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Gear Talk / Re: SUP Sports "Hammer": 8'11"x31" or 9'5"x31"
« on: May 29, 2016, 08:24:36 AM »

That good call of mine on my choice of fin quiver, that's because you post a lot of videos and I soak up everyone of them, info wise, like a sponge. I'm always looking for "details" in your videos.

I do like those Seafoam green colored fins. They're the "cat's meow".  8) I know these Seafoam colored fins would look good on an all carbon Hammer 8'11"x31"x4" @140 liters.....if you get my "drift".  ;)

Gear Talk / Re: SUP Sports "Hammer": 8'11"x31" or 9'5"x31"
« on: May 28, 2016, 01:25:00 PM »

Anyone lurking on this site (who isn't registered as a member) who is as light as I am physical weight wise and looking at a Hammer 8'11"x31" has to be loving this topic thread because of the great info which is being discussed.

On your Central America trip, Deb is paddling that tri-color 8'11" Hammer in that small pond. At the 13 second mark of the video, all 5 fins are shown. They are 2 (5"), 2 (4") and the 1 (2.25" trailer). I'm thinking of using that setup for lake paddling. Then for playing around in the surf, removing just the 2.25" trailer and keeping the 4 fin quad setup.

But, I'm also thinking on purchasing one of your larger weed style fins so I can have a 2 + 1 thruster setup. I hope my logic is sound. If not, feel free to enlighten me.

Gear Talk / Re: SUP Sports "Hammer": 8'11"x31" or 9'5"x31"
« on: May 27, 2016, 09:36:54 PM »

Looks like you and your wife had a nice trip weather wise. Not so nice weather wise where I live for the last 24 hours. We had a heavy rain system sit on us in southeast Texas. It never moved for 24 hours. During this time, the rain total at my home was...........19".  :o The subdivision lake which was 100 yards from my home, is way out of it's bank and is now 50 yards from my home. I'm lucky I live on a hill in our subdivision.

If you think 140 liters is good for me at my 145 pound physical weight, then I'll go with that. Deb is throwing me some curves though. On her custom Hammer 8'11"x31" in your Central America trip, she is using a 5 fin setup. On this river trip, she is using a 3 fin setup. And the fin lengths in both videos are different.

I'm going to tell my wife I'm going to order a second sup and hope she doesn't throw all the dishes in the kitchen, plus the kitchen sink, at me. I don't have a PayPal account, but I've got credit cards (Visa, Mastercard). With the credit card companies now concerned about credit card fraud, above a certain money limit only they know, they put a hold on them if the amount goes above their fraud limit. I'll have to call ahead and tell them I plan on making a large purchase so it will go through. The one bad habit I have, I'm not a cell phone person so getting in touch with me is a little tough since my old flip (dumb) style cell phone.......sits in a draw in my home when I go out.

Instead of making a $500 deposit, I'd rather just make one payment, paying it off in full. When I get done licking my wounds my wife is going to inflict upon me, I'll give you my home phone number in a private message and you can tell me the exact price just in case I want a 6th fin (since the fin setup for Deb on the two trips I've seen of her in videos, the fins are different sizes).

Gear Talk / Re: SUP Sports "Hammer": 8'11"x31" or 9'5"x31"
« on: May 27, 2016, 06:20:08 AM »

I've now sold my kayak and have room in my garage for the Hammer. I'm now thinking of an "all carbon", instead of the SUPer Lite, Hammer 8'11"x31", Quad + 1 fin setup, Seafoam green color, 2 vent holes and a picture of it is below this message. I want to do 75% flat water (lake) paddling since I have a 25,000 surface acre lake 25 miles from my home and I want to play around in the surf zone since the Gulf of Mexico is 90 miles from my home so that would be 25% of the time.

The 5 fin setup we can bypass for right now but I was thinking about 2 (5"), 2 (4") and 1 (2.25") trailer. What I'm most concerned with is the volume of the board. A production Hammer 8'11"x31" is 148 liters. Since I'm 5'8" tall and only weigh 145 pounds, since this would be a custom board, I need to know if the 148 liters would be too much for my weight. In other words, I don't want to be too high off the water where the board feels "corky" (not stable because of my 145 pounds).

