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Hey guys
 New to the whole sup thing....learning on my PSH 10'6" which i got in part cause of this site...good stoke and reviews.

 Clay...always loved you work...i'm wavesailor first and foremost...I like the new mag...and one sail per issue is fine :)
 I live cape cod...expect to meet stoneaxe at some point

 Right now i suck at sup so bad it's not funny,  and i laugh at how many waves i could have made prone.   Enjoying a new way to go over-the falls with a paddle in hand

 As a newb, i am claiming to want to keep my long/shortboard...I went sup
1  For something new to do
2  To stay out of the cold water more in winter/spring
3. For some of the offshore bars
4. To get  to some spots otherwise not easily reached  (between marconi and whitecrest ...truro)
5. For bigger days when getting out is hard to do.. off this beachbreak
6. Cause my buds are gettin into it

But....I just don't see not sitting (on a longboard) next to my wife/friends laughing and talking on the little summer days.....the social aspect of surfing never followed thru to windsurfing on the water, and sup seems a bit disconnected too.    Isn't it fun to be 3 feet away from someone talkin story and then just spin and go for the wave that pops up?

And yeah...its always the older guys on cape with the stink eye...(i'm old too....) maybe the world beat them down, or maybe the waves were better "back in the day"....i just leave-em...plenty for everyone

Anyway....i've been lurking for a while....trying to learn from you guys, but LOVE the Stoke on this forum....and Blane especially: mahalo  the board is a rocket!

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