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Foil SUP / Re: Personal tow in
« on: December 18, 2020, 12:56:55 PM »
This guy (Rulof Maker) could probably figure something out. He also made “foot propellers” out of beer aluminum beer bottles. Lol!

Hey Dave,
After our mutual hassles with getting our Gong V1 7m wings last summer I got a quiver of Fone wings and pretty much gave up on the 7m. When I did try it on really light slop onshore days I would be out there flapping that 7m wing like a fool and whining about only short runs in the gusts. When you posted that video of your buddy on his V2 Gong wing at a lake I decided to give my 7m another try -only this time I decided to see what would happen if I pumped the wing up to max recommended 10psi instead of the usual 8. I figured if it exploded it would at least be entertaining. Wow! That thing pretty much flew along by itself. All I had to do was pump my backhand like a windsurf sail and I got instant power. Had one of my best sessions ever on my 6’6” Kalama with an Axis 1020/440 kit. Now I kinda understand more how important it is to have a stiff leading edge on these things.

Hey who put a kiddie pool valve on my wing?!!!
Good god. I looked on the middle strut and there it was totally open! In my defense the 4.2 and 5m swingwings do’t have that valve so I totally wasn’t looking for it. Had a pretty good sesh with it today but could have been more confortable  on the 5m. I liked not having to pump the 6m as much to get started like I do with the 5m. I’m looking forward to seeing what it can do in lighter wind compared to the 7.2 Gong V1.
Thanks for the help!

That’s it-the dump valve to the main strut-the little hose with the black O rings-how do I get it off to check it?
Yes Pono Bill I regularly can be heard calling myself “dummy!” for not closing the main valve before pumping up the wing-LOL!

Brand new Fone 6m Swingwing right out of the bag. Pumped it up and noticed hissing coming from the black O ring. Gong sent me a replacement hose with my 7m and it is one piece I believe. Is Fone the same? Should I try and yank it off to check it?
 What a bummer! Luckily the wind kicked in enough for my 5m. I was pretty pissed on the beach with my brand new 5’1” wing board from Dwight and a hissing wing!

Thanks for the info!
I’m thinking about buying the 3m since I can’t find any Fone or Naish wings that are actually in stock-learned my lesson last summer-no wing in hand-not getting my money! Does the Ozone absorb gusts well? When It gets windy enough where I wing the gusts are of the nukin kind.


Hello Dave,
Just wondering if you sold your mast and base plate.
Crescent city, Ca

Just as a side note. If you are using an Fone with a harness. I was underpowered on my 4.2 wing , a Kalama 6’6” foil board and an Axis 1020/500. I was pumping like a madman trying to get up. As I got the board pumping matching the rhythm of my wing, my Fone rope harness l caught me right in the eye. I saw a flash and then my upper eyelid swelled up. Kept winging but it still hurts a few days later!

Classifieds / WTB 400 Axis tail wing
« on: February 14, 2020, 08:08:26 AM »
Looking for an Axis 400 tail wing.

Foil SUP / Cutting down a Gofoil mast-possible?
« on: February 10, 2020, 02:50:32 PM »
Saw one of Pono Bill’s older posts mentioning Alan Cadiz having people begin winging on a 12” cut down Gofoil mast. Any idea how to do it?  Replacing the the Deep Tuttle head would become a weak point wouldn’t it? The 17.7” Axis mast is just about right for my shallow break but  I love to do prone on my Gofoil wings.

Foil SUP / Loving Axis 1020 with 45cm mast for SUP
« on: February 09, 2020, 12:45:24 PM »
Bought my Axis 1020 wing, short fuselage, 45 cm mast  and 500 tail for winging. Have been shut out of storm swell in our harbor pretty much 3 years. Have had some good sessions winging as the tide goes out -totally stoked using 7m Gong and 5m Fone-no more rubbin  the bottom on the paddle out- Took the same setup out with my 6’6” Kalama into the harbor waves-basically a small shallow beach break-OMG! Again, three years with the Kai and IWA never had the glide, the easy pop up (just little pump on the back foot) and finally a silent flying gliding cutback on a barely knee high wave felt like I could pump myself back out but of course I’m not quite there yet but it now seems possible. Yes I have overfoiled with the short mast and if I take a wave over  waist high and steep it wants to buck me off.
I remember back in 2006 when I bought my first standup board from Wardog at Surfingsports-a “Big Red” shaped by Sean Ordenez-he said that SUP was going to be a “goldmine” for waves at  our beach break-it was. This foil setup is on par with that. I wonder now if the 900 or 920 will work as well for more powerful waves. Has anyone tried Axis setup in those sizes in place of their Kai or Iwa? (forSup foiling).