As an example, my Hobe 12'2"x32" is 238.5 liters and it can transport all of my fishing/camping gear (tent, sleeping bag, fishing rods, tackle box, etc) and the board does not feel corky to me. But if I'm taking it for a paddle cruise with no gear strapped on her, she does feel corky to me (like the board is too much volume for my light physical weight). BTW, I've been at my 145 pound weight for the last 25 years so my weight does not fluctuate.

I've seen some custom Hammer boards at this length which range from 120 to 140 liters. This means I need your expertise on the liters of volume for me based on my weight and what I want to use this sup for. Oh, one more thing, how much would a custom board like this cost?

Gear Talk / Re: SUP Sports "Hammer": 8'11"x31" or 9'5"x31"
« on: May 25, 2016, 11:19:47 AM »

Hope the kayak sells quick, Wing.  I've never regretted letting mine go.  Deciding on the paint is an important decision and can make you crazy.  I let my daughter design mine...

A little progress report. I sold my kayak yesterday (Tuesday) and one of my two carbon paddles (second carbon paddle was a "spare"). Now I've got space in my garage for the Hammer.

SUP General / Re: Why did you become a member of this forum?
« on: May 21, 2016, 05:04:42 AM »
As the body ages over time, the body basically starts breaking down. I'm 145 pounds and at my age of 66, I started having back problems. Moving my 55 pound kayak around on dry land just aggravated my back problems. Since I've been an avid outdoors person all my life and I wanted to keep active on rivers, lakes, bays and offshore, I didn't want to give that all up.

My orthopedic surgeon told me basically my kayaking days were at an end because if I kept up trying to  carry my kayak over jetty rocks at my age, my back problems were going to get much worse where a back operation was going to come sooner rather than later. He suggested if I got into standup paddling, my back problems would subside where a back operation wouldn't be needed.

Since I love to fish and camp, I bought as my first SUP, a Hobie ATR-2, 12'2"x32" which has 14 tie downs on the board. This let me take my tent, sleeping bag and other gear and let me transport it to different places on a 22,000 acre surface lake where I could camp and fish overnight on the lake. The lake is just 25 miles from my home. BTW, the Hobie weighs 29 pounds and my back problems started to go away.

I decided I wanted a second standup paddle board where I just wanted do some flat water cruising on lakes. I also wanted the board to do double duty and be able to cruise the back bays, salt marshes, along the beachfront and play in the waves in the surf zone of the Gulf of Mexico since the Gulf is just 90 miles from my home. So I used the internet and found this site. I lurked here for 6 months gleaning all the info I could and then I decided I wanted to become a registered member of the "Zone".   

Gear Talk / Re: SUP Sports "Hammer": 8'11"x31" or 9'5"x31"
« on: May 20, 2016, 05:40:01 AM »
Since I've decided on the Hammer 8'11"x31", I've been looking at many of the custom Hammers on WarDog's site. I like a plain clean look and the photo below is one that caught my eye. It is a picture of Deb's all carbon 8'11" two vent hole Hammer in seafoam green color. I can't see the fin configuration underneath the SUP; but I'm guessing it's a quad fin setup with, side fin wise, two 5" and two 4" fins. BTW, the SUP Sports logo at the top of the board and the pinstripe around the entire board set it off really nice. Almost forgot, I like the black deck pad without the cutouts in it.


Gear Talk / Re: SUP Sports "Hammer": 8'11"x31" or 9'5"x31"
« on: May 18, 2016, 08:45:50 PM »
Getting something past my wife is hard to do. She has a PayPal account. I don't. The "dirty bag" trick won't work either because I don't have a board bag. My camping/fishing Hobie SUP is 12'2" long. Kind of hard to hide the Hobie since it is the only SUP I own. She can count too and has seen the word "Hobie" on the side of the rails since last Fall. Lastly, a Hammer at 8'11" is basically three feet shorter than the Hobie with the words, "Hammer" on the rails.

