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Very nice Slyde.  8) Pretty much exactly what we were envisioning. Good point about the wire routing, hadn't considered that.

I'm building my own foil drives. I'm at V 2.2 right now.

Funny, I was just talking about this at the beach yesterday. We were discussing putting a hole all the way through  the deck and mounting the battery pack longitudinally right above the foil. Heat sink would be exposed on the bottom of the board.  That would make it nice and low profile and mitigate the heat and swing weight issues.

Yep, that's the one. You can clearly see the failure at the stitch line.


Wow. OK, actually that's not my friends wing. I just checked out the SB thread and that's a different person with a nearly identical failure. Definitely a design issue.

My friends wing failed at the front of the rear handle. The SB wing failed at the front of the front handle. Also, the SB wing got hit by a wave. My friend was up and foiling with no surf or anything like that going on.

That shop makes me turgid.

At your weight the 2400 is WAY too huge. The 1850 is a good wing to learn on, but since you can already get up on foil the 1550v2 would be a better choice. It pumps up on foil just as easily as the 1850, but has much better glide and speed without getting into the "stall and fall" issue that the HA wings have.

Welp. The new Unit has a definite design flaw.

My friend was just winging along and the center strut exploded at the front of the rear handle. The fabric tore completely through. :(

Looking at it it's pretty obvious the rigid attachment plate on the handle combined with stitching through the fabric causes a stress point on the weakened fabric.

Wing was nearly new and had never been overinflated.

You should give pogies a try. They take some getting used to, but are super warm, especially for something like winging where you don't have water constantly flushing through them.

FWIW I used to whitewater kayak a lot in winter. One good solution I found was neoprene waterski gloves with leather palms then I'd melt surf wax into the leather with an iron. Super grippy, great paddle feel, and never wore out. Might work for winging too.

My friend has one of the Alchemy fuses. It's pretty sweet, fantastic idea, but not sure I'd really go that route unless I was REALLY into mixing and matching different brands of foils, tails, and masts.

Ive considered making the switch too, but am holding off till my skills get better. If I were to go to Axis I'd definitely get the Project Cedrus mast. Especially for a bigger guy that's jumping.

I can't say enough good things about a reel leash on a belt. The key trick is to put a short chunk of regular leash between the reel and the board so it's not constantly tugging and it provides some spring when the reel hits the end of its travel. I absolutely HATE the way leg leashes get tangled up in the foil and on my toes and the way the skip on the water is mildly annoying. The reel is completely out of the way and never gets snagged on my feet. And I can kick the board away when I'm crashing and it's LONG gone and well clear of me when the crash happens.

It's up on Armstrong's website, Now to see how they did.

I sewed a few belt loops around my vest like Bill and threaded a WIP hook belt through them. Works fantastic. Better than I could have imagined even since I'm regular and the opening is on the right. This allows me to line up the buckle on the right, over the other buckles, and get free sliding on the hook over to my left hip to get it out of the way if I need to paddle or hook in for toe side. Not a ton of support, but its not bad because it's over the back padding on my vest.

Wingsurfing, Windfoiling, Wingfoiling, Wing SUP / Re: Long swim
« on: December 27, 2021, 08:59:00 PM »
No leash involved. I just pull the chord (wingspan?) line a bit up into the wind (maybe 20 degrees), and push down on the wing tip a bit past where it bends around from the leading edge. Sometimes a little push up on the leading edge helps, but mostly it just levers the rest of the wing up and it catches the wind and flips right side up on its own. Since it's blowing somewhat over my head the leading power handle is right there to grab and I'm all set up for a stinkbug.

Wingsurfing, Windfoiling, Wingfoiling, Wing SUP / Re: Long swim
« on: December 25, 2021, 07:20:59 AM »
I finally tried a few different approaches to flipping the wing and managed to do it by holding a wingtip down and pulling on the leash. I was prepared to hang on to the wing tightly if the leash parted.

FWIW flipping the wing when you're in the water is super easy if you just let the wind do it for you. I pull the wing around so I'm slightly downwind of it on one wing tip. Then I just push it down under the water. The wind catches the leading edge and it auto flips. I find it much easier to flip the wing in the water than to try and balance on my board and lift the wing high enough to flip it.

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