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Gear Talk / Re: SUP Sports "Hammer": 8'11"x31" or 9'5"x31"
« on: May 14, 2016, 06:36:39 PM »

Thanks for the reply and all the great videos. I've watched those videos before and the Jungle Cruise with (if I'm not mistaken) Deb. This one video was the main reason I really started looking at the 8'11" instead of the 9'5". Deb paddles it great with some good straight line tracking. I also paid attention to the 4" and 5" side fins with the 2.25" trailer fin on her Hammer that video. These fins make her 8'11'' really track well in conjunction with her paddling skills.

As for the volume, I think I would be ok with the 8'11" since production wise, it's around 148 liters. After looking at Kristine and Al on their 9'5" Hammers, I think Al really handles his Hammer well since I'm guessing he's around 190 pounds (or more). With my 145 pounds, I'm still thinking the 8'11 will be better for me at my light physical weight than the 9'5" after looking how Kristine handled her 9'5" if both Kristine and Al's Hammers are 160 liters.

I want to stay around my money budget of $1799 since a custom 8'11" would be (according to your custom board order form ) around $3298 which is a little too steep for me at this time.

Again, I do appreciate your reply including all the videos and once my SPTW yak sells, along with my two 220 Werner all carbon kayak paddles, I'll have enough money to make a purchase.

Gear Talk / Re: Paddle weight?
« on: May 14, 2016, 05:27:44 PM »
It's down to to the Werner Trance 85 2-piece vs 3-piece.

I paddle with an all carbon Werner Trance 85 Performance Adjustable (74"-81.5") 2 piece  paddle. I really like mine. It weighs 19.25 ounces. Since I'm a small guy of 145 pounds, I chose the Trance 85 because I didn't want to "bite" a large amount of water on the paddle stroke since I sometimes travel a few miles during a paddle session. The Trance 85 doesn't wear me out since I had a large bone spur removed surgically in my left AC shoulder joint a few years back.

Gear Talk / SUP Sports "Hammer": 8'11"x31" or 9'5"x31"
« on: May 14, 2016, 04:50:31 AM »
I'm hoping SUP Sports (WarDog) will see this post and give me some needed advice. Any other person reading this post is welcome to give me their opinions also. I've made this a public post instead of a private message to WarDog because I lurked on this site since last November gleaning all the info I could until I decided to become a registered member during the last week of April. I figure someone else might be lurking also so these types of public posts will help them too if their weight is close to mine.

This past Tuesday I listed my sot (sit-on-top) Ocean Kayak "Scupper Pro TW" kayak for sale on my local area. I'm selling it to make room in my garage for a second SUP. This SUP will be used 75% of the time on lakes and ponds. The subdivision where I live has a 10 acre pond where kayaks, row boats and SUP's are allowed. This small pond is also 100 yards from my home. Just 25 miles from my home is a 20,000 acre lake.

The other 25% of the time I will be taking this SUP to the Gulf of Mexico which is 90 miles from my home. I'll will using this SUP for paddling around in the various bays and saltwater marshes down there. On the Gulf side of a peninsula, the Gulf of Mexico has small waves and I plan on using this SUP for playing around in the small waves (stomach to head high) on a good day. I'll also be paddling around in the saltwater marshes too.

Below is a link where there are webcams so you will be able to see the one bay, the Gulf side of the peninsula and in the distance from the fish cleaning table (at the marina), you can see the salt marshes. Once on the page, left click on the webcam thumbnails for a larger photo. The webcams refresh every 30 seconds.


On flat water (ponds, lakes. saltwater marshes), I'm thinking on a short board under 10' in length which can track straight if I want to take a 5 mile round trip paddling session. Also, the board must be able to handle our small waves on the beachfront.

I'm 66 years old, 5'8" tall and weigh 145 pounds. The SUP Sports "Hammer" series seems to be the best contender. The problem is, I'm not sure what length to choose from. I'm looking at the 8'11"x31" and also at the 9'5"x31". At my 145 pound weight, I don't want a SUP which will feel "corky" to me. In other words, the board's volume will be too much for me.

I've seen the Hammer 8'11" being paddled in small pond in the video link below.