Basically, I'll have to cross all these bridges when I come to them and those bridges will come when I sell my 14'9" sot kayak.  ;)

Gear Talk / Re: SUP Sports "Hammer": 8'11"x31" or 9'5"x31"
« on: May 18, 2016, 02:32:17 PM »
You should see how much information you could glean from a trip to Santa Barbara and Wardog's shop!  A demo is worth a thousand words, and a trip to SB with someone you love might just be priceless.

Right now, my "love" doesn't know I'm planning on purchasing a second SUP. If she knew, I might be in the doghouse for a few "months".  ;) I would like nothing better to visit WarDog's shop, but that would be like "having a child fall asleep in a candy store and waking up and finding the candy store is locked up for the night and the child is the only one in the candy store. The child, with hundreds of pieces of candy all in front of him/her, wouldn't know what piece of candy to eat first while waiting for morning when the shop re-opens."  :)

Gear Talk / Re: SUP Sports "Hammer": 8'11"x31" or 9'5"x31"
« on: May 16, 2016, 09:15:09 PM »
I want to give a public "Thank You" to all the posters who've made comments on this topic and especially to WarDog for his expertise, photos and videos. I appreciate everyone's info......very much!

All the info has helped me greatly..........and I know it has also helped any unregistered lurkers who've been following this topic too.  ;)

Gear Talk / Re: SUP Sports "Hammer": 8'11"x31" or 9'5"x31"
« on: May 16, 2016, 09:10:37 PM »

I think a 29" width on an 8'11" Hammer would be a little too tippy for me . After all, I'm 66 years old and definitely not as limber as I was when I was 25 years old. This is what my "old back" is telling me.

When the time comes, when I sell my 14'9" sot kayak, which is taking up my space for the Hammer, I'll give WarDog my home telephone number and I'll rely on his expertise on the number of liters and width for me.

I've found a 10-15 minute telephone call is the equivalent of "a few hours of typing messages" back and forth to one another.

SUP General / Re: Novice old guy looking to replace his 1st board
« on: May 16, 2016, 08:41:19 PM »
I also agree that is a fine looking ISLE board.

Gear Talk / Re: SUP Sports "Hammer": 8'11"x31" or 9'5"x31"
« on: May 16, 2016, 04:17:36 AM »

I've got one last question.

On your website, showing the various lengths, widths and liters of the Hammer series, the photos of all your Hammers show a two vent hole. But I've seen some photos of the Hammer with one vent hole.

In southeast Texas where I live, the months of July and August are brutal heat wise. When our summer time normal high pressure dome of air sits over the entire state of Texas during these months, our normal daytime highs range from 98 degrees to 103 degrees and sometimes we hit a three day span of 106 degrees.

Would a one hole vent 8'11 Hammer handle these temperatures or would it be safer to go with a two hole vent based on a SUPer Lite two tone carbon fiber Hammer?

Gear Talk / Re: Taking care of fins.
« on: May 16, 2016, 03:57:32 AM »
Have you thought about a carbon fin? Carbon fins are more durable than most fins which come with SUP's.

Gear Talk / Re: SUP Sports "Hammer": 8'11"x31" or 9'5"x31"
« on: May 14, 2016, 08:27:26 PM »
Aloha Night Wing,
Al has both an 8'11" x 31" Hammer and a 9'5" x 31" Hammer...he's nose riding it in pic below...we're both about same weight...

FYI...the price for a Made in USA custom carbon hybrid, or wood veneer, is $1799...providing your graphics aren't overly sophisticated...includes pad, custom fin set, big wave rated leash with safety quick disconnect...
Not sure how you came up with that over $3K number...must have been looking at the Starboard website...YIKES!...;-)

I got that $3298 price at the bottom of the "custom board order form".

BTW, since the custom carbon hybrid is $1799, I'm already a "happy camper". :)  Graphics wise, your Sup Sports logo is good enough for me.

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