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The Shape Shack / Laminating on a Table
« on: March 30, 2013, 06:47:36 PM »

The video is here. My camera memory card ran out before the vacuum bagging started.

Random / Mark Cuban's investment in Tower Paddleboards
« on: February 20, 2013, 05:16:11 AM »
Mark is on Howard Stern this morning. He just said his investment in Tower was one his best from the TV show Shark Tank.

Tower went from 18,000/month to 2.1 million a year and expect to hit 3 million next year.


The Shape Shack / Real Cost to Shape Your Own
« on: August 31, 2012, 10:02:14 AM »

blank   $293
epoxy 2 gallons   $148
S cloth 20 yards   $160
carbon tape 24 ft   $36
carbon sheet 3 yd   $90
fin box   $15
mast track   $15
handle   $15
divinycell   $30
vent   $25
deck pad   $100
fin   $90
micro-balloons   $25
squeegees   $12
tape   $10
sandpaper   $20
mix cups   $20
stir sticks   $6
pad glue   $12
pad spreaders   $5
paint brushes   $6
tyvek suits   $22
plastic sheeting   $30
plastic gloves   $6
disposable scissors   $10
pigment   $6
Total   $1,207

These prices include freight, UPS, FedEx, and Taxes.

Posted for anyone who thinks shaping saves them money. You do it because you love it.

Wind Powered / I've seen the LIGHT
« on: May 07, 2012, 09:59:16 AM »
The wife and I went back in time this weekend. A friend loaned us his 11'3 Mistral SUPs.
Simple things, like a longboard tack, is fun. Catching a wave is fun again.

I am so tired of all our gear being high performance. It left us with nothing to do on beautiful days, that lacked waves or wind. These 11'3s cured that!

One pump and caught it.

Simple pleasures.

Gear Talk / Glide owners, help me please.
« on: January 07, 2011, 06:31:10 AM »
Glide owners, please help a fellow zoner.

If your 14 ft Glide has a mast insert, please measure and tell me how far from the tail it is located. I want to install a mast insert on my board and need to know where to put it.

Thanks  ;D

General Discussion / iMovie 2011 is SICK
« on: October 23, 2010, 02:10:36 PM »

Take it full screen and FULL VOLUME for the movie theater ambiance.

The Shape Shack / Vacuum Bagging Magic
« on: September 27, 2009, 02:30:48 PM »

I'm very impressed so far. I've done 2 test runs in preparation for doing the real board.

Conclusion so far:

1) Thin bags are easier to work with. Thick is not so good.
2) Masking tape work needs to be very neat. It becomes your enemy when sliding the bag on.
3) Having my rocker stick inside the bag is tough, but I really want to lock in my rocker.

Any experienced baggers want to add or correct anything?

Downwind and Racing / Rudders
« on: September 27, 2009, 06:42:35 AM »
Dumb question. Has anyone tried a kayak rudder system on a 16-18 ft race board?

Reading about all the tender issues with rudders, I wonder if a fold-away rudder hanging over the tail would work and what would be possible downside to this.

I was talking to Jeremy Riggs at the race yesterday. He told me he's getting a 16 ft Foote with rudder installed by S.I.C.

I'm building some race boards now and could do a 16 footer. Making a rudder that is kook proof appeals to me.

Thoughts, comments?

Downwind and Racing / Please review and comment of this Downwinder
« on: July 05, 2009, 06:34:58 PM »
I'd love to have the more experienced downwinders critique this downwind run. To get things rolling, here is a list of some questions.

1) How do Randy and Chan manage doing downwinders together. Are your speeds close? Jacky's getting better all the time. I just have more experience at the moment.

2) How does my board look? Too much water on the deck? I think I read somewhere the current thinking is water on the deck slows you down. Should my next build be thicker?

3) Jacky's board is 27 1/4 wide with pointy tail. Mine is 28 wide with wide tail. I'm leaving a lot of wake. Any thoughts?

4) Feel free to comment on anything else you notice.

I'm always looking to improve. We run alone a lot.

