. Personally I ENJOY jobbing and CHANGING my front foot.. I want to be good at riding toeside BOTH directions! How can you do that when your board is setup offset?
The "Y" configuration makes sense.. Although I still prefer midline inserts and straps.. Just like my kite surf board

I think we are getting Offset and Switch mixed up.
Offset is when you ride with your feet not centered on the stringer.
Any V strap configuration is going to have some front foot offset on both tacks.

Switch is when you ride with same foot forward on both tacks.
So you can ride switch with or without offset.

Those boom bolts are kind of retro 80's style  :)
I was hoping for some sort of click in system, maybe it is a proto?.

Why not just leave wing leash on the wrist. F-one leash is perfect imho. Having a leash attached to the waist belt is a death sentence in significant shore break.

Actually, in a serious wave, a leash on your wrist and one on your leg is like the roman chariots dragging Spartacus apart. I find hooking both on your waist makes you a spectator instead of a stand-in for Spartacus.

Bill, depends on your put in location. Here is mine typical NW day. https://youtu.be/IhSJDWPQEZU
Good luck with wing leash attached to your waist - I was never able to get out. When it is on my wrist no problem. Yeah and riding in this with no board leash - my blessings.

Wow,that looks nightmarish...
Do you paddle out?
How about getting back in?
There is so few vids of people getting out/in in beachbreak conditions, most are dreamy reef&sandbar locations.
Sells more wings i guess.

I think partial booms,or a semisoft continuous handle with supports are the future.Both could work,both would be better.
That Eleveight design looks great.

The current short,multiple handle concept only makes sense if you want to fit the folded wing into those cute little backpack thingys.
Marketing BS imho,never used mine.

Foil SUP / Re: Mast position fore/aft on the fuselage. Care to speculate?
« on: February 06, 2021, 01:50:37 PM »
I think it should affect the directional stability of the foil ,the yaw axis.
Most tail wings have a bit of curve (vertical stab effect ) and even if they are fully flat they have drag that will tend to align the stab behind the mast.

How this changes the foil behavior in pumping or turns i have no idea :)
I know it makes some foils not suitable for some boards, because the boxes will be to far fwad or back.
The Takuma LOL has the front wing pretty far in front of the mast compared to a Naish foil.With most other foil brands somewhere in between.
Manufacturers should start giving some info on this, something like " xx size wing has the Center of Pressure xx mm's forward from mast plate front screws"

So you could get an idea of foil/board compatibility

I am not able to get on foil below 10kt either,and being realistic 10kt average means 8-12kt gusts and lulls.
But i like foiling with the 6m wing  in it's low range when it is steady, it's a very Zen experience with the flat water and the foil gliding so smoothly.
Kinda hypnotic :)

In winter i get a lot of 20-30kt days.
Above 25kt i am in survival mode with a 4m wing,i have to umbrella it so much that it gets difficult to keep some forward drive.
I will probably get a 3m for next season.

My biggest gripe when it gets to 25kt and gusting is that when you fall the wind easyly picks & flips the board and it can land anywwhere, on me or the wing...i started to use a bike helmet on those days and now i always use it.It is warm :).

Foil SUP / Re: Foilmount shims
« on: January 20, 2021, 10:51:13 PM »
Looks pretty good!.

The shim angles can be measured with trigonometry or with an angle measuring app de for the phone.

If the angle is the same as what you had with the hotel cards it will ride the same,just a better connection.

Wingsurfing, Windfoiling, Wingfoiling, Wing SUP / Re: Axis Foils
« on: January 19, 2021, 09:10:10 PM »
IMHO what Kai might have meant was that you do not flex your knees on a foil as much as when on a planing surfboard.But shortboard surfers flex and extend a lot,all the time.
If you google "kai lenny foiling"-images you can see that there is always quite a bit of bend in his knees.

Even Alan Cadiz ,blasting on a wingfoil in protected water has some very noticeble bend in his knees (minute 2:06 )

But i think i get what DW meant because on foil it feels good to use a bit of a more rigid leg stance,it adds a very stable feeling in pitch.

In the vid you were just doing what the situation demanded with the foot position you had, it looked quite good actually :)

I love this!  thanks for the PDF link by the way, I've saved that for future reference.

Back the point brought up by SanO - I'll say that I haven't noticed a difference between the standing deck angle during flight with several different boards for which I KNOW there is a difference in the angle between the foil and the deck.  However, I have noticed the difference during wave take-off.  I know you don't care about wave count or how it feels to catch the wave - but I do!  I'm pretty sure that for me, once I'm up in the air - the board basically doesn't matter besides the weight.  For me that includes the precise angle of the deck to the foil - I don't think it effects my riding experience.

I've noticed the biggest differences between boards is apparent at the initial wave take-off and acceleration.  It manifests in where my weight needs to be to keep things in control.

Best: my foot position and weight balance fore-aft matches for all three important phases - maneuvering for take-off, paddling for take-off, and flying.

Realistic: my foot position and/or weight balance fore-aft changes through these three phases.  In reality, I get to know the board and the foil characteristics as well as various types of wave takeoffs and manage this through feel.  But there are a ton of combinations to manage and I'd rather not take the first half hour of every sesson blowing waves until I get the right feel.

PS. from having spent just a few days at SanO - you guys down there are totally spoiled.  That's about the most user friendly wave I've ever encountered (I rode it both overhead and piddly small).  For those of us in more challenging waves, takeoff is huge

I agree with this, a one degree mast shim makes a big difference in how the board behaves on
take off but for me it is negligible once in flight.

And the take off is THE maneuver that makes or breaks my sessions,what comes after is the icing on the cake :)

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