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General Discussion / New Amazing Surf Shop
« on: August 04, 2022, 11:20:42 PM »
Gong calls their new facility "The Space Center," I call it sweet.

New huge retail space and even more impressive is the behind the scene tour.
 A video worth looking at.

Inside look at their business kind of shows why they have grown so fast.

Looks like good option to me.

Some aluminum mast have pop in rubber  plugs. Like a cork in a bottle, you just push them in place. Get a good close tolerance fit and that solves that.

I've used lock tight expansion foam which seems to hold up good too.

Classifieds / Re: GONG Curve L-T Foil Package $400obo
« on: July 27, 2022, 07:49:43 PM »
Nice deal!!

Is the fluid for sale also if so what size is it.?

Tefgel is great.
Only other nice, clean, long lasting option is wax. I use warm water board wax, wetsuit zipper wax/lube is ok too. Other greases are too messy in my opinion.

I wonder how big those battens are. On my swx they are way bigger than on any other wing I’ve seen, to the point that I wonder if their propensity to drop when flagging is due to the heavy battens out where they weigh it down, and not as much from the fabric. My short stint as a sailmaker made me suspicious of having such rigid battens on such light fabric, and lo and behold after pulling it through the surf once they all came unstitched at the ends. So I took them off, and together they weigh 180 g. Idk yet how much of a difference that will make a I haven’t been out with it since. But I did fly it with half of them on, and when luffing the batten side quiet while the non batten side obviously fluttered loudly. This is all to say that I wonder if x-ply doesn’t handle luffing well, and this requires burly battens, that affect the flagging performance?

Edit: looking at that clip above they seem pretty flexible, so different from reedin.
Looks like the new V2 Reedin swx has some changes with the battens added and what looks like some reinforcements


Dig that. At the end he says he doesn't recommend sanding aluminum masts but who wants to try with a little matte clear poly or other matte paint?

Axis is anodized. Gong is painted and not glossy.

Windsurfers, who knew they knew stuff? 😉
This makes the most sense to me as a contributing factor, when we accidently introduce more low pressure on one side of the mast. How much of a factor... maybe more than we would think???
Waxes, nano coating, oils from you hands and uber smooth surfaces all push water away. Replaced by air, so yeah.
 Not sure of any other reason to not have the same rule to "aluminum" masts.  I suspect the only reason he may have not recommended sanding for aluminum mast, is  maybe for concerns of removal of the  protective anodized coating on most brands.

The paint coating on the Gong v2 aluminium mast even thought it's "textured", it is very hydrophobic. Even after sanding one of mine it remained hydrophobic until I got all the texture removed. The paints so thick it might be better to strip it chemically, then paint it, then sand. I'm only sanding my 95cm for now.

The parallel sides of the universal masts are plain ole not going to have as much low pressure at the same mast angle as the more hydro dynamic shape (except for the trailing edge which less likely to cause any control problem. Just maybe more drag which probably wouldn't matter for most of us.

Found the name of this air foil mentioned on a GoFoil thread. Apparently they use it also on there new RS foils, and maybe there GT foils too.
Supercritical airfoil.

Random / Re: Omicron is here
« on: January 13, 2022, 06:21:21 PM »
He did great work pointing out the probably problem of injections hitting veins. And the simple solution of aspirateing injections. (Still not addressed by governments) 

Right On! My wife (a retired nurse) has been complaining about that exact issue when she got her shots. She’s like WTF, is nobody being taught how to give proper shots anymore, or is everyone giving these shots, just some bum off the streets, and not nurses.
Dr. Campbell recently talked about a study from Denmark where the techs are required to aspirate the syringe to insure they are not on a vein.  In a comparison with one of the neighboring Scandinavian countries, this little precaution had significant benefits in reducing heart issues.

I also liked the Dr's interview with Kyle Warner (Kyle and April) pro-mountain biker.  He unfortunately developed some major side effects.  He commented that he had a metallic taste in his mouth at the time of the injection.  The inference is that the injection hit a vein as opposed to the desired muscle tissue.
Hoping for a very positive outcome for him.
Nice to hear. There are so many simple low hanging fruit type things like that, that we could have been doing to save lives but instead we got vaccine / no vaccine tunnel vision.

 A few countries have stoped using Moderna in the under 40 year old's which is another easy thing we would benefit from. An Ontario CA study showed the Moderna shots were about 7 times more likely to cause myocarditis / pericarditis than the Pfizer vaccine in the under 40 crowd... So many easy things could have been done better.

