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Gear Talk / Re: New guy wanting advice on board
« on: April 26, 2016, 05:04:46 PM »
As a big guy with an Avanti I personally feel it will be too small for you. I tried to learn to surf on it at 335lbs, 340+ with a 4/3 suit on and it wasn't great. When you're that big you sit so low in the water, even on the Avanti, that it's tough to move so much mass. I have a Joe Blair 11'3x38 that I learned to surf on I bet would work for you. Joe's boards are priced nicely too. You need 250L or more and at least 34-36" wide. The Avanti gets fun once you get below the 325 mark. Just my $.02.

Gear Talk / Re: Big man downwind/touring recs please
« on: April 05, 2016, 08:59:08 AM »
Hey Clay. Thanks for the list of shops nearby.  I knew all of them but Mike's. I think I am going to try to demo boards around here. 

I've narrowed my search down to just a couple of boards.  I guess that's one "good" thing about being big is that only so many boards will work at my size.  And also realized the price for a couple of the boards I was looking at is more than I'm comfortable spending on a DW board.  It's crazy how expensive the DW/touring boards can get!  And once I get healthy again I plan on SUS'ing as much as I can so don't need to drop so much coin on a board.

Well Johnysmoke, I'm curious to hear about that Bark Eliminator.  It's one of the boards that's still on my list.   

Gear Talk / Re: Big man downwind/touring recs please
« on: April 01, 2016, 10:51:13 AM »
Thanks for all the responses guys.  And thanks for the healing vibes from a couple of you.  Yeah Bulky, I may be getting ahead of myself.  My PT yesterday told me I may be a way out from paddling again, but a guy can dream, can't he?  I'm going so stir crazy already and it's only been since the new year that I've been off my boards. I find out more in a couple of weeks.  Might not be until end of July before I get the OK.     

And JimK, thanks for the input.  I realize it's a little different than what we discussed.  Just wanted to get some other ideas and brainstorm a little. 

I knew I wanted something over 300L.  My largest SUS board is my Joe Blair 11'3x38 that's 250L (which I learned to surf on when I weighted in at 335 and over 340 with a 4/3 suit on) and it floats me really well and I knew I wanted more volume than that.  When I weighed 295 this summer I tried to put my daughter (65lbs) on too and it didn't work.  Want something I can get my daughter on too (maybe).  And I'll definitely will be wearing my camelbak.  I see all these regular sized folks on their big flat water boards (like my 150lb cousin on that 270L board I mentioned before) and I'm jealous of how far out of the water they are.  Looks so much easier to paddle than what I'm on.   

I wish I had more options for demoing boards.  Seems easier to do on Maui or down in Socal.  Here in SF Bay there's a few places that sell boards, but not a lot of boards to demo in the size (width) I'm looking at.  I'd also have to spend like $50-70 per board to demo them, unless I opt to buy it at the store where I demo and then I'm stuck with the brands they have and the 1 month time limit they give for applying the demo fee towards the purchase. 

The Naish Glide 14x30 looks really cool, except it's 37lbs, which if I was healthy I'd be all over it (I think my JB is probably 35lbs) but that's a lot of weight to lift up onto my truck.  The Boardworks Great Bear also looks interesting but no weight listed.

Thanks again for the responses.  Definitely gave me something to think about and chew on.         

Gear Talk / Big man downwind/touring recs please
« on: March 31, 2016, 02:46:32 PM »
So, another big man thread.  I normally SUS, but just went under the knife and doc won't clear me to surf for another few months.  In the meantime want to start open water paddling to keep in shape and rehab.  I'm a total newb to downwind/touring boards and have some questions.  As I've mentioned in other posts, I'm big: 6'5" and hover between 295-315 depending on time of the year.         

