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Trying different construction (stiffer) but the real important feature (as always) that it's matching the color of the board ;D

That is fundamental.....I am still hoping to get a Bump from Larry. Don't know when he will shape a new batch.

New version of the Bump?

SUP General / Re: Are cracks in PVC fairly common ?
« on: October 26, 2020, 05:31:41 PM »
I've pretty much quit doing traditional repairs after weighing one of my boards after repairing several dings. Three relatively small repairs added a pound. I use aluminum tape for all repairs now, and it doesn't add enough weight to measure the difference, even with a fairly precise three-sensor digital scale. If you use a credit card to burnish the tape flat and use two layers it's pretty much a permanent repair. Not pretty--unless you like shiny stuff--but effective.

Any specific brand or product? Thank you Pono.
If it is not resin then....

Random / Re: Surfer Magazine furloughs its entire staff
« on: October 04, 2020, 12:48:30 PM »
To me the issue is often content. A littlebit like other topics than sports. I could see myself getting a magazine for in depth review of equipment. In depth technique. And interesting perspective on spots and industry. Things that are not really that time sensitive. The time i  received a sup magazine, neither were presents....dpevially review soundedmore like an infomercials for the brand.

When I sold my AceGT to my friend Mel, the Aercor went with it as it works very nicely with thst board. But one should be soon on its way.....

It does seem to work on the Driftwood......

Curious to hear how the Aercor worked with the Maliko.

Technique / Re: The Concept of "Run"..i.e., Distance per Stroke
« on: September 12, 2020, 06:40:24 AM »
There are a lot of factors at play and the learning process is constant even after several years paddling.
Some of the fine details of the technique to learn do changes from time to time i.e. strong rotation or less rotation......videos you have seen with Larry Cain, Connor Baxter, John Pukuea/Travis Grant...
And what you are getting from these might also change over time as your body/mind adapts and (hopefully) improve.
In the past year or more, I have been focussing in turn on weight on top hand, hip engagement, and lately fast return of the blade in the water (the twice the time in the water/once teh time out as a mind trick). Each has been bringing a bit of improvement that have been so far cumulative.
I forgot the distance per stroke long time ago and even the cadence I do not check specially other than having overall improved from 38 to 42 average.
I also paddle in places where a good reading of the water and a different line will speed you up so any such measurement is relative. If you can practise in a flat water no wind environment that that would be ideal for stroke technique exercise (but also pretty boring...).
After that good technique should also transform itself a bit with paddling conditions (big chop, big wind.....)
In summary I am still a beginner after several years.

It doesn't stall even on the smallest of days.

That is what I need :-)

I am also hoping that the Boomerang squirrel fin would work on bigger days.
Smaller days 6.5" GTM it is.

Went from hard work to pure fun. Definitely no fin over 7" unless in big conditions.

And when bigger conditions comes, there is a new contender.

7 1/2" new LA Bump?
5 1/2" base?

Well that did it....light downwind or improved downbreezer, whichever applies...
Board was loosened, catched bumps without much efforts, cut across without much issues. Night and day.
Went from hard work to pure fun. Definitely no fin over 7" unless in big conditions.

With this in mind the Dolphin mini 6.5" deep with a 5.75" base and 29sqi area is my go to DW fin for the most part. It might be on the smaller size but it would work for most conditions you'd think about taking the Maliko. when it gets to a point that I can really surf the faces of  the bumps, I'm going to a different board anyway. I would go slightly deeper like 7.5" but I feel that the 5.5"-6" base size is the best compromise between paddling and riding bumps, for this board that is.

I am finding that the 2020 Maliko is even more sensitive to fins than the 2018.

So far the SIC 7.0 has been working best. The board is skipping and skimming on the water and it is a joy. I could not get the SIC 7.0 on a light downind yet. Only the FatBoy.
Anything deeper seems to hold the board big time and I do not get the release for getting easily on a bump in under 20 knots conditions, light or marginal wind conditions.
Even the Mako 35, which was working a charm on the 2018 Maliko does not produce the expected result... ???

I have added to the base on my Allison GTM 6.5 to fit in the box and will be trying next. And the GTS 7.75 if I get the chance of a 25 knots downwind, but the base might be too wide for that board. Might have to wait fall or winter it looks like, this summer.

Now if we are talking just pure stability in side-chop and side-wind, the 9" Boomerang works a charm. It works better than the 9" Fatboy and seems to provide a slightly better release.

I just need the weekdays to paddle, not only the weekends :-)

Gear Talk / Re: Trifecta vs UV
« on: August 16, 2020, 09:04:19 AM »
I have it from good authorities that you can email the distributor in the link and they will send you more pictures that you need.
Have you checked the web site, it is fairly complete:

I can also send you or post as many images as you want inasmuch as I have four types of their paddles. Some are non-production so not as nice looking but work just the same.

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