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Classifieds / Jimmy Lewis Super Frank Lean 7'6" - $725
« on: July 13, 2020, 10:19:49 AM »
Located in Charleston, SC, great board, no issues, it just pretty much got replaced with foiling. Great deal on this board, 7'6" x 29.5", 100L.

Foil SUP / Re: JL Flying-V 6'5" and GL Maliko 200
« on: June 19, 2020, 05:38:26 PM »
Keeping this going - got out for a session this AM after a few weeks without because of work/lack of waves. Again, I'm sure this has been stressed but wave selection/type is everything. Spent the first 45 minutes or so struggling at one spot with a bit steeper waves, a bit bouncy and disorganized due to current/tide. Went back to our normal spot and even though it lacked size (knee high or so) it was definitely much easier. I can see wanting to get into bigger waves but definitely nothing steep, just a bigger wall of water, and by bigger I mean like stomach high tops at this point.

I think I'm going to maybe plateau a bit with just riding along, basically setting the trim and going in one direction, mainly working on keeping it going in the flats, etc. I'll keep updating this thread as I go, 12 sessions in now.

SUP General / Re: Boost Fin Video
« on: June 14, 2020, 05:21:06 PM »
Save your money and get a foil, ha.

Foil SUP / Re: JL Flying-V 6'5" and GL Maliko 200
« on: June 02, 2020, 02:01:18 PM »
Ha, I'll say this on the 6'5", I'm probably 10 sessions in, and another prone foiler already said you need a smaller board.

It will be great to learn/progress on, but I could definitely see cutting some volume and length down. It's a great board, don't get my wrong, it's getting me going in knee high rubbish and is really easy to control, but........yeah progression will take over at some point.

Foil SUP / Re: JL Flying-V 6'5" and GL Maliko 200
« on: May 31, 2020, 07:14:33 AM »
Thanks for the review APPST.  I've been thinking about getting in but have been holding off for a while.  Now that Summer is here with small waves and long rollers that tend to not break around the inlet near me it seems like this could be the right size setup for me (6'3", 190, no issues with winter gear on a 110ltr board).

Yeah definitely, e-mail Marlon Lewis (Jimmy's son) he will get you setup right, I think you would have no problems, again I think I could have gone smaller. Stability is a non-issue on the 6'5". I think 5'11" in the small stuff would be a bit hard to get going, but I definitely wouldn't want anything bigger from my brief experience. PM me if you have any questions.

Foil SUP / Re: JL Flying-V 6'5" and GL Maliko 200
« on: May 26, 2020, 09:57:31 AM »
Cool!  My big JL board was a real help to figuring it all out. Definitely good boards. And, yes, those foot marks were VERY helpful in the beginning. I started from scratch so it took me a little longer. 13 sessions and many crashes before I caught a wave...hooked from that point on with zero desire to surf a regular board. ;D

Yeah, so I'll say this - having good overall SUP skills such as stability on a smaller board, already paddling with a staggered stance into a wave, J-stroke, etc. is one portion of the equation, knowing how a foil reacts to foot pressure is another (got that from kiting), and then lastly, and this is key, wave selection. Wave selection is probably the biggest key - case in point, I went out off the main peak I normally SUP surf, on a waist high day. No one around, etc. but I couldn't really take a wave because they were all dumping too quick to get up on foil at my skill level.

I left and went down to the point/inlet break where the waves barely break, just long bumps of water moving in, a bit smaller and had a blast. Probably caught 15 waves on foil, no issues. Just keep this in mind learning, wave selection is probably the biggest success factor IMO.

PS - I'm not sure 5'11" would make that much of a difference compared to the 6'5".

Classifieds / Re: Jimmy Lewis Super Frank Lean, 7'6" - $750
« on: May 26, 2020, 03:37:29 AM »
Ok, maybe this time, sorry for the multiple posts.

Classifieds / Re: Jimmy Lewis Super Frank Lean, 7'6" - $750
« on: May 26, 2020, 03:36:54 AM »
Price drop, too many boards in the garage.

Foil SUP / Re: JL Flying-V 6'5" and GL Maliko 200
« on: May 24, 2020, 10:54:58 AM »
5 sessions in, totally hooked. I'm pretty sure my normal SUP's are going to be sold off for the most part. Perfect conditions this AM, no wind, incoming tide, thigh/waist high hump in the inlet, barely breaking just a nice long bump. Getting good consistent 20-30 second runs on foil, a few quick observations:

1. Gear matters, really glad I waited awhile and grabbed a solid GL and Jimmy Lewis setup. Probably could have gone with the 5'11" Flying-V, but for now, the 6'5" will work.

2. Wave selection/rest between rides is key. When you are learning obviously your body doesn't have the muscle memory, and it's a lot work on you, when you fatigue or are breathless your stability gets off. Getting a nice little bump that isn't going to pitch is important, I really can't imagine doing a beachbreak at this point. Actually I tried this morning because the park where the inlet is was closed until 8 AM, night and day difference. You have to have a wave that is basically not breaking, especially when learning.