I have some questions about flat water boards, like the relationship between length, width and volume.  The only board like this I've ridden was 12'x27" at 275L and I could stand up, but it was way too narrow.  So what is most important?  As in will length make things more stable vs width?  Is volume just as or more important than dimensions?  I know length helps with glide, but will a 14'x29" board be just as stable as a 12'6"x31? And what about tail shapes?  Is a boxier tail more stable?  If I want to do open ocean paddling, as well as flat water paddling in lakes, should I go for a touring board or more race oriented board? One thing I know for sure is I want something that is stable and will float me really really well, AND is not too heavy (can't lift anything too heavy for a while so preferably 30lbs or less). 

Boards I'm looking at are:
JL Searcher 12'6"x33.5 363L
Amundsen TR-T 14'x29.5" 304L
Sunova Faast 14'x29 347L
Sunova Venture 14'x31.5" 338L
Fanatic Falcon 14'x29.75" 317L
JP Sportster 14'x30" 299L 


It's definitely in Lemoore. I grew up there and the reason for the nasty looking water is that's just how it looks when it's pumped out of the ground.

Gear Talk / Re: SUP for Very Large Paddler
« on: October 31, 2015, 01:54:46 PM »
Well, I'm 6'5" and was 340lbs when I started SUP'ing.  I'm now 300lbs.  My first board was a Starboard Avanti.  Second board was a Joe Blair 11'3"x37.75".  It's a BIG board and would be great for your friend (and reasonably priced).  It's what I really learned to surf on at 335lbs.  I also rented a Naish Mana 11'6" in Maui and it worked really well.  I'd also recommend the Atlas Extra.  My latest purchase is an AW 9'10" at 190L and I honestly think that anything under 200L and under say 34" wide would be way too hard for him to learn on.  I think he'd get frustrated.  I'm 39 and pretty athletic and am finding the AW to be challenging.  While it floats me fine and is 33" wide it's very unforgiving compared to both my Avanti and JB.  I spend way more time in the water on the AW, especially if there's any chop.  Just my 2 cents.   

Gear Talk / Re: BigGuy SUP Search 2015
« on: September 21, 2015, 07:14:49 PM »
Hey JimK, thanks for the advice.  Moving the center fin all the way back did help.  The day before I picked up the AW, I had my best day of surf ever (on my Avanti).  Chest high and I caught more waves than I could count. So the next day when I went out and it was really windy with 1' tall chop it was a stark contrast and a tad frustrating.  (Anybody on here surfed OB in SF?)

Which leads me to my AW.  Got it out 3 more times.  2nd of the 3 I had a really good experience.  Glassy and waist to chest high.  It finally "clicked" for me.  I'm really impressed with the board.  It floats me really well.  As opposed to my Avanti and JB, I can really feel it accelerate when I start paddling for a wave.  It's super easy to catch waves on and turns pretty well, altho I had to get used to getting back further on the board when I drop in to avoid pearling.  I was out this morning and it was really small, like knee high, and I could still catch waves.  I think I had the shortest board out there too.  I still fall a lot more than on my bigger boards, but I think it's just a matter of time.

Thanks again for the advice guys.  And Stoneaxe, if you read this, I was reading your thread about wanting a shorter board and it's funny because even though I just got a new board that's 16" shorter than my other one, I already have thoughts in my head about going shorter with less volume!  But I have to lose the weight to justify it.         

Gear Talk / Re: BigGuy SUP Search 2015
« on: September 11, 2015, 03:07:42 PM »
Well, picked up my new Allwave this morning and within an hour of getting it I had it in the water.  I took it out to one of the harder places to surf near me that I hadn't been to in a long time.  There was a lot of chop and it was really messy.  Which meant I spent a lot of time in the water.  A lot.  It's definitely going to take a little time getting used to the smaller board.  But it floats me and managed to catch a couple of waves before I gave up for the day.  Good to know that 190L will work for me.  I think going any less at this stage may have been too difficult.  Now the fun part of learning a new board begins!     

