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The Shape Shack / Installing Chinook 16" boxes
« on: March 20, 2023, 12:00:48 AM »
Anyone here installed these yet?  I normally use the Futures 10.75" boxes - but it would be nice to have the extra adjusting room for the foil.

I wondering what router bits you are using, if you made a jig (or two); or if Chinook has a kit (which I've looked for but can't find - next step is to call them).


Classifieds / Re: FS: Full Armstrong rig HS1250/60fuse/vTail/85mast
« on: December 16, 2022, 09:28:35 PM »
I sent a PM - I have a buddy who is interested in the 1250

I normally ride an 85cm Project Cedrus mast (total height is 89cm with base plate and adapter/fuselage all bolted on).  Pulling upwind, jibing hard onto peaking waves and jumping are all fun on this mast height.

Then I started doing downwinders this past weekend (Saturday practice run from Hawaii Kai to Kaimana Beach Park; then the Bluewater Classic race on Sunday).  I needed a taller mast - going 22mph downwind (really broad reaching - there are no wings that like going DDW while almost matching wind speed, so you need some wind in the wing) - everything gets pretty critical and having another 10 to 15 cm on the mast would have made it easier for me.

I don't think I'd use a mast taller than 90 if I was staying above my launch point (holding my line), but for downwinders, I'll bolt on as long a mast as I can get my hands on.

If the mast is open, wouldn't the water level inside the mast just sit at the level of the water surface?  So added water weight really isn't a factor (unless you are jumping a lot and the "opening" doesn't allow the water to drain instantly).

I have all three.

I use the ARTs when I know there will be minimal turbulence in the water.  They surf well, turn up and down the wave face, have fantastic glide, and are really fast when pushed.  But when I am in bigger waves, and I have to traverse water with air entrained, or there is a crosscurrent running, the ARTs start acting errratically (for me - in Hawaiian waters; may not be what everyone/most are experiencing).

The conditions listed above are where the Kujiras really perform well.  I have the confidence to push them hard knowing I won't lose lift when I need it, and I can turn super hard in critical sections.

I love all of them (980/1095/1210/1440 and 899/999/1099) and am not planning on changing my quiver of foils anytime soon.  If you don't have to contend with white water - move over to the ARTs.

Mackite has a listing for a 2022 OR A Series.  It is more expensive, but the listing doesn't have much info (that isn't already presented in the 2021 listing).

Anyone got any info on this?

I picked up a 6.1 a week ago - I've ridden with it 4 times now.  For reference, I'm 185#, can ride regular and goofy (and switch as required).

Talking with other guys who got their RS (5.1 and 4.3) in the first batch - the general opinions are:
- handles are amazing - super direct control input
- these wings are really quiet - zero flapping
- these wings do not like being overpowered (luff like mad and even compress downward)
- heavy back hand control

This is a fun wing!  Not as high performance as the Reedin SWX or the OR Aluula - but still pulls upwind better than average.  Has more low end then the other two wings I listed (but not more than an Ensis Score).  I'm still trying to figure out why, but the RS is a more physical wing - I feel like I've been working out after using it (I don't feel this way using the Reedins even when they are at the top end of their range).  I can jibe both ways and tack easily heel to switch - my achilles heel has been the toe to heel tack (I know - this is everyone's first turn) - with the RS, I did 10 consecutive toe to heel tacks (all up on foil).  Hard not to say it wasn't the wing that enabled this.

I can use this wing down in the 12mph range (with a larger front foil) and it tops out at 20mph for me.  12 to 16 seems perfect.

I like it so much, I'm going to pick up a 5.1.  My plan is to use the 5.1 from 15 to 20

For higher winds, I'm going to stick to the SWX 4.2 and SW 3.6 that I currently have - with that much energy blowing around, I prefer the more balanced feel these wings have.

All just my opinion -

Wingsurfing, Windfoiling, Wingfoiling, Wing SUP / Unicorn Siting
« on: April 29, 2022, 09:48:34 AM »
Saw this on a World Wing Foiling race IG clip

Looks like an Aluula framed X-wing

The same video clip had the Nitro and OR A going head to head

I shape my own boards and the one I use the most is the only one that I did not install footstrap inserts in - so by default, I don't use straps.  I do want to learn to jump, so I've been slowly bringing out the other boards with the straps, but for surfing with the wing/foil, I totally prefer going without the straps.

