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Random / Re: Cover songs.
« on: October 28, 2020, 08:38:38 PM »
Sultans of Metal is so awesome....
Ran across this the other day.
Damn if you don't change the language/lyrics and it still works. No mistaking what you are listening to. Other songs too......
How does that work?

Random / Re: WTFAYLT
« on: October 06, 2020, 09:12:33 PM »
Jump into your car.....or put your headphone things on
Turn it to 11.

Random / Re: WTFAYLT
« on: October 04, 2020, 09:00:56 PM »
Never saw this before tonight.
Gets better the longer you watch it.

SUP General / Re: Man cave photos
« on: August 27, 2020, 09:34:52 PM »
I have a fort......
Never cared for "man cave" for some reason......
was making forts when I was 7..... I got power now..all sorts of it, as much as I need......
Sooooooooo, it's just a fort........only better.
If I open ithe door and take a picture some kinniption might be going here's the front door......
Boy, it's a mess this summer........
What isn't?

Random / Re: WTFAYLT
« on: August 15, 2020, 10:05:30 PM »
Loved this song for years........
never saw this....
I like.....
hope you do too.


Random / Re: WTFAYLT
« on: July 31, 2020, 12:06:59 AM »

Random / Re: WTFAYLT
« on: July 30, 2020, 09:24:34 PM »
Last Thursday in July this year.....
How about these guys..........

Random / Re: Covid-19 - the Second Wave?
« on: July 09, 2020, 12:05:58 PM »
Dallas Morning News

"..........On Tuesday, outfielder Joey Gallo, who has not been allowed to participate in team workouts yet, tested negative for the coronavirus at a private Dallas laboratory using a nasal swab test. It was his second negative test in the last 10 days. But he’s also tested positive twice in the same span using the PCR/saliva test that MLB’s sanctioned lab — Utah-based Sports Medicine Research and Testing Laboratories — uses......"

"....Gallo was first tested on June 27 via a saliva test, which indicated the presence of coronavirus, although he’s been asymptomatic. He took a nasal swab test two days later, which deemed him negative. He then took another saliva test on July 2, and the Rangers received word Sunday that was positive again......"

who knows.
How frustrating that must be.
I do know I really wish it wasn't an election year for something like this to bust out.
still the first wave easily......not even sure if it's coming down the home stretch yet.

Random / Re: WTFAYLT
« on: July 02, 2020, 10:54:14 PM »

Random / Re: WTFAYLT
« on: June 20, 2020, 10:03:22 PM »
I'll find a new song soon..........
.......and keep your hands out of the medicine jar.

Random / Re: The Sunset Thread
« on: June 20, 2020, 09:42:24 PM »
Happy Solstice.

Random / Re: Unintended Consequences -CV19
« on: May 01, 2020, 08:43:37 AM »
Well, interesting times for sure. Not sure where this will ramble off to but....
My wife teaches, two of my daughters do (or have) and two son in laws as well.
Anyways, sounds like the class rooms will be smaller next year. At least here and I would imagine everywhere. 
My first thought, "great, they will need more teachers" and before that's even a finished thought. "oh, no way, states don't have the money...."
So, the idea is smaller classroom sizes. Two 4 hour blocks for the kids. A 4 hour block is your school day.
Well, the states don't want to give up their federal funding so all the "standards" and "no kids left behind" will be the predominate platform.
No time for other offerings is my worry.
Not that those are bad programs in their intent but the way they are implemented handcuffs the teachers and doesn't let many kids come out to their full potential.
There will be online classes or more homework to make up for the loss in "at school time" but I don't think it's really going to add much...…..structure? substance? creativity?
I would imagine the schools will implement everything that has anything to do with their funding into the "at school time" so it can be documented easier to keep the funds rolling in.
Of course, why wouldn't or shouldn't they?
I'm worried we are going to be turning out even more dummy's in mass than ever before.
There isn't going to be money for more teachers, at least from the states. I just don't think so.
Some teachers will be able to creatively focus away from all the garbage and "one size fits all" agenda but for the most part it's going to be "one size fits all" class rooms.
As far as the online stuff goes, my daughters don't live in the most prosperous of communities and parental involvement has never been overwhelming.
With trying to continue the school year this year getting the parents involved with the lessons has been challenging and a mute point for many of their students.
I don't know all the details but they are very frustrated with what they are seeing with their kids. Incomplete, not done, mia, etc.
Some parents are (and always will be) very involved but as this has changed how the kids are getting their lessons the overall interest from parents in what their children are doing is showing.
Conferences and after school activities always seem to have less parental involvement every year. That's not anything new but it does seem to gradually drivel up as time goes by.

