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The Shape Shack / Cowboy Foil SUP build thread
« on: March 15, 2020, 09:14:58 PM »
I now know why you guys move off of converted SUPs so quickly. The volume at the tail makes it hard to paddle into waves. So, into the shape shack again. I sourced a 4'x8'x4" sheet of 1.5 lb EPS foam locally for $49. Decided I was going to learn to hotwire foam.

Got lucky and got a raw cut which gave me an extra inch of length and width (easy on the comments kids.)

I fudged the nose of the SUP blank with the angled cut to get 6í6Ē and leave enough width for a tow board. I got my 21Ē wide (deck) 48Ē blank. Iíll use the extra off cut from the prone blank to glue on and get me up to 4í6Ē or 4í8Ē or so. (TBD after I get some time on the water on the 5í6Ē)

Hereís the yield:

6í6Ē X 28Ē SUP blank
6í6Ē X 21Ē Prone blank (which Iíll cut down to a 5í6Ē or so, post your recommendations for a 53 year old intermediate weekend warrior)
48Ē X 21Ē Prone/Tow blank (with a 2Ē chine that Iíll soften up and match on the other rail) This will likely become a 2" thick wake foil for the summer.

Not bad for $49 and an 90 minutes of measuring and cutting. Letís order some resin and carbon folks!

The Shape Shack / Alternate high density foam
« on: March 14, 2020, 09:13:56 AM »
Went to the local foam supply and saw these. I will get pricing next week but for fins and foil boxes seems like a good idea.

Anyone have info on these? If it's cheaper than Divinycel I might buy a sheet if anyone wants a few blocks. Comes in 1" to 2" thicknesses. I'm also considering it for stringers with a longboard box set in for foils.

Foil SUP / Foil first steps - Surfcowboy sets out
« on: March 08, 2020, 09:48:44 PM »
Decided to track my foil sessions and progress. Iím hoping for the same 5 to 10 sessions til I start stringing together some flights. We will see.

After my boat lesson, see other thread, today I went out for a paddle to see about catching some waves. Iíve been lax on SUP for a couple of years and so Iíve decided to be as patient as I can and let my skills and stamina come back over time.

Today there was probably a bit too much swell for me, knee to waist sets. So I just paddled for soft waves and practiced timing my turns and fighting to keep the board straight. I probably went for 20 waves and got close to catching a couple to where I could feel the foil start to lift. Iíll get out in smaller waves with some reform if I can and likely start putting together some short rides (and crashes.)

Iím curious as to what size a beginner should be catching. Seems like knee high is about the top of what is wise lol. Also, hoping to start on a specific foil SUP this week as well as I can now see why the tail sinking is bad for getting your back foot into position. But for now, just trying to be patient and let the muscle memory build.

Foil SUP / SoCal Foil boat lesson
« on: March 07, 2020, 06:54:27 PM »
Couldnít get behind a boat in San Diego so when I got back I gave google one last Hail Mary and lo and behold in AirBnB there was a foiling experience.

Peter DeAvila is an experienced captain with a nice little Whaler and an Infinity 6í10Ē x 27Ē FoilSUP and GoFoil Maliko 200 and all the stuff you need. Heís patient, tells you what you need to know, and a great hang.

I went out today and lo and behold I flew!  Conditions were rough and I almost gave up. 2-3 ft swell and 12 knot winds made it hard to stand on the board and taxi. But I got a couple of short flights and felt what I need to feel. There truly is nothing to compare it to. I get it now. The silence, the smoothness, I describe it as sliding over oiled glass.

Iím going to head out and get into some whitewash and see whatís what. If a buddy goes out with Peter, Iím sure Iíll tag along for some more boat time but on any smooth day, this will get you sorted. I had a ball even on a rough one.

I was staggered by how slow the Maliko takes off. 5 knots and I was in the air. At that speed, I never felt in danger and could safely bail whenever I got a bit off. (A lot of the time lol) I can see how in waves people might think this is hairy but on a big wing, behind a boat, you can learn at an insanely slow speed. Really cool.

If youíre in LA and want to see if foiling is for you, check this out. Oh, and yeah, Iím sore from head to foot. This sport is a workout.

Foil SUP / Wing surfer center fin - recycling
« on: February 22, 2020, 03:44:10 PM »
Heard that I'll need a center fin to keep a SUP upwind when I finally start to try that.

Today I recycled a Perfect Storm fin that I broke off my wavestorm.

I'm going to try strapping it around the middle of an old inflatable too putter around the marina. Might also be good for my mother-in-law who wants to try to wing but doesn't want to foil... Yet.

It's got a 1 1/4" wide slot for a webbing strap to get cinched through. We will see if the base plate will keep it upright. Might have to glue on a wider plate.

