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Seal it if you’re not foiling it.

If you’re foiling it you gotta get some HD foam on it. I’ll bet DW has a trick in mind. But that’s not your buddy’s fault. That was just waiting to happen set in EPS like that.

It was a proto type for the builder and the price was super low i knew the tracks were the week spot when i bought it and for 2 years no issues for the lake use. But your right it was still just a matter of time. for the price a paid $400 to fix it now id still be ahead as it is a nice board. But now it's time for me to move down in size. It really looks like a better SUP surfer than a foil board any way.   So time to get something else.

No matter what this needs a major repair. The cracks are certainly leakers. And since you can clearly see the tracks under the glass it appears I can also see nothing but EPS that the tracks were set in. There's no way that will work for long, and any kind of simple repair, like just fixing the cracks, will lead to failure down the road. The only surprise is that the tracks didn't rip out completely.
I'm thinking a simple glass patch will seal it up for paddle surfing. But for me replacing tracks seems like another level of repair.

Thanks Dwight that's what I was afraid of.

It's a crossover Skip Smith SUP surfboard that I've been winging on from the beginning. I thinking it may just have to be a SUP only board from this point forward.

It just the very front 1" or so of each track

I let a guy seat on my board. As I tried he lift efoil. By the time I got back to him he drifted close to shore and apparently hit my foil on the bottom enough to damage my boards tracks at the leading edge.

So I'm not sure how to repair this. If you look you can see that the tracks did likely move some for this to happen so I suspect the strength is comprised.

So my question is do I have to have these tracks replaced to fix it correctly? Or is there a easier way to handle a repair.

The Slick I ordered in May just showed up. It looks and feels amazing - one pump with that boom seems to produce way more power than with handles. However, you are right, the bag is worthless.

Had one of these to carry bigger foils and decided to make it a wing bag - it will fit a couple wings, and the miniboom. Not the highest quality piece of gear, but for the price...
Nice bag option, Thx for the tip. I might have one for the 7m for sure. Seems like they could have made the bag longer. Rolled up, one fold below the window and put it in the bag would be great.

Random / Re: Delta Variant is here...
« on: July 25, 2021, 09:26:51 AM »

Glad she is doing fine now.

Hmmm....I guess a question is, Is the natural immunity/antibodies she got from catching the virus better than the vaccine (and/or the potential  booster)?
This is a good question, which is more effective at keeping people out of the hospital. Vacation or previously having CV? How much better is one over the other...

It seems to be another passionate subject that can rarely be logically discussed without emotions steering it down silly rabbit holes. If even someone mentions the statistics that could POSSIBLY discouraged vaccinations, you will instantly be a flat earther. And honestly there is just so little to be gained by pointing out those type of facts, that it almost is pointless.

Thing is like most things in life, vaccines are all about risk to reward. As mentioned Polio and Smallpox are gone because of vaccines that had huge rewards, and extremely low risk. On the other hand if there was a vaccine that prevented the common cold but 5% would get ____ fill in blank ( the flu, cluster headaches, cancer...) Then the risk to reward might not be worth it. Based on what I know about the subject current vaccines are critical for some, and counterproductive for others. The risk to reward varies quite a bit at this time so I'll be keeping a open mind on this subject.

Wingsurfing, Windfoiling, Wingfoiling, Wing SUP / Re: Gong Shipping
« on: July 17, 2021, 07:55:00 PM »
When I looked at private shippers for a gong rigid board it was stupid expensive irrc it was like $700. I don't know anybody who's done it.

Funny thing is Takoon does ship thier foilboards from the same place and it's reasonably priced.
 Personally I like the look of that Takoon Comet wing board a lot.

"Wake thief" on you tube has looked at pumping pretty closely.

Quick tips video here

Longer closer look video.
If you look at min 5:01 you see the step by step break down. I think step 3 of the float, the quick "flick" up, is very important

I'm headed to the southern coast or DR this winter and was really hoping to wing while there. However, I couldn't find any rental shops for wings on the south coast. Any intel? Big, big thanks for any info.
I'd like to know what you find out about the south side. I'd guess like in PR the south would be less consistent for swells and not really get any big winter type surf. No clue about wind but my many trips to the south side of Haiti I never noticed any wind to speak of.

I am interested in the 7.0 Slick. Let me know if you want to sell it.
Thx for the interest but I'm sorry that one is no longer for sale.

XL rise sold.

Gong Rise XXL sold

Duotone Slick 7m, is staying put for more fly time with the new correct size boom.

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