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Gear Talk / Tandem SUP?
« on: September 29, 2009, 05:21:36 AM »
Anybody even tried?
I mean the board would have to be pretty big, and at some point a canoe would make more sense....but could be worth a couple of laughs....

General Discussion / The Bill I knew
« on: August 24, 2009, 03:09:34 AM »
5am woke up still wired...i'm over the shakes and the daze.
We had some size in the parts of new england

Ian Walsh Surfing Newport, Rhode Island - Hurricane Bill

I guess Andy Irons made it to Manasquan friday...i hit a remote spot that got it good.  No crowd but some serious dudes.
Our show began Saturday pm...triple session days on sat/sunday for me...each day had an appetizer, main course and dessert

Much graditude to this forum....i've ony been at this since March, and learned alot thru  you guys.   Looked down on one bomb, and Blane is right about foot placement....i had both sets of toes over the rail, and stomping need to!

Sunday was supposed to be the day....woke up and saw that yes, it had been over-hyped, so i went out, and caught some fun stuff, but kind of went back out at another spot, and either it pulsed, or it was the spot, but it was chicken skin/lump in throat time.   I had a ball, and still have all my teeth.  how big? i dunno.  plenty.  plus super clean and glassy.

I was on the PSH 10'6 AA...that thing is a cruise missile!  And yes, you can lay it on the thighs still burning...

I don't have pics....was a solo trip, and tried a handheld camera on the shaft, but tore it off when i got scared.....glad i did cause one wave i ended up in spear throwing pose as the whole thing was blowing back

Zen moment was Saturday.  finished a wave, kicked out, and heard a very loud "PONG"....thought shit, i just killed someone, no wait...i musta broke the board, then i realized that it was a big granite boulder gonging into another one in about 10' of water right under me......very musical, and a sound i will remember always 

Technique / Rail Grab
« on: August 18, 2009, 07:38:05 PM »
Just playing around today in microbarrels, but wow, that's alot of rail to grab!  (10'6AA)
Kept slipping
Any tips?  would feel weird waxing a rail
Then the other issue is that you give up a hand drag too

General Discussion / Surfrider
« on: July 09, 2009, 10:46:14 AM »
Just wondering how strongly people feel about joining Surfrider Foundation.

Watching the access issue in Orange County, etc, shouldn't we all be advocates for access etc, with the largest organization that i know of being Surfrider...

Couldn't we have strong SUP voice there, and with their backing avoid becoming "vessels or other watercraft"?    (which makes me wanna puke...)

Technique / Paddle Signals
« on: May 18, 2009, 05:52:37 AM »
  Anybody standardized signalling with your paddle to your buds yet?

1) "It's good here, c'mon over"

2) "I'm, done/outta here"  etc

   The other day my bud holds his paddle straight blade up high....after i made a drop and  wipe out.....have no idea what he was trying to say, but it just seems like someone should have worked out a "code" by this time
   2 paddles could do semaphore?

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