I am an old windsurfer/kitesurfer and have surfed well before starting the other two.  I am regular foot, but on the south shore of Oahu, the tradewinds kind of force me to wing foil goofy foot while I'm on the wave (the angle of the wind and the waves - side off - tends to pull me back if I luff going regular/twisted).  I just can't let go of my front hand on the wing (need a pressure point just to keep my balance going goofy, on a foil, screaming down a wave, etc).  I find myself moving my feet a lot and if I had straps to contend with, I wouldn't be able to make the small adjustments.  In fact - I'll switch maybe three times riding a wave from the outside in depending on what the wave is going to do - way easier without straps.

I also switch a lot between different foils based on the conditions (GoFoil, Axis, Takuma, Lift and Armstrong - I don't own all of these, just have some friends that trust me - and it doesn't hurt to make them boards every now and then), and footstrap positions can change a lot based on the geometry a foil prefers.  I have to move my straps way forward when using GoFoil, and they come further back with the Takuma Kujira foils.

I'd say figure out what feels better for you.  If you never jump or aren't inclined to bring that risk into the mix, I'd say you really don't have to use straps.

I'm guessing that wing is going to be well above $2000 USD.

Oh well - my kids better figure out that scholarship thing...

And I better start liking peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

I think I am the guy that bought Hdip's 75cm universal mast.  I have proned foiled it in everything from knee high waves to well overhead (Takuma Kujira 1210/self made 14.75" G10 rear stab).  I'm 185# and I've never ventilated this mast.  In fact, I've gotten 5 for 1s, and cranked the hardest leaned out turns all on the same rides - so this mast has served me well.  I've also used it winging (but not much as it is a hair shorter than my preference for winging)- and I have not ventilated it at speed either.

I liked this mast so much I bought an 85cm version (and I'm waiting for a 68cm to prone during lower tides).  I have ventilated while using the 85 (with the ART999/420 on the Ultrashort fuselage) - but that was going faster than 25mph.  I need to use the Kujira on both the stock aluminum 85cm mast (I had to buy this to get the fuselage) and this universal and see if it is rider error or truly a thickness difference.  I haven't experienced ventilation on the stock mast - but then again I haven't used the Kujira on the universal yet.

So to convolute this topic even more - same mast cross-section, different uses, different results

Classifieds / Armstrong Stuff
« on: December 30, 2021, 11:44:04 PM »
1. CF300 V2 - Brand new, never used, with cover, screws and shims.  $200
2. CF300 V1 - Brand new, never used, with cover and screws.  $200
3. HS232 V1 - Used a few times - great condition; with cover and screws.   $200
4. Custom 15" - made by Nico on Oahu - $230 (picture attached)
5. Chopped 300 V1 - used by in good condition, with cover and screws - $180 (picture attached)
6. CF800 (drilled out for the barrel nut) - excellent condition - $250

DM if you want pictures of any of these.

You pay shipping if asking for one.  Get two and I'll split shipping.  Get three or more and I'll cover shipping

Wingsurfing, Windfoiling, Wingfoiling, Wing SUP / Re: Reedin Super wing
« on: December 26, 2021, 11:49:33 PM »
Damien Girardin (the 'din' in Reedin; with the 'ree' being Kevin Lagaree) designs for several brands - Reedin is his company.  He designs for Ensis and Takuma.  He was the designer at Naish (until he and Kevin set out on their own).  I'm not sure on this one, but the PPCs have a lot of design similarities to the Ensis, that I'd be surprised if Damien did not have a hand in designing those as well.

Wingsurfing, Windfoiling, Wingfoiling, Wing SUP / Re: Reedin Super wing
« on: December 24, 2021, 01:49:19 AM »
He has a 5M OR. I think he posts here, hopefully he will chime in.

I'm the person with the OR A Series 5.0 and the Reedin SWX 4.2

I weigh 185 and use the OR if the wind is forecasted to be on the lighter side - for me 14mph is the low end and I can comfortably use this wing in gusts up to 25.

If the forecast calls for winds above 20mph with gusts up to 35, I'm going to break out the Reedin SWX 4.2.

And if it is nuking (30+mph and up) I'll use my Reedin Super Wing 3.6 (NOT the X).

