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Welcome man. I hate seeing a kiter get into winging. You guys progress so fast it makes the rest of us look bad. lol

But seriously, welcome and Iíve yet to meet anyone who doesnít dig it for the reasons you mentioned. You can do it anywhere.

SUP General / Re: HOw in the WORLD?
« on: December 27, 2020, 07:51:57 PM »
You could have maybe hit it from the side but my money is on your paddle hitting it.

That sucks though. Not the easiest repair.

General Discussion / Re: Screen Name Change
« on: December 27, 2020, 07:46:25 PM »
Finally  ;D  :) ;)

Updating progression after 1-2 more sessions.

Iím now solid heelside with take off and flying. Iíve yet to dial topside but can get up on foil switch for a few seconds at a time (10-15 sec). Hoping to dial that soon so I can mow the lawn without crazy falls.

However, this sport tricks you as jut when you get over your crazy falls going straight, you want to start turning and then you go back to spectacular crashes lol. I can make a jibe almost all the way through but I fall off once going the other way. So Iím going to focus on getting toe side and switch riding solid before I jibe on foil. As was said, a big wing is nice because you coast through the turn without having to worry about wing power.

One tip about switch riding which Iím sure (again) kite guys know. My buddy told me to move my back foot towards the rail to offset the wind power instead of the front, which I was doing. Moving my front to the rail threw me into a weird wobbly unstable situation. This of course tracks with the fact that people ride with front straps a lot and obviously canít move that foot. (Duh.) so thats next for me. Get stable and learn to crank upwind switch and then string that together with turns.

Again, Iím still seeing progression with every 1-2 sessions and my buddies who are learning are doing the same. Wild thing to watch.

First, yeah, there were issues early. Just like almost every brand. Iíve got buddies with split Liquid Force Carbon wings, cracked GoFoil masts, loose Naish masts, you name it. We are beta testers. And, I was a pretty shitty human for a chunk of my life. I figured it out (sort of.)

Second, as to the divergence of design, I think we need to remember that no one makes us buy gear. Also, any of these wings at a decent size will do anything a regular human wants to do. Iím not flipping and I donít care if I can hit 30 knots over water. I do care about dragging a tip or feeling like my arms are getting jerked out of the socket whereas if youíre 6í+ and 25 yrs old, you might want a wide, strong wing. Why not serve both of us? If you want to buy gear, do it. But most of us will have a couple of wings (or even one wing) and do fine at the level we want to go.

If you want to perform at the highest level in each discipline and be able to go out on any day in any conditions then you are buying specific gear, be that surfboards, or bikes, or whatever. Iím not that guy. Iím trying to get the most range out of the least ďstuffĒ and Iím not threatened by the fomo of not owning one of everything for the 3 days a year we have waves and 30mph winds for example.

Iíll bet a 2-3 wing quiver of any design works for 95% of the guys here and the other 5% are somewhat in denial lol.

Board-wise, Iíll bet thereís even less reason for a huge quiver for winging once you dial your favorite size.

My goal for 2021 is to settle into a foil set of 2ís. 2 boards (Wing, that I might SUP,  and Prone, which I hope to also wing when itís blowing), 2 foil wings/tails, 2 wind wings (to cover 20 mph range from 10mph to 30mph.)

If I travel to more wind Iíll rent or borrow but I could carry all that in a carload and fly it with a little overage fee. We will see how I do lol.

You guys are tempting me with these low wind speeds. Short guys have it good because we can be lighter but we make bad masts for tall wings lol.

I gotta say, Patrice is aggressive.

I could see picking up a 6m droid or superpower (compact span) for light days here in SoCal. At my size I could fly in 10mph Iíll bet. I gotta borrow a big wing during the next half-assed wind day.

For a smaller wing Iíll still probably look for used 3-4m wings since they are already smaller.

All models lighter and what looks like good materials too. (Ditching the 50 handles, wonder when Naish and others do that too?) Gong has become more than just a Chinese box shop. Especially when you see the facility theyíve invested in in France.

Maybe Iíll even end up keeping my foils long term and just add a carbon mast. 

Foil SUP / Re: First wave!!!
« on: December 24, 2020, 09:18:45 AM »
Thatís a great measured approach to doing this safely, well done.

I agree, thereís something about a wave that elevates (sorry) the feeling. Im loving flat water winging but to me the highest form of that will be winging out to a small wave and doing laps on knee to waist offshore bumps.

Iíve never cared about sailing myself but Iíve been watching these races and love it. The weird flat turns are amazing and seeing the foils hold in the water on the inside of a turn is fascinating once you catch whatís going on.

Do you guys know if the foil pilot (yeah, there is one, why are we all controlling our own foils and trying to steer? 😂) is dropping the angle of attack to hold them in when they are jibing with the foil on the inside?

General Discussion / Re: Wow, I suck at SUP surfing
« on: December 22, 2020, 08:33:34 PM »
Itís cool, they make these things you can attach to the bottom now and itíll fix it.

Foil SUP / Re: First wave!!!
« on: December 22, 2020, 08:26:44 PM »

Foil SUP / Re: Is there a good place to foil on the north shore of Oahu?
« on: December 22, 2020, 08:25:52 PM »
Yes, if at Disney you are rocking that southwest Eva beach area. Tons of foil waves I hear. Find a sandy beach with a mushy wave and no one out and jam.

 Donít go North on the West coast without friends (local friends.)

The North Shore spot is Puena Point but itís busy like San O.

Wingsurfing, Windfoiling, Wingfoiling, Wing SUP / Re: F-One Swing
« on: December 21, 2020, 06:49:33 PM »
44 prototypes for the Strike. If they blow it, itís their fault.

But Iíll note that in the videos it flys fine behind those surfers.

Best wing video yet if you ask me.

Foil SUP / Re: Efoil Vibe
« on: December 17, 2020, 07:04:19 PM »
Weight is def an issue. After having one to use for a couple of weeks I have to say that if I didnít live inland or didnít have a dock to keep the efoil on I probably wouldnít want to own one long term.

Transport, setup, in and out of a beach break all contribute to this. Thereís also the weird disconnect from being powered that is different from surfing and even winging. Thereís something to the natural energy.

But they should replace all jet skis imho. And they are better than not being in the water. Iím interested to see how towing and distance work to make them more interesting and the social element (like motorcycles) is compelling. way more fun in a group. Iím sure itíll grow on me as I get more comfortable as well.

Waydoo guys, have you felt them more prone to porpoise? I had an issue with that the one time I rode one. Wondering if it was small wing. Also mightíve been me. Iím no master foiler. Need to try that one again.

Evan, learn to tow your buddies. Thatís super fun and makes more foilers.

Wind runner, as was said, itís not the lack of pull. You can lock in as hard as you want, you donít need the loop.

But to be clear, the speed is and feels insane. Other than racing someone which I donít care about, I canít imagine needing more speed.

When folks here talk about ďwanting a faster foilĒ thatís because the wing can make more speed than the foil will handle which points to the power transfer being just fine.

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