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Wingsurfing, Windfoiling, Wingfoiling, Wing SUP / Jumping!!!!
« on: April 16, 2021, 07:02:25 AM »
My progression with winging for 2ish years has led to the holy grail of jumping. I finally got on small, light enough gear to feel like its time to jump.  I am just making it up as I go. Of course I read everything I can and watch all the videos on jumping but I still feel like I'm just "winging" it. Here's how it goes for me:
Jumpers, or non jumpers please chime in with tips.
1. get in both footstraps
2. bear off slightly and get as much speed as possible
3. get in athletic attack stance(wide stance, knees bent a bit more than typical)
4. try not to explode violently with all this happening and have a hideous strapped tamohawk
5. get as high on mast as possible
6. find a ramp to send off
7. dip board down almost to water and then pull it up and time that with ramp
8. bring wingding up overhead and point LE up, pulling on power handle hard
10. level wingding out and Mary Poppins back to Earth
11. foil touches water followed by board (scariest part fight or flight)
12. pop back up on foil and repeat

My kit is:
Moon Buddy 80L 5'
Axis 82cm AL mast
HPS 980
380 stab
SS Dart 4.5

It gets more comfortable each time. It is, so far, relatively low impact. My front elbow gets a little tennis elbowy after a full huck session. I am trying to take off loaded and going across the wind and land running downwind. This worked for kiting and seems to work for winging.
Just when I thought winging couldn't get any more fun.....I am back to kid in candystore mode. Time to start thinking about spinning. Seems horrifying currently.

I have been riding without a board leash for the last week. As long as there is not too much windswell I feel comfortable with this. I have been attaching my wing to my impact vest belt and loving the freedom of no leash on hands either. I was inspired to try the body drag by Gunnar's video on it. The way he does it only sort of works for me. That is leading edge down(upsidedown) and pulling on the power handle. I struggle to rudder towards my board with this technique. I have been just dragging past my board and then swim across to it. When there is stronger wind I have just been flying the wing normal above my head and dragging towards board. This works great. The key is to just barely hold with fingertips the front, most powered up handle so that the wing catches the most wind. I just have to try and keep the tail of the boom strut from catching the water. I also use my body as a rudder to set an angle towards the wayward board. But really what works best and I use most is to just swim like hell and grab the board before it points downwind and starts getting away. I wing in small lakes mostly and would be hesitant to go leashless in a more committing spot ie: heavy shorepound or rivers with current going wrong way, or kids/beachgoers downwind.. But man is it nice to be free of that board leash! Kiting went the same way for me and many of us. Send it!!!!

Wingsurfing, Windfoiling, Wingfoiling, Wing SUP / Footstraps
« on: April 09, 2021, 03:40:05 PM »
I just started riding strapped for jumping on the wingding and am wandering what others have found in they're strap fiddling. I started with them tight and low so just my toes would go in. I then loosened and made more of a bulge in them and think I like this better. I ride with my front foot in all the time and back foot just in front of rear strap. When I want to jump, I get in the back strap as well and then send. I don't ever switch my feet so I like the freedom of moving my back foot around when I'm going toeside. My concern is tacoing and being trapped in the straps. So far it seems like a Know When To Say When situation. I  kicked them off more often in the first few sessions but now I am tending to leave my feet strapped and powering thru landings. My board will often touch down when landing an air and go completely underwater and I have been riding through some of these. It seems right on the edge of when I should bail. I have heard that some think it is safer because you are less likely to hit your foil. Too loose and they fly off in the air. I had just the front foot come out the other day on a jump. That was scary.
What are your favorite type of straps? I have some semi-flimsy Gong straps now. I do like that I can kneel on them when I do the stinkbug start. I have heard that Armstrong straps are nice and minimalist. I have some heavy duty kiting straps from my twintip that could work. I wish my Moonbuddy had more holes to work with.

Classifieds / Axis 920
« on: January 12, 2021, 12:50:41 PM »
For sale:
Axis 920 complete
Standard fuse
75cm 19mm mast & pedestal
400 tail

Great condition

This is a really fun and easy surf/sup or wing setup.

Classifieds / Slingshot/Ride Engine Foils & Board
« on: September 13, 2020, 10:01:34 PM »
2 Complete foils and 2 front wings and a board. $2,500 or by the piece.

Ride Engine(same as Slingshot) Hydrofoils
F-Sup V3 Kit Complete
-Infinity 84cm Front Wing & 48cm Rear Carbon Composite Wings
-Aluminum Switch Fuselage
-70cm Aluminum Mast
-Mounting Hardware & Lube
-Padded carrying case
-Weight 12.9lbs
$900 Used 2 times, perfect condition

F-Surf V3 Kit Complete
-Infinity 76cm Front Wing & 42cm Rear Carbon Composite Wings
-Aluminum Switch Fuselage
-70cm Aluminum Mast
-Mounting Hardware & Lube
-Padded carrying case
-Weight 11.4lbs
$800 Used 1 time, perfect condition

Slingshot Apollo 60 Front Wing
$400 New, never used

Slingshot Infinity 65 Front Wing
$450 New, never used

Matty Rockhold 5'6" Surfboard with Foilmount.
Board has some dings but will get er done. Good for kiting, boat, prone surf, high wind wingfoiling

Buy it all for $2,500
Retail $4,300

All 4 foils are great for behind boat, kite foiling, surf foiling, sup foiling, wing foiling.
Located in Reno, NV.
I will split shipping with buyer from a reasonable distance(west coast)
Thanks for looking!