Gear Talk / Re: BigGuy SUP Search 2015
« on: September 09, 2015, 05:08:01 PM »
Well, thanks for the responses guys.  I appreciate the feedback.  From reading all your posts SUPTHECREEK, I was hoping I'd hear from you.  It was really helpful to see the numbers you crunched for me.  Thank you. 

Well, even before you guys suggested it, I emailed JimK.  I already have an AllWave 9'10 in the mail.  JimK's email response basically confirmed everything I'd thought about other boards I was looking at.  He and I agreed that the AllWave would be a good fit and a big enough of a change from my Avanti.  Looking forward to it, although I'm a little intimidated with the change in liters.  Going from 230 to 190 should be interesting.  I was also considering the Naish Mana GT 10' and but JimK's price was too killer to pass on.  I tried to demo boards but the shops around here have been selling all their demo boards off, well at least the ones I wanted to try.  Bought blind again.  Hopefully I won't regret it.  Sounds like everybody on here tends to love their Fanatics.

Stoneaxe, the Foote looks so nice!  I was just afraid of going to too low of volume with it.  Maybe one day, if I can find more room in the garage without upsetting the wife too much I can order a custom from him with a little more volume.

I'll let you guys know how it goes with the AllWave.  Should have it in a couple of days.     

Gear Talk / Re: BigGuy SUP Search 2015
« on: September 01, 2015, 02:34:42 PM »
Thanks for the 411 guys.  I appreciate it.  It was what I was looking for when I posted on here.  Just tried to go demo a board today and nobody around here (SF Bay Area) seems to have what I'm interested in.  And went to shop and got exactly what I'd expected, which was guy there insisting I get another big board (210L Jimmy Lewis Maestro).  Thought I was crazy considering anything under 200L.  Not sure what I'm going to end up doing.  May need to take a little trip down to Santa Barbara soon... 

Gear Talk / Re: BigGuy SUP Search 2015
« on: August 29, 2015, 02:38:14 PM »
Thanks for the response stoneaxe.  I've only been SUP'ing for 1.5 years now and started with my Avanti (230L).  I was weighing in at 335 at the time and with my wetsuit on I was 340+. I found it hard to catch waves, like it wasn't floating me well.  Went to Maui and rode a Naish Mana 11"6"x35" (262L) and realized I needed a bigger board.  Bought the Blair 11'3"x37.5" (252L) and learned how to surf.  Love being able to walk all over it, but it's huge and heavy.  Since then I've lost a lot of weight and got better surfing.  I took the Avanti out again after a long while not riding it and it was fun, but I feel like the rails are too thick and really big and hard to turn.  Want something more maneuverable.  I should probably mention that I only plan on surfing waves maybe head tall, with most of my surfing being in knee to chest high waves.   

I have it in my mind I need to keep the volume around 200L.  And I want something around 10' and 33-34" wide.  But to hear you can ride a 160-175L board sounds pretty cool. Was hoping to get some feedback on what could realistically work for me at my weight.  I think it may be time for me to go demo a few boards to see what I can get away with.     

Gear Talk / Re: BigGuy SUP Search 2015
« on: August 28, 2015, 10:07:53 AM »
New to the forum here and wanted to ask about this topic and figured I'd try adding to this thread here instead of starting a new one. I could use some advice on boards.  I'm also a big dude, 6'5" 295 (down from 340 and I'm not going to get any less than 280).  I currently own a Starboard Avanti and a Blair 11'2".  I surf my boards and have gotten comfortable catching and dropping in on waves and feel like I want a smaller board that's more maneuverable.  I was thinking of getting another Blair but I feel his boards are really heavy, at least compared to my Avanti. 

One question I have is about width.  Is it better to go shorter and keep it wide?  Like a Starboard Whopper Extra?  And the other is about volume?  How low could I realistically go?  I'm 38 years old and pretty athletic, believe it or not. 

Boards I'm thinking about are:

1. Jimmy Lewis Maestro
2. Starboard Whopper Extra
3. Blair 10'6" or have him shape me a custom
4. JP Fusion 10'8"

Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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