I did a bunch of research before purchasing these wings.  On the lower end of the wind spectrum, I wanted the frame rigidity and light weight that the OR A Series has. Also - watching Tucker's review of this wing - all three episodes (where most equipment gets a short one) - his reaction was telling, the OR A series was something special.  I figured I had nothing to lose (and have ZERO regrets spending all that cash).  I was contemplating getting a 6.0 - but I opted for the wing below instead.  If it is lighter than 15mph, I'll go prone foil in the surf.

As the wind picks up, in my opinion weight becomes less of an issue - I originally was looking to get a normally aspired 4.2 Super Wing (which are also on the heavy side), but the person I get most of my gear from said he talked to Damien and something different worth waiting for would be out in a couple of months.  This 4.2 is going to be my workhorse as it covers the wind range that I find myself winging in most.  I've had three really long sessions on it and it shares performance characteristics with the regular Super Wing ("back hand flying", heavier than other wings, lots of power for its size) - but what makes this such an awesome wing is the X-ply and it being a tensioned canopy.  This is a really efficient wing.  What I had originally feared about the OR A Series was whether it would shed gusts or rip my arms out.  That wing eats gusts (hence my taking it out when I can expect 25mph gusts) so my arms and back don't have to.  The X-ply/tensioned canopy of the X wing transfers all the energy of the wind to you - you feel everything.  I have learned to position the wing for less angle of attack before a gust hits, so I don't take the full brunt of the hit so I've negated that initial concern.  The one thing the X Wing doesn't do intuitively is pump, especially if the wind is lighter in the range.  I find myself pointing on a deep broad reach to get started if the wind isn't on the higher side of the range.  Once up though - these "forward drive" wings (OR is also a forward drive wing) are so efficient and need less wind to stay up on foil.

When it is nuking, I do not want to have to constantly manage the wing to dump excess power.  My original Super Wing 3.6 is perfect for my weight in 30+mph winds.  With the dacron frame and ripstop canopy, it is not as "direct" and super powerful like the X Wing.

I used to have a quiver of Ensis V2 wings - which were great for where I was skill wise at the time.  But as foils evolved to be faster and more efficient, it was inevitable that wings would also follow.  I've sold those Ensis wings (and the F One Swing and Duotone Echo I had previously) but every now and then I pick up a friend's older wing and notice the "early" and "upward" lift they generated came from looser canopies and deeper drafts - these are great for learning as you get up quick and you top out speed wise.

What I'm looking forward to in the next year or so is a 5m with a full Aluula frame and an Allula canopy - that will be the next game changer.  If I could, I would get the two unicorns I have in the garage (OR A Series and the Reedin SWX) to mate and I would have the Aluula framed X Wing.  Light weight, ultra direct, stab resistant and forward drive all in one wing.

I also want to try out the Starboard/Airush Hookipa based wing.

Wingsurfing, Windfoiling, Wingfoiling, Wing SUP / Re: The ART 999 Thread
« on: December 23, 2021, 11:39:10 PM »
I got a chance to answer my own question today.  My dealer let me try out a 799 and an 899 so I could figure out which one would produce the results I am looking for (high wind, faster, tighter turning version of the 999).

I weigh 185#.  I had a Reedin SW X 4.2 up in 20 gusting to 30 winds.

In the gusts I could get the 799 on foil and I would try and open it up - but my spot has some holes where the wind gets light and the combo of holes, smaller foil and smaller wing made riding to find the top end of this wing challenging.

After an hour I switched the front foils out and had the 899 out in nearly the same conditions with the same wing and rear stabilizer.  The 899 is definitely more user friendly - almost as easy as the 999 - and I am probably stating the obvious but with the shorter span and narrower chord this foil rolls easier, surfs better and is faster.  It doesn't loose much of the low end and still comes down easy as you reach the stall speed (instead of crashing instantaneously like some other high aspect foils).

I'm going to put more time in on the 899, but I can tell this will compliment the 999 (which has much better glide, while still surfing well and is plenty fast).

I don't think the 799 would be practical for someone my weight - if I am out in 30+mph winds I'll likely put up my 3.6, so if I had intended on using the 799, I'd still be looking for the stronger gusts to take it up a level.  Definitely worth a shot if you are lighter looking for a heavy wind option.

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