Wingsurfing, Windfoiling, Wingfoiling, Wing SUP / Re: 2020 Axis foils
« on: January 04, 2020, 10:12:52 AM »
Finally called and talked to Lenny at Live2Kite. Nice to have someone spend the time to explain things.  Felt good to know enough to tell him what I wanted based on a summer of reading on the Standupzone! Got the 1020 with the 500 rear wing for now. Along with the 60cm mast I got the 45cm for low tide. Saving for the 920 or 1000 and the 440 rear wing.

Wingsurfing, Windfoiling, Wingfoiling, Wing SUP / 2020 Axis foils
« on: December 20, 2019, 03:16:57 PM »
Ready to get into Axis foils for winging-1000 and 1020 wings etc. Just wondering if I should wait for the new stuff  i.e. carbon masts to come out. I emailed live2kite but they never answered back.
Also, anyone know if all of the mast sizes will come out in carbon?  I willing to gamble the money on a 48 cm beginner mast to see if I can supfoil some luscious insiders at our beach break without breaking my face.

I’ve been using my Kai and Iwa with my floaty but heavy 8’ hypernut. I’m going to start using my 7’4 carbon hypernut and my 6’6” Kalama when I feel more confident with the wing.

4.2 Fone,5.0 Fone and 7m Gong
Weight: 190

Thanks guys,
I’m 190. I just got my 4.2 from windance a few days ago. I’ve been using my Kai Gofoil with my clunky 8’ hypernut that I installed a deepTuttle on but also have the Iwa and the M200. I tried using my 7’4”” carbon hypernut and my 6’6” kalama that fateful day but they seemed to unstable at the time- maybe later. I’m looking into the Axis foils you guys have been posting about too.

Wingsurfing, Windfoiling, Wingfoiling, Wing SUP / Flailing on the F one 5m
« on: November 01, 2019, 09:15:47 PM »
Scored a 5m a week ago from Murray’s sports in So Cal . I’ve got the Gong 7m and got one good sesh at Floras Lake Oregon. I surf switch foot Sup surfing on sectiony righthanders and was feeling feel pretty confident pointing back to my launch spot in that stance.  After all, I’ve been surfing since 1972, windsurfing since ‘97  achieving the ability to wave sail the medium sized days at Pistol River, Oregon and have been sup surfing since 2006, foiling since the Gofoil Kai was offered as a pre order by Starboard (remember the video with the Twentyone pilots song?). The problem is I stupidly ignored the fact  that over confidence in the water is one’s worst enemy-really? After all these years? A late season high pressure hit Northern California(wildfire weather) and Big Lagoon in Humboldt County was forecasted to have gusts over 30. Since I have windsurfed overpowered there quite a few times (and was proud of it) I thought winging it would be fine-I’ll just go out half way into the very large lagoon-hence the name “Big Lagoon” on my clunky super heavy  8’ 130l hypernut with a Kai foil and just practice Gybes. After about 3 hours of doing the walk of shame I walked my gear as high up into the wind line as possible and took off pointing way higher than any of  the windsurfers getting brutalized on their 3.5s. My friend John Miller later told me people on the beach were saying “look at him go!”. About half way across the lagoon I thought-wow I did it! I’m just going to keep going all the way past where the windsurfers Gybe. But by the time I was ready to attempt a Gybe my upper thighs were literally burning. I had just rode the “endless wave”That was the moment I realized that winging it is not like windsurfing. You are not hooked in. You can’t just lean back hard and take the monster gusts when you are totally gassed. The moment I attempted to make it back to the launch the wind really kicked in and was nuking and spitting gusts well past 30 mph. I tried to get up from my knees and was launched every time. Eventually I attempted to get on my knees and use my wing like a spinnaker like Julie S. mentioned for light winds. That at least got me going (thanks Julie). The problem was that every time a monster gust hit the wing would get ripped from my hands and  at times pulled pretty hard on my wrist. The wind waves (really? In a fricken lagoon?!) kept knocking me off my board from the  windward side. I was so glad that I  just bought a new wetsuit and 7m booties with my failed 5m Duotone preorder deposit from Big Winds cuz I was starting to get fatigued pretty bad and starting to get a little cold. Finally, I drifted about a mile downwind from my original launch into a really cool spot at the end of the lagoon where the wind was onshore, the water shoulder deep, and warmer. It reminded of storm sailing in the Crescent City harbor. In the distance I  saw my buddy John  pushing through the blackberry brambles to “rescue” me. I could have swam and walked back myself but was glad to see him. I’ m sure everyone will remember the time that “guy on the wing” got washed all of the way down to the highway 101 bridge at Big Lagoon! Can’t wait for the storm sailing season to begin. Lots of dues to pay, but “that feeling” is worth it

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