Random / Re: Omicron is here
« on: January 13, 2022, 05:31:02 PM »
My only criticism is he's still a little too pro vax,  and stays away from some of the negative efficacy issues of our vaccines.

I wonder why you view this is a problem?  Are you looking for "experts" who will confirm your opinion or are you listening to experts in order to form an opinion?

The data helps me form my opinion. The experts reviewing the data helps me better understand the data. When some data is ignored, censored, or demonized it makes it harder to be objective. The negative efficacy data is real and plentiful and just deserve a bit more attention IMO.
But in all fairness things are changing so fast it is hard to keep up with and he does a good job with what he works with.



Random / Re: Omicron is here
« on: January 13, 2022, 06:53:00 AM »
We’ve been enjoying this guys daily updates on the data.
Yeah, I like him too. He's pretty objective on most things Covid. I really like his work with the vaccine injured. He did great work pointing out the probably problem of injections hitting veins. And the simple solution of aspirateing injections. (Still not addressed by governments)   He's focus on treatment options is very good also.
The fact he uses international data gives him good clarity. I wish more would listen to him.

 My only criticism is he's still a little too pro vax,  and stays away from some of the negative efficacy issues of our vaccines.

A smaller channel of Dr Been is another good one still very pro vaxx but has a good way of simplifying subjects and tends to covers more treatment options and data than most.

What is the best pump for accurate and higher PSI?
You unscrew most gauges and replace it with a good digital one with a little hardware froms Lows.
0-15 PSI is spot on.

1/8” NPT 1.5” face center bottom mount will replace a duotone gauge with no modification. Use a little Teflon tape and keep the rubber gasket. Mcmaster has them certified. Only issue is the you can’t cut the plug or it will drop glycerin so you burp it with a screw driver otherwise keep it facing up in storage. Pretty nice knowing your psi witching a couple % . I have one one each pump and a spare in my kit.
I found the glycerin filled to be very temperature sensitive, off by as much as 30% as the temp dropped. The digital were far more accurate regardless of temperature. I use them both parallel from 40f to 95f.

The Wright Flyer had a curved underwing.  :)

I probably should have been clearer.
The front 2/3 is convex, like most normal foils, then the rear transitions to concave.  I guess you could say it's a drawn out "S" like bottom.

Cowboy, I think you might regret selling your setup without at least trying the T's. It must be nice to have a used market like California does. I look at your SoCal craigslist stuff and get jealous.

Califoilia, Thanks for catching that, I copied and pasted with the intent to fix those Axis AR ratios but forgot. Edit timed me out.

Solent Foiler, thx for your insite. It would be interesting to compare the LT to the 999 or the 888 and the MT.  That 0.3 volume on the ST seems like a kite only option, or maybe a big wave thing, who knows. To bad these things cost money, LOL.

Fluid LS is 1,080cm / liter (1124 / 1.04)
Fluid LT is 1,313cm / liter (1235cm / 0.94)
ART 999 is 1,193cm liter (1038cm / 0.871)

Just food for thought stuff. If the main appeal of the high AR wings is the glide. Which is mainly due to lower "drag to lift" relationship. Then which is the bigger cause of drag? The cord of the wing, or the volume of the wing?

In aircraft this is kind of settled with guiders and their small cords, But I've never seen a plane with a concave underside of a wing. Flaps extended is the closest thing in aviation, and that doesn't seem the same as what Patrice did here. Both flaps/concave and the glider wing span do compromise speed. And since we want speed, and glide, and maneuverability... Certainly interesting how things progress. Can't help but wonder how many more ways are they going to come I with to get me to happily spend more of my money on this addiction, LOL.

Hi Cowboy, One guy mentioned the new v2 100cm carbon mast and aluminum fuse together weights 3300 grams. The v2 mono block was 2800 grams.  I don't remember the weight on their shorter carbon mast.
I hear they'll also have a Pro fuse at some point in the future.

These fluid wing all came in light in weight. Unlike the veloce with the heavy first run thing.

I'm playing around with tails and lately I like the smaller X-over. But I'm 6'4" and like the feedback and extra length is just a little more comfort like training wheels but you can still crank it hard when you want. And still playing with the small surf and 45 kite/fast. But with the Fluids wings it will take some time to figure what works best for me. Id like to get some other stabs but the next shipment isn't till February...

I think Christian (Solent foiler) is you size. He like his Fluid LS and his Axis 999. I imagine he will pick up a MT or LT if he hasn't done so already. He has tried a lot of gear so I'm looking to his or David thoughts are on these Tall Fluids.

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