The Hammer 8'11" is the one I'm leaning towards. Whatever Hammer I choose, construction material wise, I'm going for the production made SUper Lite Two Tone Carbon Fiber ($1799) since some of the places I want to use this SUP, it's going to be a 150 yard walk so all I'll be taking (beside life jacket and water) is a paddle and SUP.

I've also looked at the Hammer 7'11" and 8'5", but I'm leery of their shorter lengths for straight line tracking on flat water (ponds and lakes). As I've stated above, I'm hoping WarDog sees this posts and responds to it since he is the designer of the Hammer series. Anyone else is most welcome to give their opinions both pro and con.

@SUPsports (WarDog),

Thanks for your comments. They're are appreciated. I'm going to need your advice, but I do not want to hijack this thread. Instead of a PM, I think I'm going to pick your brain in a new public topic in the "Gear Talk" forum. The reason being is because I found this Standup Zone site last November of 2015 and read everything I could find in all of the forums here before I became a member. Then on April 24th, I quit lurking and decided to register and become a member on this site. I figure if I lurked on here for 6 months gleaning as much info as possible during that time, there might be other lurkers like me out there who are trying to find as much info as they can.

When I create the topic, I'll tell you what I want to do and I'll also put a web cam site link to the places where I go on our upper Texas coast which is 90 miles from my home to the Gulf of Mexico. There you will be able to actually see the places I want to standup paddle at and also try to learn to do a little paddle surfing on the Gulf of Mexico side of the Bolivar Peninsula. My topic will be created early Saturday morning (May 14th). This will help you and me as well as any lurkers on this site.

This might be a little off topic so please bear with me.

I'm a newbie in the world of SUP. Started to SUP in the summer of 2015. I'm now in the process of selling my Ocean Kayak "Scupper Pro TW" sot kayak (14' 9"x26"x 55 pounds) to make room in my garage for a second standup paddle board which will be used for both flat water paddling and playing around in the mushy waves here on the upper Texas coast.

I've already started my search and I've been searching on the SUP Sports, Starboard, the SUPAtx site, BIC, F-One, Naisch and other sites. In my opinion and speaking only for myself, the best site info wise is WarDog's SUP Sports site. I have never seen so much info on a site. Jillions of photos, videos, different production sup models giving the length, width and liters, construction design, the ability to make a custom sup, testimonials, fins, testimonials and blogs. Of the sup boards I've been looking on WarDog's site, I've been salivating on the Hammer series. The 8'11"x31" and the 9'5"x31" are two that I think would do me well strictly for flat water paddling and catching a few small waves just for the sheer fun of it.

But since I'm a small framed guy, 5'8" tall, weigh 145 pounds and I'm 66 years old, I want to know what these two Hammer models weigh. I cannot find that. In other words, in a SUPer Lite Two Tone Carbon Fiber production SUP, I "need" to know what these two SUP's physically weigh.

Right now, my Hobie ATR-2, 12'2"x32" is a board which weighs 29 pounds and I use it to put camping and fishing gear on it so I can paddle to a nice place and camp/fish over night. But since the board weighs 29 pounds, I park my vehicle close to the water from my launching point as I can because this is a board you don't want to haul under your arms for 100 yards or more and go through a saltwater marsh where seldom anyone goes if I just want to do some flat water paddling without gear.

So in closing, when I'm visiting a SUP site, one of the most important pieces of info I'm looking for is of the board itself which boils on down to the "SUP boards construction material wise, design, length, width, liters and the SUP boards weight". The SUP board's weight doesn't have to be exact. A ball park figure is good enough for me, but I think a SUP's physical weight should always be listed.

SUP General / Re: Floyd Mayweather's winning paddling form.
« on: May 07, 2016, 09:25:26 PM »
Night Wing, how about a Snowy Owl instead of a Barn Owl?

Two nice songs by Rush.

Since I live in a small rural town in the piney woods of southeast Texas near the upper Texas gulf (of Mexico) coast, snowy owls do not live anywhere in Texas. However, we do have lots of barn owls in Texas and some of them live near me. Sometimes when I'm up late at night usually till midnight, I can hear their hooting night calls outside my bedroom window. Hence, my barn owl avatar.

SUP General / Re: Floyd Mayweather's winning paddling form.
« on: May 07, 2016, 09:45:15 AM »
I like his collection of "toys".  :)

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