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Myself and a mate have last years Slicks, although the manufacturer says one boom fits all sizes we have both found that information incorrect. He had a boom pop off, on a 4 mtr due to being too short. We now have custom carbon booms for each size, the 4 mtr is the longest, even longer than the 5.5 mtr.
Make sure when you inflate, both the front and rear ends of the boom are snug in their respective caps, we found the 4 mtr had a 3cm gap at the end which allowed the boom to pull out. No problem with a slightly longer boom.

agree that there was something weird going on with the original 4.0.  Seems like the rear boom retainer pocket was several cm too far back.  If you pumped up the wings without the mini boom inserted and then laid the mini boom on top, the pocket ends would line up well with the ends of the mini boom on most sizes.  On the 4.0 it was off.

As with all Slicks and Slick SLS, it is important to check that the mini boom ends are fully seated halfway through inflation, and then finish pumping and recheck.  I did not have any problems with my mini boom coming out on my 4.0, but I have heard of it happening to a couple people.

If this were to happen to you on the water, one way to reinsert and get back to land is to push the tail end in first and bypass the webbing end stop piece, so you can insert the boom past its intended position.  This can give you some wiggle room to insert the front end into the pocket and get back to shore.  Probably easier said than done. 

There's a new Slick SLS -- new materials, full carbon boom and shaped more like the new Units. Supposedly it will be released in the next couple of weeks.  The Slick will still be available.  The SLS will be more expensive but maybe you can buy it without the boom (buy one with a boom and the others without as you can with the current Slick).

When it comes to new wings it's the fast and furious!

I have two days on the Slick SLS 4.0.  My daily driver is 3.5 D/LAB (with also a 4.5 Unit v2 for lighter days)

First day on the SLS 4.0 was light wind where there were some larger wings out there in the 6m range and other wingers on 4m.   Yesterday which was day 2, most wingers were on ~3m

The feel and range on the SLS 4.0 is great... flies similarly to the Unit v2.  Speed and upwind are also great.... logged 10 second 23.5knots

Feels super light, and there is literally nothing I do not love about this wing.  So far flags as well as my D/LAB

The new window configuration is also great, I feel I can see a lot more.

One improvement on the Unit v2, the SLS wingtip drag is almost imperceptible... it's like you hear it but don't feel it in your hands.  I ride with the wingtip really low to the water, so this is one of the things that really surprised me... I've never ridden a wing does this.

I have some stock now if anybody in the USA is looking for some.

this is an apparent wind problem.  In light wind (or if you are really fast), you can outrun the true wind while heading downwind, and the apparent wind swings opposite of the true wind.  You want your wing LE pointed into the apparent wind, so this is where the duck jibe type techniques work well (duck jibe, oversheet backwind jibe, heineken jibe).

instead of pointing the LE upwind into the true wind in the turn, you want to do the opposite and point the LE downwind into the apparent wind.

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