3. Foot placement is the main factor on success it seems. You will learn weight balance with the foil from boat/kite whatever, that's a prerequisite. The main thing with the SUP is getting your front foot on the stringer at take off and back foot on the foil (although it can be a bit off center). JL with the marks on the pad helps initially to get a feel.

If anyone is debating getting into it, do it, it's the most fun I've had since learning to kite. It's also a phenomenal workout.

Foil SUP / Re: JL Flying-V 6'5" and GL Maliko 200
« on: May 17, 2020, 03:31:12 AM »
Nice setup! I kite foil also, really helps with Sup foiling. Keep in mind if your getting worked on that wing, step down to the Iwa, for more powerful waves. Wish I had that info when I got my setup. That board will feel smaller as you progress. Another good tip is to keep both hands on the paddle when on foil, till you get your muscle memory dialed in.

I could try the Iwa, my friend has it, but frankly, when the surf is good (this weekend) I'm still going to regular SUP. Tool for every condition, ha.

Classifieds / Jimmy Lewis Super Frank Lean, 7'6" - $850
« on: May 16, 2020, 03:46:49 PM »
Great board, I took the deck pad off just because I like wax better. Love this board, but....need room for the SUP Foil, 7'6" x 29-1/2", 100L. Pretty stable for my 175 lbs, good for mushy, east coast surf.

Let me know if you have any questions, I'm in Charleston, SC, no shipping.

Foil SUP / Re: JL Flying-V 6'5" and GL Maliko 200
« on: May 15, 2020, 12:20:53 PM »
Yeah they are, pretty helpful starting out actually. I'll measure I'm guessing it's roughly 3'.

2nd session today, perfect foil conditions I would say, maybe a bit big in spots with the swell, but mushy waist-stomach high. Got about 5 decent runs, foot placement and being squared up before the wave is the primary key. That and probably good gear from JL and GoFoil.

Foil SUP / JL Flying-V 6'5" and GL Maliko 200
« on: May 15, 2020, 04:02:43 AM »
Finally got out on my first session with the Flying-V and a GoFoil Maliko 200 setup. Background far as foil, no boat, learned with a kite pretty easily. Obviously kite foiling is a lot easier because of the control of power, etc, but at least I know the weight transfer and general feeling of foiling. I've been kitefoiling for about 8 months (probably 25 sessions or so). I'm 6', 175 lbs for reference.

Jimmy Lewis Flying-V Overview:
-First off, great looking board, I expect it from JL, but man, it's a cool looking board. Foot placement markings are really helpful.
-I'm glad I went with 6'5", it's a bit of a struggle to get going to begin with, but getting my feet in the right spots over the foil is really easy because of the length.
-Plenty of volume/stability.

So, overall I got up on two waves in roughly a hour and a half, one ride was pretty long - 400' according to my watch, and it was basically gliding on whitewater, really worked on keeping it down, so I was probably 9" or so off the water, but smooth glide. The GL 200 as I got a bit used to it on take offs seems to be pretty forgiving on not being exactly centered. Foiling on this small of a SUP is pretty exhausting as well, as with anything you are learning, it's a lot of getting your muscles/body used to it. Long story short, I don't think it will take a ton of time to get to flying on a normal basis, but perfecting it will take some time. I'll keep reporting back, I definitely see some SUP's getting sold because of foiling.

Foil SUP / Re: First Foil Setup Thoughts
« on: May 08, 2020, 06:44:48 PM »
Probably going out on my first session in the AM, should be a little knee to waist high bump, going to an inlet where the waves basically don't break, 6'5" JL Flying-V, GL Maliko 200 foil, 24" mast. I've watched videos, etc. pretty confident on a foil on a kite, pretty much riding strapless no issues, it's second nature. So I at least know the feeling of the foil, and how to control it initially. I'm guessing this thing is going to have a ton of lift.

Any suggestions for that first session? I know wave selection is key, and I will be picky, trust there won't be anything with any steepness. The one thing I forgot was a coiled leash, I have a coiled calf leash that's 10' for my longboard, should I use that or just go with a standard 7' ankle leash?

Foil SUP / Re: First Foil Setup Thoughts
« on: May 01, 2020, 03:14:50 AM »
6'5" JL Flying-V on it's way, GL Maliko 200 setup, kid on Christmas, now I just need decent access to the beach. Right now, the beach 5 minutes away from me has a 24/7 checkpoint on all non-residents of that small beach. The other beaches 35 minutes from me have a 7-7 checkpoint, which does provide a window to surf before or kite after, so I guess it will work for now.

Any videos other Blue Zone SUP tutorials or anything else anyone found extremely useful?

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