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Downwind and Racing / Better understanding Racing Formats
« on: February 07, 2015, 05:32:16 AM »
Please help me understand SUP racing formats …

As of right now, and as I understand it, a National Title is equal to:
Fastest on long distance races AND Fastest on Beach Race (technical races).
No one can obtain the National Title without being pretty much at the top of both races.
Is that correct ?

Since there's a National Title for River SUP, and a different National Title for SUP Surfing, why couldn't there be a separate title for each discipline ?
For instance, 4 major disciplines like:
- SUP Long Distance
- SUP Technical Race
- SUP Surfing
- SUP River

Downwind and Racing / Future of SUP Competition
« on: November 13, 2014, 02:44:57 PM »
I started on a stand up paddle board in July of this year… so while I am still pretty new at this, I absolutely love the sport.
Taking aim at some SUP competition for 2015, I need some feedback on the racing scene.

Where do you see SUP competition going in the USA ?
Flat water (dead flat) ?
Pure Downwind ?
Beach Races ?
All rounder (up wind, downwind, side wind) ?
Long distance mixed (like 25km) ?
Short distance mixed (like 9km) ?
What am I missing ?

I figured it would make sense to have couple of boards and obviously training for each type. Just trying to (perhaps) narrow down my training a little. Currently paddling about 90-140km a week, in all sort of conditions.

Feedback most welcomed !!!

Gear Talk / Reviewing my Starboard Sprint 17'6" x 23"
« on: October 31, 2014, 12:37:34 AM »
It's been a little over 2 months with my new board, and I wanted to give others an idea of what I thought of it.
Before getting started, please remember that a review is very subjective, and as such depends on other criteria.
I am 46 years old, 130#, 5'6", very active in sports, but NOT SPONSORED by Starboard. I started on SUP only about 5 months ago.
My background: narrow surfskis that tend themselves to gliding well and catching ocean swells. To make matters worst, I am french. :)

Starboard Sprint 17'6" x 23" - REVIEW
From day one, I just loved this board. It seems that I spent the next couple of months trying to find its limits. Here's what I come up with (the good and the bad).

The board glides better than anything I have tried so far. It's very similar in feeling with a surfski.
Stability in totally flat water is very good.
The catch is super SUPER narrow - and this also cannot be dismissed. It translates into more power, and more speed.
It doesn't leave any wake - nothing at all compared to most boards.
It's almost as quiet as a surfski - not a sound.
It tracks well, yet maneuvers well (unless the wind is present).
Scupper design are PERFECT - I wouldn't even attempt to change them in any way.
It's lighter than any other SB SUP - interesting considering it's the longest board.
I can average 1km/h faster on this board - with the board I can keep up with friends, without I can't. It is that simple.
Average speed: 8.6km/h based on 22km AND 8.0km/h based on 35km.
Stability is very very good as soon as the board hits 8km/h and only get better (feels like it's on rails then).
Downwind is very fun and manageable (though only on 1-2 feet based on my ability).
Excellent touring board idea - if you remain on the flats.
Most boards are designed for average people - this one tends to be geared a little more towards lighter paddler (which is a welcome thing for me).
I have had a friend who's 190# on my board. He did okay, but I can tell the board was better suited for the 160# paddler.
The board will keep its speed.
The sponge protection on the deck prevents water from entering the cockpit - it works really well. It's also useful to protect your board.

3/4 wind in your face isn't pleasant on such a long board - this is about the only time I wish there was a rudder system on it (even as an option).
It doesn't want to plain as well as other boards.
Doesn't accelerate as fast as shorter boards - especially DW.
Side chop is horrible (okay, with me on it) - gotta paddle really fast when this happens.

I was really "diging" to find negatives; to any one who hasn't tried it: give it a go, even if it's just for the experience.
Don't kid yourself though: this board may have been designed primarily for flat water, but the reality is that it handles the ocean very well. Not for the faint of heart, quite tippy for beginners, but pure fun, glide and speed for better paddlers. 

I'd love to hear from others who have tried this board.

Other boards that I have owned - in only the last 4 months of paddling SUP:
Jimmy Lewis Sabre (14' x 27) - gone (too much volume)
Jimmy Lewis Stiletto (14' x 28) - gone (too much volume)
Starboard 12'6 x 26 (inflatable) - that I still own.

Gear Talk / Testing SUP on Flat Water
« on: August 19, 2014, 09:45:04 AM »
Has any one ever tested board shapes on flat water FOR SPEED / EFFICIENCY ?

Flat Water
By definition, flat water could be so many things. For now, let's just say that it's a body of water completely flat (sheltered from waves and wind).

From previous surfski, K1, outrigger canoe, windsurfing and surfing, I conclude that the primary goal of a SUP is to glide, the second (perhaps) to plane.
Since gliding requires moving water, I am inclined to conclude that the best shape may very well be a rounded hull.
Since "rounded hull" can be interpreted in so many ways, I will use known boats to illustrate.

The hull speed of a SUP could (perhaps) be improved by having a hull that resembles that of a Fenn XT or that of a Epic V8 surfski.
For those unfamiliar with surfskis, I believe that the hull of a SUP for flat water should be shaped closer to a kayak than to that of a surfboard / windsurfboard.

I say this, because I have tested Kayak Hull - just never tested SUP.
My finding was that a flat hull is much slower.

Do you believe that a SUP for flat water should be round or flat, and why ?
Do you believe that a SUP with a Fenn XT hull (or similar), 17 to 18 feet long, 23" wide would be faster or slower than the same board in 12'6 ?
To add stability, do you believe we could simply flank the sides to create more surface area ?

Keeping in mind
For flat water, we could make this board very light by making it hollow.
Strength is not what I am after - speed is.
Feet position would be lowered to the max to add stability.
Transport isn't an issue - I am used to carying surfskis all over the place (like my Fenn Spark that goes everywhere I go) - it's nearly 22 feet long.

By all means, do not agree with me. I am actually looking for FACTS to see what a theory could amount to. All feedback is welcome.

Gear Talk / Looking at different UL boards
« on: July 23, 2014, 10:55:19 PM »
Looking for a new board… but quite specific & hoping someone will be able to help with links.

Does anyone know of a board that meets the following criteria:
14' to 18' in length
Truly rounded edges AND bottom (closer to a surfski than anything else)
24" to 27" in width
Recessed deck to the max
Stiff & light overall weight

Ideal usage: calm water racing

** you have no idea how much this would help, especially if you have links **

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