Training, Diet, and Fitness / Gotta get back to SUP
« on: February 22, 2020, 08:19:46 AM »
Did a session with Tom in SD last week. (Soooo appreciated btw, thank you) and it was my first Surf SUP session in a year. Lots of reasons but mainly Iíve wanted to focus on prone skills.

One, your surfing translates. I am a far better SUP surfer for taking the last two years off. And two, while different, I will now maintain that standup surfing requires a level of fitness that is actually beyond prone surfing. Sure, my shoulders and back are stronger for long boarding these months. But my body and heart were way more worked in 90 min of SUP on a shorter board (7í5Ē.) so while Iím about to start a foil adventure, Iíll also be SUP foiling for sure and hope to build another 9í-ish SUS board too.

Both or all 3 kinds of boards will be on my car this year.

Pono, that SD paddle out is a bear, no?

Foil SUP / Bump Cap - less kooky foil head protection
« on: February 11, 2020, 08:34:26 PM »
In what is my weirdest build yet, Iím customizing a bump cap for foiling head protection.


Itís a plastic shell that fits into a baseball cap and provides just enough protection to keep you from getting stitches (maybe.)

Iíve sprayed mine black, out it under a trucker cap for water use and am putting some 1/8Ē EVA inside it. (Hobby Lobby or any craft store sells this for a buck a sheet.

Iíll post up pics and results as I get it done. But it looks like youíre just wearing a cap. Iíll probably try to get a strap or at least a lanyard on it to keep it in place a bit but I dig it so far and even without itís worth wearing I think.

Will it protect you from a cracked skull? Does it cover all your head? Is it approved by any agency? No.

But itís surprisingly effective and will certainly be an unobtrusive improvement over my bare skin. Check it out, if you do nothing but put it in your cap itíll stop stitches or a fin cut. If you pad it at all youíll be pleasantly surprised and it could keep you conscious from a hit.

Iím trying Super 77 spray glue first to hold the EVA. Maybe also could source some EVA with that sweet 3M adhesive?

Iíll keep you posted on mods and how it works. I think I might even wear this surfing if I can make it reliable in the water.

Iíll also try to share my padding templates.

Foil SUP / San Diego Kook out - first foiling spot?
« on: February 11, 2020, 08:21:51 PM »
Hey guys, Iím going to be in SD for a week starting Friday. Going to do a boat session Friday or Saturday and then I need a spot (hopefully near Pt. Loma) where I can kook out in small waves. (Forecast permitting.)

I was thinking of finding an empty stretch of whitewater at Pacific Beach. Anywhere else I should look?

Also, Iíll be bringing a stack of gear so if anyone wants to meet up Iíd love to do it if we can work it out. (Linter, Iíll be warming up your phone to hang for sure. Tom, you around?)

Foil SUP / Gong Allvator - Review thread
« on: January 13, 2020, 05:53:37 PM »
And so it begins...

I just ordered a Gong Allvator XL foil with an extra 45 cm mast for myself and my main surf buddy to learn to foil on.

Why you might ask did I choose the Gong?

Partly because no one else will admit to having one and really do a decent review. Same for the Alibaba foils. So frustrating that no one will really tell people whether or not they are a valid option for learning to foil.

Yes, I am 50% sure I will end up owning another foil at some point. (Likely something red that rhymes with ďPraxis BoilsĒ) but I just couldnít see spending that much bread on my starter wing while I figure out what wings do in the first place. The Gong is big and slow and cheap to fix/replace while I learn how shallow the rocks are at my local breaks.

I am 100% sure that I can get a decent return on this if I should sell it.

I am also 100% sure that I will hack and mod the hell out of this thing so I appreciate the modularity of their stuff.

Paid just under $600 shipped to SoCal.

The plan is to share this with my buddy til we decide if we want to keep on. If we dig the Gong, then he will buy a rig and Iíll probably add another wing (pro high aspect?) and likely another, smaller stab which I can ride while I hack the original in various ways. For $600-700 each we can have a few wings, stabs, and masts to experiment with til we know what we are doing or what we really like.

Heís also mainly a proner and much better than me so itís likely we will run different wings in the same conditions.

I am not an ambassador. I have no attachment to being right, and clearly am skeptical of this thing. I also donít have any ego about what gear I own. Hopefully this will be a good source of info beyond ďyeah they workĒ which is all Iíve gotten from English speaking foilers.

If this is the foil version of Jimmy Styks we are all about to know and it will be announced plainly. And if you own one, or have, feel free to contribute to this thread as well.

Iím preparing my friends and family to lose me to #foilbrain. Wish me luck.

Foil SUP / Technique question - slowing down?
« on: January 08, 2020, 11:42:33 PM »
Just had a weird thought. Am I right that thereís no good way to stall a foil? Do they just breach?

How do you slow one down? Can you, or are you just along for the ride? lol

Random / Pluto TV free surf video channel
« on: January 05, 2020, 03:40:40 PM »
If you have a streaming tv box (or web or mobile browser even) you can get free surf movies on Pluto TV. Ad supported just like regular TV so no catch.