So does that mean we see a surge in private schools? The kids with little input from their parents probably won't be attending any of these. Do more of the "brighter" kids move into private schools so that maybe it offsets? I can't see private schools being a big player in many communities. Look across this country. Just ain't going to happen.
I don't systems definitely in for some big changes. Some will be good but I am afraid much will be less than desirable.
There will be lots of good coming out of the online school way of doing things but look across everywhere.
The kids that already have parental involvement at home before all of this will probably be ok for the most part, no matter the setting but you get all these kids where an even bigger chunk of their social time is coming from social media (online schooling = more time for social media) then we going to be turning out a bunch of real gems I'm afraid.

SUP General / Re: DJ's why to wear a leash video keeps on giving..
« on: April 15, 2020, 05:31:31 AM »
Maybe I’m imagining it, but didn’t DJ have another written version of this? Or maybe it was of another incident?
He had two episodes.
The way I remember I think the buoy one was first (just blown away reading that, lucky dude)  then there was one when he realized after just a little while out (with a friend just learning first dw??) he didn't have his leash on.....kept going.....everything was good till it wasn't.
Took a lot of balls and humility to come in and post about it after having been through the nightmare before, knowing better, and what can happen.
It's a good thing those stories still keep popping up.
when that paddle gets away......

Random / Re: COVID-19 Data Model Updated Daily
« on: April 12, 2020, 10:24:24 PM »
Thanks for taking the time to post all this Beesho.

I saw this thread and damn if I was going to look at it...…...and didn't till today.
Looked through the first 3 or so pages and the last 3 or so......going to go through it all sometime soon.
I had literally (yes, literally) terrified myself for a week or so....would not watch any news and barely peaked at online news for a bit as well.
Pretty much stayed away from anything covid.
It's real shit...but...….

Been wondering about a few of the "things" in here....and just wondering.
some random thoughts/observations.

Saw some mass grave in NY. It's used for no next of kin/unkown like people.
I saw a stat that said usually 25 a week. Up to 24 a day here recently. How long, how often, etc....I don't know but happening "now". Think it was linked to the bbc. I read a few sentences.

Drones in Savannah Georgia doing the social distancing legwork for law enforcement. Something like out of some futuristic movie.

I see the "California had it earlier" gaining traction. People around here have really wondered the same thing for a few weeks. Vegas as well I hear.

There is an article in The New Yorker on Sun Valley. Not a bad skim.

Blaine County was coming out with high numbers when testing kicked in. It had flattened out (I think) last I noticed but was still off from rest of state/country=per capita cases.
Roughly 23,00 people and 452 cases. (Idaho was one of the last states to report any cases)
Perfect breeding dish...gondolos, trams, lines all over, crowded bars and restraunts…..
I'm sure there are lots of differences in the proportion of tests given and all sorts of other stuff....

Anyways, lot's of people in Teton County think it was here in January as well. Vegas as well I hear.
I had been curious about the resort areas and the cases in those areas so I looked some up by their counties.

Jackson Hole = same population (53)
Steamboat = same population (36)
Vail = twice as big (452)
Park City = twice as big (68)
Aspen = 3/4 smaller (49)
Crested Butte = 3/4 smaller (101)
Mammoth = smallest of them all at 14,000 (21)
Vegas = 2,000,000 (2,813)

Have no clue what any of that means or if it means anything, especially with all the differences in the amount of tests done, this, that, and everything else about all this...….but I had been wondering about resort areas and how they were faring and what they were seeing,

Be curious to see these antibody tests done on the people who thought they had it earlier in the year.
I know NYC and it's world travelers, it's density, etc. etc. but I think California and Vegas would have had as much exposure to something like this just as early. Vegas has got to be just as bad of a breeding dish as anywhere else in the US.

I knew the numbers would be skewed cuz of the testing and well, all sorts of stuff.
I knew they would go off the charts at some point because of the testing.....
and I still scared the shit out of myself.

Ya'll ever hear of Doctor Steve or his show Weird Medicine?
He's on all that social media stuff.
A sane voice out there.

Thanks again for taking the time to post this Beesho.
I knew it would be.....what it is...a place to get good info....I just couldn't look till today.
Be interesting to see how it has evolved....


Random / Re: WTFAYLT
« on: March 09, 2020, 07:06:06 PM »
and then this one.....
funny how times have changed but.....
some things are always the same...….

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