Wingsurfing, Windfoiling, Wingfoiling, Wing SUP / Got my GONG HIPE 5'3"
« on: August 26, 2020, 10:34:43 PM »
I received my much frothed over Gong Inflatable HIPE 5'3" 110L. It was delivered to my door 6 days after Gong received shipment to France. $833US delivered. I have had 2 sessions on it thus far. I have my Slingshot I84 with 48" stab and 29" mast in "b"position. Both sessions were on the lighter side. Bottom line- STOKED!!!! It is only 10 L less than my previous main ride the Outwit 6'6" but it is 16" shorter. The weight is roughly the same around 16lbs. Here is the big difference- swing weight. The HIPE carries her main weight in the carbon foil mount area. The rest of the board feels really light. The swing weight is considerably lower. It is really easy to initiate the yah on turns. The touchdowns don't seem to be a problem which is interesting because this board doesn't have any of the fancy shapes of other wing boards; chines, double concave, weird tail chit. It is basically just a short, fat SUP with a touch of rocker. It is easier to get up to foil in light wind than my Outwit. I am still strapless on it but am keen to put on the front strap.

One gripe is that the deck pad seems slippery to bare feet. I wander if they designed it for booty riding.
I left it inflated to the recommended 15-20 psi in the truck in hottish weather for a couple of days and no problem. I was worried about this being the buzzkill of dealing with inflatables.
Oh, and it has crashed into me a couple of times and it just bounced off and I chuckled. I am really stoked to be done with ding repair.
I highly recommend this board to anyone for winging. Haven't had it for a sup foil yet but bet it will crush it.
I am stoked on Gong and their customer service and their products. I know there is a lot of chit talk on the Zone but I have only had good interactions.

Send It!!!!!!

Wingsurfing, Windfoiling, Wingfoiling, Wing SUP / SS V2 VS F-ONE Swing
« on: August 01, 2020, 07:46:50 AM »

I have been flying the 4.4 and 5.4 a bunch lately. I mostly use the Infinity 84 with 48cm stab and 29" mast(all the way forward) on an outwit 6'6". My previous wings have been Slingwing V1, F-One 5M and Gong V1 7m. I'm going to compare them to the F-One since thats the only other one that was in the same category of radness. My opinion is in early development and may seem biased towards the F-one because I only have a handful of sessions on the Slingshots and 100+ sessions on the F-One. That being said, I sold the F-one and committed to SS.
Weight- F-one is lighter but not very noticeable when flying to me.
Rigidity- Slingshot much stiffer although I'm still deciding whether or not this is a plus or minus. The Dihedral on the Swing keeps it more stable when luffed and when flying.
Power delivery- Swing is smoother when pumping up and more forgiving in transition. The Slingshot power can be turned on and off quickly which has been tricky. When pumping up to foil the Slingshot powerstroke seems shorter(although powerful) before it goes to nothing. The Swing was smooth through the whole stroke and more forgiving.
Handles - The Swing handles while flimsy worked fine and didn't hurt fingers or hands. Slingshot has different amount of handles on each size, so there is some trial and error to figure out which ones work. Slingshot handles are thicker and stiffer and so far not bothering me. I'm certain that they could have left off on the 5.4 the last 2 and the one in front that is turned 90 degrees. I also don't use the Y handles but they seem to play a role in the rigidity of the frame.
Wingtips - Slingshot is a boxy low aspect shape with chopped tips. This has been great with accidental wing tip drag. I can get into a more comfortable cruising/upwind position because of this. For initiating carving 360's this has been a little tricky because I really have to lean over to engage the tip in the water and when that happens much more drag comes all at one due to the tip being a large amount of wing. The F-one, I could just lightly drag and control easier through the carve.
Backwinging- The Slingshot with its ultra rigid frame is far superior when backwinding. The F-one gives me more of an unwelcome giftwrap than I am looking for. The slingshot can be leaned against much more predictably.
Transitions - F-one is smoother and more predictable due to the dihedral(I think). The SS is kind of all on or all off. I think that the ability to shut if off quickly will become a bonus as I get used to it but its a bit squirrely for now. The swingweight of the Slingshot seems much less therefore easier to spin or yah around. This is probably from the flat rigidness of the design. I think the rigid handles also help to initiate the rotation of the wing compared to the flimsy F-one handles which I twist and don't translate my wrist rotation to the wing.
Toeside- I am one of those weirdos that does not switch feet. Haters gonna hate. The placement of the Slingshot handles enables me to get in a much more comfortable toeside riding position than the F-one.
Upwind - My early impressions are that Slingshot is a clear winner in this category. I think that the short wingtips and the rigid compact frame work in unison to get the wing in a more upright position that I can lock out both of my elbows and lean against. I was using a lot more rear arm strength on the F-one to pinch upwind. I can jam upwind on my toeside equally as good with SS.
Hovermode - When flagging out both of these wings are stable. I would say that the stiffness of the SS handle makes it more reactive to my inputs. This will take some getting used to but probably a plus in the end. The F-one flimsy handle with dihedral canopy keeps it really stable when flagged out, but the wingtips tend to catch the water more due to their longer length.