YouTube is great, but sometimes I just want to watch a long form film jut run for me with no thought to choosing lol.

Foil SUP / Small persons guide to foil gear - 120lbs to 160 lbs
« on: January 04, 2020, 08:07:47 AM »
Ok, it had to be done. Mainly because Iím finally going to dip into this sport over here. (Finally to a place where a small injury wonít endanger my business and family to be honest.)

For those of us under 160, whatís a good size to learn to surf foil on?

Do we go big 1500 cm+ and keep it for downwind or tiny days when we are better? Or do we pick something smaller that will be more appropriate day to day?

I canít believe  that steamroller and I would find the same foil ďrightĒ in the same waves. lol

Iíll remind you all that BluePlanet sells a 65cm wingspan foil as a starter foil and a lot of folks here learned on Takumas and smaller Naish wings. Was that just a bad idea that weíve moved on from now? (Robert, not implying anything here btw, I just trust your knowledge 100% and so it interests me that you had that foil on the market as a starter. Though I know that your ideas may have evolved as well since your ďrealĒ recommendations are the larger carbon foils.)

Can we smaller framed folks scoop up these deals now that yíall big boys have moved on, or should we be learning on larger wings too?

Foil SUP / Used foil wings - whatís good, whatís to be avoided
« on: January 04, 2020, 07:56:59 AM »
On the ďfirst foil rigĒ thread I realized that I had a solid question forming that bears discussion.

Now that weíre seeing deals on used and close out gear, whatís good?

Also, whatís to be avoided.

Specifically, what gear is now not cutting edge but still worth a look?

GoFoil, obviously. But for example, a ton of people 2 years ago were learning on Naish L foils. Are those too hard compared to the newer XL+ wings, or are they a solid choice for a beginner?

Those further down the road, pitch in what you know please.

Hers what Iím seeing out in craigslist land.

Naish L
Slingshot 76
Cloud 9 S24
Ride Engine (everything)

These are all over. Are they to be avoided? Is the inexpensive option now just an XL Gong as opposed to any used ďLĒ sized foil and leave these to the soon to be giant ranks of wake foilers on all the lakes?

Post up!

Ok to gather some info in one place (I have no horse in this race, I just love organized data) I propose putting you stats for minimum and comfortable wind ranges for tour size and rig as a way for folks to easily start to calculate flight info.

Example, clay said that on his 7 m kite wing at 200 lbs and 1700 foil wing he couldnít foil at 15 mph but 20 mph wains worked.

At 15mph on a 2400 foil it worked with some effort.

If this seems helpful, post up.

Random / Electric Skateboards - Meepo Campus 2
« on: September 09, 2019, 08:15:39 PM »
Started skating again at 53. Just needed a dry land hobby. Too far to the beach to get out enough and flat days can leave me off the water for 2 weeks. Bought every pad you can wear and a helmet and humbled myself on my local sidewalk.

Got comfortable after a week and then noticed my Achilles on my push leg was killing me. Did some research and found Meepo boards. Checked craigslist and found a used Campus 2 for $225 and grabbed it. They are $300 new.

Hereís the first takes after 3 days of tearing around the empty streets of my hood.

These things are waaaay too fast for a sane adult. Mine has the smaller battery and a single motor and hits 17 mph. Iím comfortable up to about 10-12. There are 4 modes and Iím rocking #2 and unlikely to go beyond that unless Iím being chased.

The range is 10 miles. If youíre an adult, good luck with your calves and shin muscles holding up for more than may 2-3 miles at first. This has been great for my lower body since Iíve not been paddling much these days.

Having brakes and removing the need to push takes most of the hardest parts of skating out of the equation. I cannot see why brakes arenít on every regular skateboard made. Iím going down hills I wouldnít have taken with less fear. (Note, you still need to know how to stop as these things can fail of course.) and know that the Campus 2 doesnít have the smoothest breaking, thatís the main place I see the lower price.

The carving feels exactly like snowboarding. Iím literally snowboarding down my empty street every evening after work for 20-30 minutes. I love it. Iím now working on mellower elbow pads and maybe switching to slider gloves instead of wrist guards so I can get in and out of errands quicker. My lunch trip today was an adventure and Iím surf training at the same time. (Itís crazy the difference swinging your shoulders makes in your turning radius. Btw)

Cons? Cars have no idea you are on the planet. Iíll not be riding this thing anywhere but a super quiet residential street or bike path. But the sidewalks are fine on this thing so who cares. And this little dude isnít going to power up serious hills with the single hub motor so flat land only unless youíre upgrading to dual motors.

I love it and love having an electric vehicle. These things have hit the magic spot where the cheap tech is as good as the average person needs. If youíre looking for a fun goof off board, this one is a lot of fun and for $400 there are versions that will blow your mind.

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