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How much for the lot of Gong foils,masts and fuselage and tails?
Just to clarify
The photo shows 2 tails, but only the 40cm surf is for sale. I'm keeping the 55cm and it's not listed.

You have a choice of which size mast 65 or 80. I'll keep the other.

$900 plus shipping. You can text or PM me a offer if you like.

Slasher vest sold

You can still piece together a
 Complete Gong foil for $360

Get it before it's "GONG with the wind";D

Yeah I said it. Plus Shipping from Atlanta GA

Wingsurfing, Windfoiling, Wingfoiling, Wing SUP / Re: Duotone Slick
« on: June 21, 2021, 11:04:04 PM »
The Ke Nalu Xtuff handle came out at 220 grams and worked and fit great.
The shrink wrap was a extra 100 grams that really only seems to have added a little visual benefit

Gong Superpower 9m sold

All Axis mast and plate sold.



Classifieds / Wings *Duotone Slick 7m *Axis stuff *Gong foil + more
« on: June 19, 2021, 05:15:31 PM »
Duotone Slick 7m
2 weeks old, used twice,  like new. Super nice wing $925
Boom not included.

Axis 19mm Alu mast
Base plate NEW $80
90mm NEW $90
65mm used  $50
45mm used $45
plus shipping

Gong Foil * A la Cart*
Fuse, 80cm OR 65 cm mast, and base plate V1 $140 (mast assembly sold together)
 Note base plate is a little ugly as it was played with, counter sunk rear holes enlarged but works fine

Curve / Pro XL $230
Rise XXL $ 160
Rise XL   $150
Rise L  $150
40cm surf tail $70
 plus shipping

Slasher Impact vest, Large.  Great cond. $70
Psycho-tech-5mm-mittens large, used once like new $40
plus shipping

Ke Nalu
Wiki Blade, 2nd (has factory blemish but works fine see photos) very good cond $75
plus shipping

2021 Superpower 9m,  like new, $550
plus shipping

Text me for better photos 770 256 963four

There was a lot of talk about hanging deflated wings causing bladders shifting and going out of position. Leading to blow outs.

I think that's a great board choice. I wish I would have got the 7' version but I'm a little bigger than you and I could have used a very easy board.

Wing size would depend on your normal wind conditions. In my neck of the woods which only has minimal wind a few days each month the the Takoon 7m has been my go to and is a great performer as well. Maybe the 6m would be good for you. (Worth noting not all 6m wings are the same size which makes things harder than they need to be.)

A friend your size uses the 6'7" starboard and the 7m starboard wing in all conditions. 13 to 30 mph and has no plains on getting a smaller wing or board.

Excellent! (Selfishly wanting reviews here.)

I’ll post up what I decide soon.
Better hurry up. By the time I figured out what might be best for me... naturally they are sold out of that one LOL.

based on what I've read, the new V2 mast/fuse is compatible with all but the very old style.. not sure what that old style looked like, but I'm reasonably confident it will fit my Curve XLT. I've got a v2 on the way :)
The V2 mast fuselage combo is compatible with ALL the Allvators wings and tails.

I just ordered a Slick so the question now is what diameter shaft to go with.

I have 2 potential sacrificial paddles to choose from. A  C4 paddle shaft. That is 1.229" (31mm) in diameter.
Or AXE paddle who's shaft is 1.07" (27mm) diameter which is more standard size, the same as my KeNalu paddle which seems too flexy.

I have zero experience with a boom so no iidea which might be better. I can say I still like my AXE paddle, but not the C4 mainly because it's fiberglass blade only used it to loan out. Any thoughts? Is 31mm too big for the wing's pockets?

Random / Re: Doge to a Dollar
« on: April 21, 2021, 10:43:39 AM »
Holding .06 nice Chan. With those doge types I buy a little when it looks like it can't go lower. Then when it doubles i take 50%. Then every time it doubles after that take 50% and so on. I'm too old to HODL

Random / Re: Doge to a Dollar
« on: April 18, 2021, 02:07:55 PM »
It's only up 17,000 % from last year. If i only had held...

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