Overall, I am stoked on the Slingshot wings. I think that I will get used to the differences and embrace them. Now I just need a smaller/lighter board to start some hucking.

Send It!!!!

Classifieds / Slingwing V2 4.4 used twice $750
« on: July 01, 2020, 08:27:34 PM »
I ended up with two of the same sizes so selling one.

latest wing to debut. Can a latecomer be considered a V2? Interesting that the bigger ones are only recommending 4 psi. Curious what the weight is with all that window. I wish I had windows. It only takes one crowded session to realize the benefits of windows.

Classifieds / Gong V1 7 Meter Wing $475 Free Shipping in US
« on: May 12, 2020, 02:29:37 PM »
This wing has me up on foil in 8-10 mph.
It had a blown out leading edge/bladder which was professionally repaired by Airtime. I got a new bladder from Gong and installed it. It looks and flies as good as ever. There is also one pinhead sized hole in canopy which I taped with sailtape. Great starter wing or light wind wing. I have owned dozens of kites since 98' and Gong's construction is very nice. It also comes with a repair kit, bag, leash, instruction manual and a new strut bladder which came with the new leading edge bladder.

I got some of my first rides on this. Now it is somebody else's turn.
Located in Reno NV.
Send it!!!!!!

Classifieds / Slingshot foil quiver
« on: January 04, 2020, 04:07:59 PM »
2019 models all in great condition
Infinity 84 Front Wing $425
Infinity 76 Front Wing $400
Time Code Front Wing $250
H2 Front Wing (2018) $200
42 Rear Wing $150
48 Rear Wing $200
Switch Fuselage $75
35" Mast $80
28" Mast $70
24" Mast $60
Rear Shim $40
Pedestal $50

Total: $2,000

This full hydrofoil quiver will get you going for Kiting, Sup Surfing, Prone Surfing, Boat towing, Wing Foiling at a rock bottom price. All wings and stabilizers are compatible with various masts and fuselage. You will need to get a board.
Retail is $3,500. I would prefer to sell as a kit but would entertain piecing some things out.
Thanks for looking!
Couldn't figure out photo
Craigs List add has pics
Located in Reno, NV

Wingsurfing, Windfoiling, Wingfoiling, Wing SUP / mast position on fuse
« on: October 26, 2019, 10:30:16 AM »
I have been struggling to get my board unstuck from water. I have the Slingshot 6'6" outwit with the infinity 84 front wing, large stab and a Slingwing. I have been out maybe 6 times in what seemed to be enough wind but haven't really been able to get up on foil. I am 5'11" 190lbs and an avid kitefoiler and intermediate sup foiler. I have had the mast going into the wing which slingshot calls position "A". I am wandering if anyone here has been wingfoiling on this setup and might have some advice. I am going to move the mast back to "b" and see what happens. I noticed that the Gofoils are mounted back from the wing. This would be equivilant of position "b" on the Switch Fuse. Apparently this creates more lift.
Thanks for input.

BTW, does anyone know any news on the F-One 6meter Swing release date other than the December statement on their website?

Foil SUP / Looking for foiling beta in Maui this week
« on: March 27, 2018, 10:44:03 AM »
Aloha Maui foil jonesers!
Im in Honokowai for 10 days and looking for some beta on a decent foil surf break. I am near S turns and will probably try that but am looking for something a bit less gong showy.  I am aware that the surf is pretty flat here until the weekend. Seems like i may need to go to Kanaha or something around there. Whats the good tide for 1000 peaks or olowalu? Any suggestions would be appreciated. I will hopefully get a lightwind kitefoil session on this kona wind today from the condo(Hale Kai by bad ass coffee).

Foil SUP / foilmount gone bad
« on: October 08, 2017, 02:37:57 PM »
I put a foilmount on an older Naish Hokua 8'10" 115L and had a horrible delam after a week of riding it. I didn't notice until I got home.

I live at 5K' so after I drove home from sea level and took it off the truck I was horrified to find it all delammed and bloated with air. Seems airtight because I cant really push the bloat in much. Probably 60% of the bottom is delammed.

Any suggestions of what to do with this older board?

I am leaning toward cutting the foilmount off with a hot wire and then injecting resin with syringe and returning it to a regular sup and then buying a real foil board. I am no repair expert but have done a finbox successfully and a handful of other minor repairs.

I am not really interested in major surgery.

Thanks for your input.
I am loving the foilsupping!!!!!
Can't wait to try it with my kite.

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