General Discussion / Hawaiian Aloha
« on: January 31, 2009, 03:05:58 PM »
I'd like say THANKS to all the locals in Hawaii who were nothing but warm and friendly, every place we surfed.

I put together this video which typifies the Aloha on the water. The video was taken by a local surfer girl who offered to shoot video of us. She was not the only local to make this offer.

We were not the only people surfing with cameras. I saw the Gopro, Sanyos (2) and Olympus cameras in use at various breaks.

At no time did we ever surf the ideal spot at any break. We always avoided the pack of surfers dueling for the biggest and best waves. We surfed off to the side, or more inside, taking the scraps, with the more mellow locals doing likewise. It was a good vibe everywhere we surfed.

SUPs seemed to be everywhere. Often you'd see them miles out, on distance reefs all by themselves. It was a beautiful thing to see. While surfing Flat Island in Kailua, we saw a lone SUP surfer about 1 mile beyond the island surfing all alone.

In this video, My wife is wearing every piece of rubber we had in the van because it was freezing cold. Our coldest day of the vacation. Probably only 69-70F.

Watch with the sound on.

The pack we avoided going into below. We just waited for similar waves to come to us, while being out of the way.

Gear Talk / 9'6 PSH Big Boy Ripper
« on: November 06, 2008, 02:24:54 AM »
To Motopilot and others who may have tried it.....

How does it compare to the 9'3 Ripper and 9'6 All Around? I asked about these two, because I have surfed them. For me, the 9'6 All Around was very nice, but the 9'3 Ripper is mind blowing and in a different league. The 9'3 feels like a real shortboard.

I could surf a 9'3 Ripper at my weight, but not sure it could serve as a one board quiver for me. But if I went up to the big boy ripper, would I be giving up some magic.

Gear Talk / Powerex Paddles
« on: September 20, 2008, 07:19:49 AM »

Found this and thought it was interesting. Another old and trusted windsurfing company comes to SUP. Cort's a name from the past  ;) Now I know where he's been.

Gear Talk / My Turn to Ask for Advice
« on: July 26, 2008, 09:04:12 AM »
I think my wife needs less volume to really rip. She doesn't know it yet, because she probably doesn't know any better. Everything she's ever surfed is corky compared to what us men ride.

She's surfing the 9'6 PSH production sandwich board. 28 3/8 wide x 4 1/4 thick.

At 125 lbs, she looks like the board owns her, instead of her owning it. She surfs decent, but she doesn't quite look like she is "master" over it.

I was thinking the thinner, narrower, C4s might work better. I was considering the 9'0 bat tail. Maybe the 9'6.

Anyone what to comment on these boards, or my assessment of what I think I see when she is surfing her board.

Sessions / How do you SUP?
« on: May 11, 2008, 05:25:42 AM »
What I'm asking is, do you prefer to paddle one break, or do you prefer to explore and surf many breaks during your session?

Just curious if others think like me.

There are two main posse's of SUPers on the island where I live. One gang surfs the same break, circling for hours in the same lineup.

My posse usually does 2 miles coastal runs, surfing the 5 or 6 breaks along each route. We have several routes we run depending on the mood.

For me personally, the adventure of a 2 mile session, combined with the likelyhood of scoring some magic waves along the way, is what makes SUP so special compared to prone surfing, where you are so limited.

Yesterday was a perfect example of why a 2 mile adventure pays off. At 7:30 AM I get a text message asking what the surf looks like. I respond glassy and 2 feet. The texting person responds, doesn't sound fun, I'll pass today. The rest of the posse arrives and we begin our journey. During the run we encounter some wonderful perfectly formed SUP waves. The type you can ride forever without closing out. At about the 1 1/2 mile point on our trip I scored this perfect wave. Fellow zoner CB1 captured this photo of me. The best photo anyone ever took of me. Thanks CB1  ;D

PS, if you're wondering why only 2 miles, its because we're not racing, we're surfing everything along the way. It takes anywhere from one to two hours to make the run depending on waves and wind.

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