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So do small pebbles..  😂

Downwind and Racing / Re: Thaksgiving Downwind
« on: November 23, 2017, 05:16:52 PM »
Nice.  Now go zone out on the tryptophan..   ;D

Downwind and Racing / Re: "Chimneys" Downwind Run - Long Island, NY, USA
« on: November 23, 2017, 05:15:51 PM »
Smokin'!  Glad you guys are getting some.  As always, thanks for sharing.

Well played gentlemen!  The Zone is indeed a great place! 8)

Downwind and Racing / Re: Introducing the "Sleepy Hollow Downwind Run"
« on: November 08, 2017, 05:52:01 PM »
Nicely!  Thanks for sharing guys!

Downwind and Racing / Re: New Jimmy Lewis Board Race board.
« on: July 26, 2017, 06:27:28 PM »
Given Jimmy's propensity for calling his boards after offensive weapons (Stiletto, Sidewinder, U-Boat etc), what's this called - the MOAB, perhaps? Little Boy? Knuckleduster?

This looks a promising shape. I hope Jimmy puts a little more R&D into the shape than he has claimed for other boards in his past. There are a couple of his designs that felt like promising prototypes that needed tweaking IMO. For instance the U-Boat tended to drag its tail in my experience. Given his undoubted talent as acshaper, I'm sure that he could come up with something truly awesome if he'd give it his full attention for long enough. Maybe this is it.

Word.  Beautiful to look at, but yes, sometimes (like the Stiletto) not fully thought out. 

It's clear ocean racers are all on UL boards with steering. I guess a 17'+ board needs one.

I really like the idea of a 16' that's nimble enough to manage without. I like the running around on the board to make it turn. It's an integral part of the sport IMO. Getting better at that is what turns me on to the sport. I like simplicity in sports gear. I'm a telemarker and a singlespeeder. Totally ludicrous from a performance perspective but way more fun.

Fixie SUP. Yes! The term is coined.

"Fixie Sup" ....:).   Nicely..

Sneak Peeks, Rumors, and Wish Lists / Jimmy Lewis Unlimited..
« on: March 23, 2017, 06:28:23 AM »
No longer a rumour.  Jimmy's been busy shaping a prototype..

And yes, a production version will follow in the near future.   8)

Gear Talk / Re: Flat water board with deep recessed deck
« on: March 20, 2017, 04:14:01 AM »
Luc Benac
I just saw this board for the first time today when Tino emailed me pics, and thought of you.... nice recess and the wide tail looks fairly stable.
Plus they generally offer different widths on all their models.
I'll put up a few pics since they are the 1st ones anywhere of this new design.

Thanks. Looks nice. What is the model/name - I guess Faast Pro. Does it comes in 26" instead of 23.5, maybe the Faast Non-Pr?
We have a new Sunova distributor in our courtyard....

I haven't seen any in the UK but the new ONE boards look good too.
I've been in Aus the last three weeks and have seen the entire range except for the 17's.  All very nice looking, and fairly priced. 

Downwind and Racing / Re: 50 knot+ downwind near Marseille - video
« on: February 23, 2017, 05:50:46 PM »
Easy Peasy back up plan if you lose your paddle.  These
are in my hydration pack.  Couple them with the water temp appropriate neoprene gloves and your set.   

^ yes sir

I still have a bunch of these if you need one for your SUP, you pinhead.

Hmmm.  I'll FB message you Yugi.  Thanks for the kind offer. 

The way to "unstick" a 14 is to get it all in the water and get the tail light--in other words, head to the nose. You increase the waterline, increase the likelihood that the center of gravity of the board will be in the trough long enough for energy to get transferred and prevent stalling. If the board design enables you to hang out there, then it's the easiest way.

I routinely stand in front of the deck pad on my Blackfish, trying to catch the bigger, faster swells.

Once you are in one, you still need to hang out there until you get well down into the trough, then move back so you can steer. Most of the 14' boards I've tried for downwind don't steer well from the nose or even a bit forward of the handle. the exception might be wider ones, since the rail is more likely to be curved.
Yup.  All true.  I would add that it's even more important the heavier one is.  Perfect counterpoint to this argument is observing the skinny ass alien walking all over whatever board he is on, and for the most part, standing on the tail.   YMMV.

^ Oh Iím sure it does. Iím sure it does.
Offshore even has 2, no? But that wasnít the question.

The answer is you can. (or was it 42?)

I certainly wouldnít complain if I had perfectly groomed conditions. Iíve got mostly marginal conditions and when it honks it gets wildly messy. Itís actually a bit of a blast making that stuff work for you.

I donít Telemark or Singlespeed because itís easier either. Speaking of groomed conditions I never ski on groomers - Iím always in the wild unpasturised snow. Love skiing crud and it'll love you back.

ďLive like youíll die tomorrow, learn like youíll live foreverĒ - Gandhi

You're obviously stoooopid.  Just sayin'

Gear Talk / Re: 2017 Allstar 14 reviews???
« on: January 24, 2017, 03:59:46 AM »
NOOOO..  not a Tiki board..   :o.  So the honeymoon with your FX is over?? Say it ain't so..

BTW, don't forget what happened when the Brady's got involved with a Tiki.. 

Downwind and Racing / Re: Sonni to Starboard
« on: January 18, 2017, 06:17:15 AM »
SIC has def tried to make racing inroads with their FX and X14.  And the Bullet 17.4 and 14 always have been exceptional for DW.  But losing 3 well known competitive racers to other brands is not optimal from their marketing perspective.

It seems they have taken a long time sorting out the FAST since its introduction.  Have they given you any updated timeline when you can expect your 17.4?

It will be here in the spring... April/May.  Which is fine by me as there's not much need for it where I live this time of year.. And good timing. We're going to Australia for most of March..  8)

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